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40 Foot Shipping Container Home Designs

RIT on TV News Innovation Symposium

Gtgt ANCHOR This summer, students at RIT are sharing some ideas that could change the world. And one student says he's found a cheap and simple solution to help people who've been put out because of natural disasters. News 8's Jason Frazer has more. gtgt COREY MACK They're piling up at ports in New Jersey and other ports in California. gtgt REPORTER If all goes according to plan, thousands of people could one day call these prototype shipping containers home. gtgt COREY MACK You take a container from a port, you strip it down and repaint it.

Gtgt REPORTER After a major natural disaster, displaced families are normally housed in government trailers, but Mack says his idea is more environmentally friendly. Some of the containers would be powered by solar panels. gtgt COREY MACK I've also proposed some that can come stand alone. Some have a green roof. gtgt REPORTER The container is just one of a dozen ideas proposed by RIT students at the Undergraduate Research and Innovation Symposium. gtgt JON SCHULL You could have the next Facebooker. You could have the next Dean Kamen. You could.

Have the next Thomas Edison for all I know. gtgt REPORTER On Friday, students presented their summer research work to business leaders and alumni. RIT said the purpose is to get students to think outside the box. Literally. gtgt JON SCHULL Knowledge is something students make, not just something students absorb. It's a chance for them to get some practice in a professional capacity. gtgt REPORTER Mack says his container idea would cost about $15,000. That's about the same price for already existing disaster relief housing. gtgt COREY MACK When I say it's $15,000, it's not just the shell. It includes the shell,.

Tiny houses to combat Hawaiis housing crisis

And office all confined to four walls. Many people do it everyday living in studios. KITV4's Ashley Moser shows us how one company is redefining tiny living. It stands out in the middle of this industrial lot in Kailua but try to picture it tucked away on lush green lot. Designed to blend in with walls covered in plants and garden herbs. NAT 1626 HERE WE ARE IN THE UNIT. THIS IS A 16 FOOT BY 16 FOOT MODEL APPROXIMATELY 250 SQUARE FEET. 1631 Civil Engineer and cofounder of.

Elevate Nathan Toothman is the one behind the idea. It started 4 years when he wanted to do something to combat Hawaii's housing crisis. He says smaller spaces means smaller bills. Nathan 842 I'D SAY TAKE A CHALLENGE SEE IF YOU CAN LIVE IN SMALLER SPACES. REALLY IN HAWAII WERE KIND OF FORCED TO JUST BECAUSE OF THE ECONOMIC SUMMIT PRICE PER SQUAREFOOT BUYING OR RENTING. 855 This model complete with sunroofs and wide windows is an example of what the space would look like as an office. Nathan says.

You can get creative, adding a bathroom, a kitchen, even an elevator. Nathan 1826 A LOT OF CREATIVE SOLUTIONS WITH ACCESS BUT THE GOAL IS TO ONCE YOU'RE UP HERE YOU CAN RESTRICT ACCESS TO YOUR PLACE BETTER AND MAKE IT FEEL SAFER. 1834 He says living above ground comes with it's perks, spaces below make for perfect parking spots. This shed can be used as an area to store 55 gallons of water. Solar panels are also in the mix powering the dwelling. Nathan 1219 THE GOAL IS FOR IT TO.

BE OFF THE GRID AS MUCH AS POSSIBLE, FOR PEOPLE TO BE MORE SELF RELIENT BASICALLY. 1225 Nathan's wife Tiffany also helped with the concept. She believes choosing small is also a better quality of life. Tiffany 2234 MAKES LIFE SIMPLER I THINK YOU KNOW WITH THE WHOLE TINY MOVEMENT THAT'S WHAT IT REPRESENTS. SIMPLE LIVING. AND WHEN YOU'RE LIVING SIMPLY JUST GET TO HAVE MORE OF AN ENJOYMENT OF LIFE. 2246 The company is working to get the units on the market. Currently you can have only one home on a.

The Art Behind Handmade Crafts Presented by the Craft Gallery Fine American Made Crafts

Art is a lot about connecting, you know. It's about You love something, I love something, let's share this, let's be joyful in this. Part of my goal in working here is helping people get their art to the public and telling their stories for them. Usually when someone comes to The Craft Gallery for a gift, they know they're coming to find something unique. The best part I think is just being in this collective with so many other talented local artists makes this place really special, you know.

They've always promoted Wild Earth and done extra things to put it in the newspaper and different things. So when my mother passed away and we didn't have the shop for a little while, a lot of people were excited to find it again at The Craft Gallery. I think it's harder for some visitors to find places that are selling a lot of U.S. made, so they can be pretty excited when they come into The Craft Gallery and see that they can choose from just about everything in the store.

I moved to Santa Cruz and kind of started looking on the Internet, like where am I going to sell my bags And I called and was just like hey, this is what I do. And I talked to Josie and Josie was like Great! Come down here today. And I did she's like bring product. I'll get Carin. They Bought stuff on the spot. And I think for almost three years now, they've bought my products and they sell it really well. We get a lot of positive feedback from our customers out of the area. Because in a lot.

Places they just don't have access to the handmade work. And they appreciate the fact that we think we have a good website that's easy for people to use. We've had artists that have kind of ventured out into the big store market or the catalog market. And usually they come back and say well I'm never doing that again! Because those mass marketers put a lot of demands requiring them to do things they really don't want to do that don't really serve them well. You know, I think it's important to try and show people what good customer service is.

8x40 Shipping Container Home Design

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