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A Shipping Container House In Panama The First Two Years

About Building A House in Panama Expat to Expat

Music Hi, Milton. Good morning. I know that you have built a house or two And also this hotel, which we’re seeing In the background, Heavenly’s Hotel, What do you have to say about Building a house here, for expats?.

Building is relatively pretty easy. The process of getting it done is not that bad. If you find you a good contractor. It’s a really smooth process. Materials are very available to the standard. A lot of it’s not gonna be to American standard, But the standard’s good for where you’re at. Thank you very much, Milton.

You’re welcome. Thank you. Music}.

Panama Canal completes historic expansion allowing for bigger ships

It was supposed to be ready in 2014,. but nine years after work started, the new, expanded Panama Canal has finally opened for business. The renovation of the 102yearold canal will allow larger ships to travel between the Pacific and the Atlantic Oceans. Korea is also expected to benefit,. as our Hwang Hojun reports. To some, it’s one of the seven wonders of the modern world. The revamped Panama Canal reopened on Sunday. following its first renovation since it was first constructed in 1914. quot;The Panama Canal, 102 years ago, connected two connected two oceans. Today it connects.

The present and the future.quot; The completion of the fivepointtwo billion U.S. dollar project that started in 2007, was marked by a Chinese ship, carrying about ninethousand containers voyaging through. Thanks to the expansion, the canal’s capacity has doubled allowing a new generation of container ships that are about 130 percent larger in size to pass through. Capacitywise, the new set of locks will also allow ships that carry up to 14thousand containers. an increase from 44hundred containers. Korea will also benefit from the updated canal. Travel time for large shipping vessels from New York to Busan took about 45 days when.

Using the Suez Canal. But as the new Panama Canal allows larger ships to pass through, the traveling time is expected to decrease to 35 days, potentially giving a muchneeded boost to Korea’s struggling shipping industry. Hwang Hojun, Arirang News.

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