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5 Delicious Apple Hacks

For this tutorial, I'm going to show you a faster, safer, and more convenient way, to cut your apples. To start, turn your apples upside down. You can see the tops have a lot more surface area than the bottoms, so by putting them face down, they'll be a lot more stable when you cut them. Meaning less chance you cut yourself, instead. Next, rather than cutting an apple into quarters, like you were probably taught to do, imagine a tictactoe pattern with the center of the grid lining up with the middle of the apple.

Cut along these imaginary lines, holding the pieces together firmly at the top as you do, and just like that, your fruit snack is completely sliced and ready to eat. The cool thing about this method is that by keeping the pieces together, it'll actually stay good, for a surprising amount of time. I opened this one 3 hours later, and you can see it's still in really great shape, and ready to be eaten. So think about this. The next time you're packing a lunch, try snapping a rubber band around the outside, and you'll have a healthy snack, ready to go in an instant.

The best part is, you don't even need an extra baggie. Now if you're serving your apple snacks at home, here's a cool little trick to try with the corner pieces. Cut 3 diagonal slits across the apple slice in one direction, then spin it around, and cut 3 more slits the same way, so they meet near the bottom. With a flick of your fingers, you can offset the pieces, to make a fun, and decorative way, to serve healthy snacks in a way that everyone will love. Of course, if you want to take your apple artwork to the next level, you can easily.

Cut and rearrange one single apple, into an edible apple swan. Look for how to make this in another project tutorial. Now just for fun, I decided to compare apples to apples, with 3 different methods, to see the difference in how they brown over time. The pieces at the back are completely untreated, and will be left out so they're exposed to the air. But I sliced these other two apples tictactoe style and bound them together with rubber bands to protect them. The only difference between these two, is that the.

One on the left, is treated with lemon juice. Some people say that the citric acid, in lemon juice, will prevent your apples from oxidizing, and turning brown. So let's find out whether or not that's true. 812 hours later, let's take a look and see whats happened to them. It looks like all the slices exposed to the air did turn brown after all, and don't look nearly as appetizing. But by keeping the slices held together with a rubber band, the apple on the right only browned just a little. And for sitting out nearly 9 hours,.

It still looks impressively edible. If we peek inside at the one spritzed with lemon juice, you can see it looks just as fresh as the minute it was cut it, and still tastes just as good as well. Now for one last experiment, I set up a time trial to see which method of cutting the apples really is faster. And just for your convenience, I will speed it up a little. Amazingly, you can see all 8 slices, are cut in only 10 seconds. And there's very little mess to clean up at all. On the other hand, it's nearly 5 times longer with the traditional.


Howdy folks welcome to my virgin kitchen now my kids and in fact me too in fact most big kids absolutely love playing with play doh so here's how to make your very own play dough. Looks amazing right and it's so easy to make this is one of many ways to make play dough but I find it to be really cool and simple. So hit pause on the tutorial now, write all those ingredients down there's optional extras you can add which i'll talk about through the tutorial but lets get on and make it. So the first thing to do is chuck all your.

Ingredients into a big saucepan tip in all the flour first of all don't worry about sifting it it's not essential you can if you want to, add the salt there is a huge amount of salt going in there. The cream or tartar, vegetable oil some warm water and then give it a darn good mix through. Now at this stage I want to tell you it's completely edible this recipe it's not intended to be but if you accidentally eat some you'll be alright, it just tastes a bit salty. So with your saucepan on a hob put it onto.

A low flame and continue to stir as it warms through, all we're doing is drying out that mixture combining it together, just keep stirring don't worry about any lumps that have formed they'll eventually go, keep going until it starts to come away from the edges. Once it's reached that stage where it's no longer sticky and coming away from the edges, you've effectively already made play dough like white play doh but that would already get dirty right so let that cool to room temperature before slamming it on a board and we'll move.

On. Divide up your dough according to your colour combinations you can completely go to town on it as I mention in a minute. So what you want to do is put down a wet cloth on your work surface, a board on top to stop it moving about and then knead that dough that'll get rid of those lumps and make it super soft and what you wanna do then is get your colours of choice, so this is the yellow one stick some holes in it, pour the food colouring in and just work it through and doing it that.

Way your hand does get a little bit yellow so you can whack it in a freezer bag if you want and work it in like that but if you wanna be hardcore like me I really like that because you're getting a little colour on the hands, it does wash off you get in there and you'll be left with a lovely tube of yellow play dough or your colour choice. And that my friends is it the only real restriction is your imagination so go to town on it for.

Example the yellow playdoh you can add some lemon flavouring although then you'll be thinking it is an actual lemon then you eat it then you get the whole salt thing again. You can add some glitter in there work that in there that'll look really good, you can add some cinnamon or nutmeg to make it smell good, do this all at the stage when you're working that colour in there so it's all combined and so, so good. Keep it in an air tight container to stop it drying out, if it does dry out a little bit you can add some water or if.

How to Make a Simple Flower Basket Arrangement Pottery Barn

Pottery Barn Easy Updates with Nico de Swert Hello, I'm Nico de Swert, I am a floral designer and an interior stylist, one of the biggest trends right now in interior design is bringing some organic materials into your home such as these beautiful heavy woven baskets from Pottery Barn. To protect your basket we're going to line it with plastic liner, in this case I've used a heavy garbage bag that I've just cut down to the height of my basket, and to secure it to the basket, we're using a piece of.

Paper covered floral wire from your florist or your garden center. Um, you just cut off a piece, it's about four or five inches long, uh, depending on the thickness of the rim of your basket. So the next step is to find a container in your home that will be suitable as a vessel for your flower arrangements. In this case I found two champagne buckets, and they are perfect for this basket, just fill them up with water, put some flower food in there, and you're ready to go to make the arrangement.

I'm gonna show you an arrangement for this basket, so I'm gonna put this away quickly, over there. The liner that I'm going to use for this basket is just a simple galvanized bucket, that I have laying around, I've filled it up with water all the way to an inch from the rim, and I also added some cut flower food to get the most out of your flowers. Um, so the flowers that we're going to use are the most inexpensive flower variety that you can buy which are these beautiful yellow chrysanthemums,.

Um, height of the summer, inexpensive, and you're gonna see what an impact, what a statement they're going to make when we're finished in this basket. and I'm gonna start showing you the European handheld technique to make this bouquet. When you go to Paris and all the florists that you see there all know this technique very well. So how to do it os basically take a few stems laying in front of you on the table surface, and what we're gonna do is place the next flower on top of the other ones, but we're always gonna use the same angle to.

Lay the flower down. So we're gonna do it like that, and hen we're gonna twist it around do it again here, another one next to it, and another one next to it, an once you master this you can create the most beautiful bouquets, just right in your home. Just like that, and it's always good to, when you make bouquets like this, to add some cut flower food to your water, um it's going to keep your water clean, because bacteria, doesn't just kill people, but also my beautiful flowers,.

So we're adding one last flower to this side, just like that, and what you have now is, voila, a European style flower bouquet, where all the stems are going to the same direction, just neatly like that, and to finish it off, we're gonna use some simple twine to bind the flowers together, just hold it on your finger, and then we're going to just bind it at the binding point, which is the point where your hand is holding the bouquet, we're just gonna wrap it around a few times,.

And you can just lay it on the table like that, it's not gonna fall apart when you do it with this European technique. So we have finished our bouquet, now we have to decide how, where we're going to cut the stems, and that we're going to do by taking the basket, we're going to put these aside, just one moment, we're going to take the basket, and just basically measure the height so we're gonna have a flower mound right here, so I would say we need to chop off almost that much of the stems, and we're fine.

How to Make a Terrarium for Cacti and Succulents At Home With P. Allen Smith

Hey, these bowls are made for more than goldfish. So many people say, I can't grow anything. That's not true. Anybody can grow succulents or cacti. Just look at some of these that I'm creating They're so beautiful, and they're so many to choose from. Look at these succulents inside this terrarium All you really need are a few basic ingredients and you can come up with your own little garden, one that you can keep inside. When you're making terrariums, you can make them really any size you want. You can see, this is a very large vase that's.

Wellsuited for a terrarium because there's a really wide base at the bottom, plenty of room for soil, and you have a generous top so you can reach down here and plant. This one's very simple. You can see, I have a layer of gravel on the bottom, some soil here, and the plants just a couple of them in the top of this. Let me just show you how easy it is You're just gonna take some gravel, and put about 3 inches of gravel in the base.

Of a glass bowl. You can use tinted glass, but I think clear glass is the best. Just fill it up like that. And then take soil that's specifically blended for succulents. You'll find that this soil is very loose and porous, which is exactly what you want if you wanna grow beautiful cactuses or cacti. So with the soil in place, now all I have to do is plant the plants. So in goes the cactus. I just wanna break up the soil just a little bit, place it in the center, and then I'm gonna add a few smaller succulents around.

The base of it. And you can see, this is much easier if you have smaller hands or a larger mouth on the vase. Now, a succulent is a plant that stores a lot of water in it's leaves. You can see how thick these leaves are. Cactus, the same way. So remember, you don't have to water these things that much. These gardens can go for weeks, maybe a month, maybe two months, without any water at all. Now I'm gonna finish up this little garden just by adding one more plant here, and give it just a splash of water. Again, it doesn't take.

JADERBOMB Arts N Crafts Haul Michaels

Hey everyone, it's Jaderbomb, here. And today, I have a craft haul for you. For all you back to school needs. Start off with I want to show you these containers You can get them in different colors What I love about these containers is this chalkboard label on the front You can stay really organized with these You can line them up on your desk and they actually are very pretty Chalkboard markers which I had never tried before until I purchased them And I will tell you it is a must.

If you're not a fan of chalk markers, I'm gonna just tell you. Go back to your roots and grab that original stick of chalk Have greens, blues, purples, pinks I also got these chalkboard labels. You can place these on top of a notebook. Every student needs to stay organized and when I ran across this calendar, I fell in love. They have the days of the week printed on here. I can peel off the back and place it on the wall, stick it on any surface Everyone needs pens what I found were these fine liner pen sets.

And these gel tip pens color coordinate subjects and events I ran across these black canvases Take a picture and you stick something through it. Stack them in a collage on your wall. I found this pack of push pins, paperclips and binder clips 3 in 1 they have different colors to choose from fabulous wrapping paper I'm going to wrap books with this It makes your books prettier, you can write on the top of them and line the inside of your locker which would be fabulous open your locker ! can you imagine all your friends are like,.

Whoa! Where'd you get that paper and you say, Michaels It's just fun to get a new notebook to start fresh beginning of the school year and have this beautiful design on the bottom and they have lines that are already marked on the pages Why not get a monster pouch I wasn't sure of this one at first. Then I opened up the zipper and I realized why it's called a Monster pouch. It's because of the teeth. I am not quite sure if I've ever seen something so cute!.

In my entire life. Anybody going back to school needs one of these. You can put folders and notebooks in here They also have these smaller ones that match the one I just showed you. Just so cute! Everyone needs baskets like this. You can stick them on shelves. Stick all your stuff in here. I picked up a green one and a pink one. I like these for one simple reason. Put your ID in here. Put your cell phone. Your keys. I just love these babies. That is it my friends. I hope you enjoyed this back to school craft haul.

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5 Delicious Apple Hacks

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