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Blue Storage Container Home Up For Sale

AntWorks Illuminated Ant Farm Gel

AntWorks provides you with a revolutionary way to observe the astute architectural brilliance of nature's beloved ants. This six and a half inch by six inch spaceage habitat is based on technology used by NASA. The translucent gel not only allows you to watch the ants create their network of tunnels, but also provides the ants with food and water for survival. Speaking of ants, you must collect your own or order some from the enclosed order forms found in your AntWorks instruction manual. This instruction manual also includes tons of interesting ant facts.

Once you've received your batch of ants, remove the lid and poke four holes in the gel using the included two and a quarter inch stick. These holes act as starting points for the ants to begin tunneling. Next, insert approximately 20 to 25 ants into the container. Larger ones, such as harvester ants, are recommended. Their size makes them easier to observe, and their large mandibles are great for tunnel digging. Avoid mixing different species of ants, as they could spend more time fighting than actually creating tunnels. Because the gel is a very foreign environment for ants,.

24 to 48 hours may pass before any digging occurs. As you watch the time lapse footage of our ants in action, keep a few things in mind. First, avoid storing the AntWorks in direct sunlight. Ants prefer shade, so put them in a room temperature between 50 and 74 degrees Fahrenheit if possible. Second, the gel consists of more than enough food and water for your ants to survive. In addition, ants require little oxygen, so the small holes on the lid are sufficient. However, opening t lid for a few seconds every week.

Wouldn't hurt. Finally, ants generally have a lifespan of one to three months. Some may live longer, and some may expire before a month. Once the ants have begun digging and their intricate tunnels begin to form, you can study their unique, intelligent behavior up close. Their network of tunnels is nothing short of amazing. AntWorks comes with a magnifying glass, allowing you or your child to observe specific ant mannerisms unable to be seen by the naked eye. The included extreme zoom lens lets you get even closer to the action.

Water Storage Container Ideas

Hi i'ts AlaskaGranny when you get back from a camp out or hunting trip you probably already have a jug or something like that you've been using for water when you were at camp when you clean it up to put it away refill it with water and keep in a place it isn't going to be frozen like a shed in the middle of winter is probably not a good idea but you then will have an extra supply of emergency water why store this empty when you can have it.

Serve your family's needs in an emergency when you get back from camping clean it as well as you can on the outside dump out all the old water and then re sanitize it put a quart of water with maybe two tablespoons bleach let it soak all around inside drain that out and refill it with fresh water and then put it in place it's not on cement and not where it is going to freeze and you will have a supply of extra water to help your family in a time of need.

Check out this NEW service in Miami, Delivery Self Storage by My Box Valet

Tired of having an overflowing closet Need a place to store your bicycle that's not your kitchen Don't want to drive to a far away self storage, in heavy traffic, on your only day off Just call, My box valet, we are a great new service, that will pick up and deliver your items straight to your door, we will bring as many large plastic boxes as you need for free, then pick them up at your convenience, all you have to do is order the boxes online , thru the phone, or with our great mobile app,.

How to make an Epic Green Jungle Juice Tipsy Bartender

Upbeat surf music OK, Destorm, I want you to start, OK. It's your party. Destorm Yeah, yeah, I'm cool with that. Skyy Pour the Bacardi 151. Start with that because you start with the babies. Destorm Alright. loud party crowd background chatter Skyy Nice, nice, nice! The life of the party, baby. girl with bangs Yeah, we're making jungle juice. man with beard Real quick, tell everybody in Washington drowned out by background noises. Skyy It's a different mix. man with beard It's a different mix.

Skyy It's a different mix. man with beard Alright. Is this one gonna be better, or what I have no idea what it can taste like because I just walk in the store and I just pick random shit that I thought would blend. It should work. It should work. man with beard You heard the secret here. My years of drinking, it should work. loud party crowd background chatter man in background We have some alcoholics in the building. We got some drinking to do.

Loud party crowd background chatter Skyy Try not to get your hands wet. loud party crowd background chatter Watch. Someone's got the first one. woman in glasses It's good shit. Skyy laughing man with beard All the way from Germany! Skyy John, hooking it up. Skyy drowned out by background noise man with beard Oh, that's delicious. loud party crowd background chatter Skyy It's all gone. It's all gone. Tipsy Bartender. It's all gone. Voiceover Check out these other jungle juice episodes and remember to subscribe.

Emergency Water Supply Shelf Reliance 55 gallon water drum

I want to show what I got. It's a storage barrel. It comes with a pump and here is the barrel. It is pretty sturdy, it's a tough plastic barrel. Water storage supply, it's from Shelf Reliance. 55 gallon water storage. I got it from Costco, Costco Whole sale and I got it Costco online. Here is a photo of it with the pump. The components and stuff are really sturdy. It's got more pieces to it that connect. Yeah all the pieces attaches so it can go in here so that water can be pumped out. It's got a water filter, it's.

Got a pump. Arrows. It's got measurements that go up all the way up. starting from 5 gallons all the way up to 55 gallons. Right now it's.the ocean is taking over. The Pacific Ocean is right over there and uh it brings in the marine layer. The marine layer cools things off it brings in a nice breeze. And I want to show the tree here this tree is so dense, I love this tree so much. The food and they haven't touched it, I don't know they haven't touched it yet. They ate up the bird food I put in the first time I put this.

Thing up. This is a new bird feeder. The birds ended up eating all of the food, you know the first time I filled it up. And I don't know if it is taking them a little longer or what but look I have little meal worms that I bought and they are dried worms that are for birds, you know for birds, in the bird food section so I just put them in with the bird seed because I think they would enjoy that. I love this tree so much. and I have.

Bankers Box StorDrawer Steel Plus Storage Box

Hi, I am Lisa from Bankers Box. Today I want to show you the Stor Drawer Steel Plus Storage doors. You can save office space with the Stor Drawer Steel Plus because you can pack this storage system five drawers high. Now there is no more need to stack and unstack boxes to get your files. The convenient drawer system gives you quick and easy access to your files. The steel support frame reinforces the heavy duty courgette for added durability and removable rails are included for hanging files. The Stor Drawer Steel Plus from Bankers.

TRAVEL TIPS How to Pack a TSA Approved Toiletries Carry On Bag

Voiceover Hey friends, today I'm gonna show you how to pack a TSAapproved carry on toiletries bag. This is pretty much what I brought with me to Half Moon Bay when I filmed my morning routine for a weekend getaway. It was only the weekend so I only brought a carry on instead of a big old luggage, and I used this plastic container and I got it on Amazon. All your liquids need to be 3.4 ounces or less and you need to place it in a one quart bag.

Or a clear container like I have. It's cool to buy those, you know, expensive travel containers already made, like the Kai Kit, but it gets pricey so here's how to save some money. You can buy these travel containers that are empty. You can get it at Target or Amazon, and then place some stickers to label it. S is for shampoo, C is for conditioner, and then I go ahead and I grab my fullsize shampoo and I place it in my travel container, and I do the same thing with my conditioner,.

My facial soap, all of that stuff. bright guitar music Then I made sure to really close it and seal it good so that it doesn't spill while, like, we're in the plane, and then I grab some tape and I put that tape right on top of the label, just because that sticker isn't waterproof so I went ahead and placed that, and it'll make it waterproof so that it doesn't smudge or smear. That way I know what is in the container. And I do the same thing for jars.

I just go ahead and grab a clean, like, butter knife and I just go ahead and place my makeup remover inside the jar, and then I close it. So here's what I packed. I packed cotton swabs. bright guitar music Then I pack in my shampoo, my conditioner, perfumed lotion, more lotion, I'm obsessed with lavender lately, some makeup remover, baby wipes, which will remove makeup and also clean my hands if I wanna freshen up. I'm gonna also bring some tampons 'cause you never know when you're gonna get your period.

And some SPF for my face. I also bring sunscreen 'cause it's summertime. I bring toothpaste, toothbrush, and a tongue scraper, and I put the toothbrush and tongue scraper in a separate bag 'cause I don't like to mix it, and then I put some mouthwash in there 'cause you gotta keep your breath fresh, and some facial moisturizer. My Lush Gorgeous wasn't 3.4 ounces so I had the full size. Some Midol, or generic ones, some facial cleanser, some acne spot treatment, some floss, deodorant, of course, you gotta keep your armpits fresh,.

Antibacterial hand gel, travel perfume, nail polish remover pads, just in case I wanna remove my makeup or it gets all crazy smudged, and some eye mask just because I love, like, putting it underneath my eye when I travel, some Febreze 'cause you know it gets a little funky sometimes when you travel, so you kind of just want to freshen the air with that, and some Colgate WISPs, and a bar of soap because I think that it's easier to travel with a bar of soap than body wash.

Blue Storage Container Home Up For Sale 10032013

Blue Storage Container Home Up For Sale 10032013,MeTee TeeShirt design in seconds. The fastest way to make a shirt. MeTee Always free shipping worldwide. Youbidder The place to autobid on..

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Living On A Container Ship

Living On A Container Ship,0000 Enya Storms in Africa 0252 Enya Pax Deorum 05' Enya Orinoco Flow 1005 Enya Carribean Blue 1358 Bee Gees Night Fever 1433..

AntWorks Illuminated Ant Farm Gel.Buy here.vat19dvdsantworksilluminatedcombobox.cfmadid Subscribe to our channel uservat19com The..

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Buy Smell Proof Weed Storage Containers From Pack N Stash.Hey, have you used other weed containers out there on the market just for them to fall apart or simply not really do their job Many other marijuana containers..

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