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Building A Container House On Delta

How to Use the Bellow Hand Duster for Applying Insecticide Dust

Hi, this is Phillip with Do My Own Pest Control dot com, and today we're going to talk about the Bellows Hand Duster. It's a great duster. It's a great duster. A lot of professionals love using it because it is simple, it holds up well over time. This is actually a new version of the duster. You'll notice that it's clear so you can see how much dust you have in the chamber, which is nice. A couple of features with the Bellows Hand Duster this is the rubber cap you can take off and fill it with dust. You want to make sure you fill this.

Duster halfway full with dust. Don't overfill it or you won't get the right amount of mixture of air and dust when you're trying to apply it. It has a rubber tip. It's nice if you're trying to get the dust into electrical outlets when you're trying to access wall voids. It's nice to have that rubber tip there to give you some protection in case you accidentally tap a wire. It also has a cap right here on the end, and you can cap it shut for storage. Finally here on the back of the duster you can actually screw off this back part right.

Here, and that is a rod you can use to clear out the duster if it gets clogged. When you're using the Bellows Hand Duster make sure that you hold it upside down. That way your dust sits at the bottom of the duster, and when you're puffing it, it gets the right mixture of air and dust coming out the end. Right now we're going to show you exactly how you do that in your own home. We have the Bellow Hand Duster here. Now when you're inside you We have the Bellows Hand Duster here! Now when you're inside.

Want to do a light amount of dust so you want to turn the Bellow Duster upside down, but you're just going to stick it right here at the front of it and just dust in the wall void. Just once, that's all you need. It doesn't take a lot for the insects to pick up the dust. To access the wall void, you want to have the duster go in between the box and the sheetrock. You can see right here most of the time you will just need the help of.

A screwdriver to pull the box away from the sheetrock enough for the duster to fit in between it. Once the duster is in between it, you can just do a couple dusts inside the wall void. That dust will come down and dissipate inside the wall void and catch any insects that are walking down near the floor. You may have carpet that's right underneath the baseboard and it's really tight so you may not be able to do this in every house, but if you have the opportunity to do it, it's a really great way to get dust right.

Under the wall void where the bugs come out. So in this situation we do have a gap. As you can tell I can fit the hand duster in between the carpet and the baseboard. So if you do have this opportunity you want to put it under, do a puff of dust about every 12 inches. Underneath the kitchen sink where the pipes go either into the cabinets or back into the wall is an excellent place to apply dust. Usually there's slip covers on the pipes. You can just move those up and out of the way, take the duster right into the crack,.

How to Use a Rice Cooker

Looking to cook rice quickly and consistently Does your rice cook uneven or stick to your pots and pans Well, look no further! With our wide selection of cookers, warmers, combination cookerwarmers, and sushi rice containers, you'll have no trouble finding the right unit to suit your needs. Plus, we have accessories that can make using your rice cooker even easier. This tutorial will show you stepbystep instructions on how to cook rice in our Panasonic 23cup rice cooker. Rice cookers can be used to cook all types of rice, including but not.

Limited white, brown, parboiled or rice in the husk, Indianstyle such as basmati or jasmine and quinoa. We offer a great selection of rice and rice cooking accessories. Cooking rice in your rice cooker is easy and consistent. Follow these simple steps and tips for the perfect steamed rice every time! The first step when using a rice cooker is to measure the correct amount of rice into a bowl. If your recipe calls for standard U.S. cups, you will want to adjust your measurements accordingly, but otherwise, you should use.

The rice cup that came with your rice cooker. This measuring cup is based on a Chinese cup measurement and is equal to about 34 of a standard U.S. cup measurement. For most types of rice, the second step is to thoroughly rinse the grains until the water runs clear. The purpose of rinsing is to remove any pesticides that may be present, give your rice a more consistent texture, and lessen the chance that your rice cooker will bubble over. Do note that while rinsing your rice is generally the rule, it's important to read the packaging.

Some rice comes enriched with watersoluble vitamins and minerals such as iron or thiamin that will dissolve if it is washed prior to cooking. After rinsing, transfer the rice from the bowl to the inner pan of your rice cooker. Before transferring the rice, you might want to line the pan with one of our reusable rice napkins as they can greatly reduce cleanup time and maximize water drainage for fluffier cooked rice. The next step is to add water to the pan using the same measuring cup you used to measure the rice. Many rice.

Cookers come with graduated marks on the inner pan indicating how much rice and water should be added. However, the general rule in U.S. standard cups is to add 1 cups of water per 1 cup of rice, or in the case of unwashed rice, 2 cups of water per 1 cup of rice. This can vary based on the type of rice you're cooking and how moist you prefer it, so for more specific measurements, check out the chart in our rice cooker buying guide. Place the inner pan in the cooker. At this point, some people will let their rice soak for 30.

Minutes. You can also add a bit of butter, salt, oil, or even bay leaves or cardamom pods to your cooker to enhance the flavor of your rice. Once the inner pan is in place, plug in your rice cooker. Press the switch to turn it on. Generally, there will be a light on the front of the unit that turns on when cooking is in progress. While your rice is cooking, do not remove the lid as this may cause your rice to dry out. When this particular unit is finished cooking, the switch will pop up and the light on the.

Front of the unit will go out. At this point, you should let your rice rest inside the cooker for at least 15 minutes in keepwarm mode. This will allow your rice to finish cooking and stabilize the water level so that excess moisture steams out of your rice. After 15 minutes, your rice is ready to be served and you can unplug your cooker! Since the inner pan is made of a nonstick material, it's best to use plastic serving utensils when serving your rice. Try one of our rice ladles that are designed specifically for use with.

Rice and rice cooking equipment! If you used a rice napkin, cleanup takes no more than a minute. If not, you can soak the inner pan in hot water to loosen cookedon rice, and then clean it with a nonmetal brush or sponge. Keep in mind that you shouldn't use abrasive cleaners or steel wool on the pan because you will ruin its nonstick surface. And that's it! Now you know how easy it is to cook rice in a rice cooker. As always, thanks for watching, and if you have questions, feel free to use our live chat button.

How to Properly Apply Pesticide Dust Using a Hand Duster

Hey, I'm Chris the Bug Guy from Domyownpestcontrol. Today we're going to show you how to apply dust throughout the home. These are our dust products and applicators like the BG 1150 Bulb Duster and the Bellow Hand Duster. Now let's go. We have the Bellow Hand Duster here. Now when you're inside you want to do a light amount of dust so you want to turn the Bellow Duster upside down, but you're just going to stick it right here at the front of it and just dust in the wall cubby. Just once, that's all you need. It doesn't take a lot.

For the insects to pick up the dust. To access the wall void, you want to have the duster go in between the box and the sheetrock. You can see right here most of the time you will just need the help of a screwdriver to pull the box away from the sheetrock enough for the duster to fit in between it. Once the duster is in between it, you can just do a couple dusts inside the wall void. That dust will come down and dissipate inside the wall void and catch any insects that are walking down near the floor. If there is a gap in.

Between your floor and the baseboard at least just enough to get the duster underneath, it provides a great opportunity to treat that area. So all you would do is put the 1150 Bulb Duster underneath the baseboard. Just give it one puff every 12 inches apart. Behind the toilet where the pipe goes into the wall is a perfect place to use the BG 1150 Duster. Underneath the kitchen sink where the pipes go either into the cabinets or back into the wall is an excellent place to apply dust. Usually there's slip covers on the pipes.

Dog Treats, Alcohol Sorority Girls Why The School Put a Stop To It

The party you but not always just for pledges and pillow fights and things like that that I think all you people think they do I don't know I sometimes there about for some people eat dog food that's got doctor they that's already in a lotta trouble over the University of Connecticut a they're all suspended from doing any activities that related with bean Greek system official the lead to the girls love Delta Zeta fourth man from a fraternity to drink booze which I'm sure they get there well eat dog treats.

Paid their bodies wear women's underwear again probably up there well and take alcohol shot up with each other's bodies this all happened at an offcampus apartment but that doesn't for girls is in trouble so there have banned from hosting a participating any story chapter activities until this investigation is complete I'm sure that I'm sure those guys are forced to do this against their or their hated it well they probably forced to eat dog can take shots of a meter are you getting your it was inadvertently situation the girls were.

Allowed to bring on a guy Rathbun no I let me tell you souter return it he and you refer to you know I was and we had this thing called a shot at the week and one other brothers using water two guys they would make some sort of fucked up crazy concoction that they would just the door shut up it was like this disgusting discussing stuff eating a dog is nothing river is nothing wrong nothing nothing compared to this topic guy fraternity to are you kidding me a.

And I you know what I did a show to college wrestlers actually private chauffeur fraternity in they like because I told them I was never in it for at you and I could have been if I just hell that I get my ass eight seconds longer before they were I was like oh no now how am I gonna make friends the point is had used at ease my personality anyway I'm which is a lot harder to make friends go have sorry Steve what what what what may be going on Yelp what made you joining a fraternity was a.

Gf is your flight delay or something they had he would like to have to show that the somebody yeah I mean not for sale other Cornell and 'em so colleges its is interesting I mean it because at cornell there's a lotta I different groups of people sell my freshman year you know I made friends with I people my for I'm my dorm just because they're right there and I became friends with job I am the Asian kids because there's an Asian party whatever so what couple those.

And then the guys on my floor space several armed with a paternity so my sophomore year I checked it out I like them and then arm I joined it because there's a lot of fun activities a lotta parties I I was rated sports so there's a lot of the uh the fraternity league for football pro basketball odds are you the haze me i'm not bad are you still understands that a blood oath 0 hotel and I'll tell you everything I don't give a shit about that one.

Shipping To South Africa Cars, Excess Baggage Meester Shipping

Shipping to South Africa With Meester Shipping. Affordable shipping services to SA from the UK. Affordable shipping services, excess baggage boxes and cartons, household goods, cars and motor vehicles, boats etc. We deliver to all major SA ports and areas in South Africa. Areas including, Johannesburg, Pretoria, Port Elizabeth, Durban, and Cape Town. Simple Shipping Process. 1st request a free quote, 2nd accept our quote, 3rd we collect your items, 4th we arrange shipping and customs clearance, 5th we deliver to your address in South Africa. Happy customer Book Your Shipment with Meester Shipping. Request a free noobligation quote today and see how much we can save you on your shipment to South Africa.

Generate Electricity with Peltier Module The Seebeck Effect

Hi Gang! I'm going to show how I used this Peltier module, and some cold and hot water to generate electricity. Here this LED is being brightly lit by it. I found my Peltier module in this hot and cold water dispenser. I opened up the back, removed the fan, and the heat sink. Stuck to the back of the heat sink was the Peltier module. How do you use it Apply heat to this side and cooling to this side, so that there's a temperature difference across the two sides.

When you do, electricity will be made to flow through the wires. This is called the Seebeck effect. You'll be generating electricity. Here's a very simple way to test it. I cut some short pieces of aluminum bars which I got from Home Depot. I clip them to either side of the Peltier module. I then get two plastic containers and put the aluminum bars in. I do it in such way that the aluminum in contact with one side of the Peltier module is in one container, and the aluminum in contact with the other.

Side of the module is in the other container. Next up is to measure how much voltage and current it can produce, with no load. I hook up a meter to the Peltier module. I then put cold water in this container, add a little ice, and put boiling water from a kettle in this container. By doing this, the heat from the hot water rises up this aluminum bar, through the Peltier module, and down this aluminum bar to the cold water. As the heat moves through the module, you can see the electrical current rises.

Switching to the voltage setting, you can see the voltage also rises. The highest current I see is around 143 milliamps and the highest voltage is around 854 millivolts. Around this point the cold side is still cool and the hot side is too hot to hold a finger on. Time to generate some electricity to power this LED. I first try by just connecting the LED. But even after putting in fresh cold water, ice, and hot water, and waiting a little, that isn't good enough to light this LED.

That's where this circuit comes in. It's called a joule thief circuit. Here it's being powered by a battery whose voltage is so low, it's considered dead. The joule thief stores up the power from the battery and once it's built up a bunch, it dumps it all at once into the LED in a quick, more powerful burst, enough to provide the needed voltage and current to light it up. And then it builds up some more and dumps it again. The LED is powered only during the powerful bursts, but it looks like it's always on.

So I connect the joule thief circuit to the Peltier module. I again put cold water, and ice, in one container and boiling hot water in the other. Sure enough, 12 seconds later, when enough heat has made its way up to the Peltier module, the Peltier module is generating enough electricity to light LED, with the help of the joule thief circuit. As time goes by more and more heat moves from the hot water to the cold water, warming the cold side and cooling the hot side. And after 15 minutes and 21 seconds.

The Peltier module no longer puts out enough voltage and current, and the LED no longer lights up. One last thing. The Peltier module I found in the water dispenser is a TEC type, a Thermoelectric Cooler, designed for cooling, not generating electricity. It can handle only up to around 100 to 110 celsius or 212 to 230 fahrenheit before being damaged. For serious electricity generation you'll want a TEG type, a Thermoelecrtic Generator. They can handle up to 200 to 300 celsius or 400 to 500 fahrenheit and put out much more power.

Well, thanks for watching! See my channel, rimstarorg for more tutorials like this. That includes one where I use this same Peltier module, but in the opposite way, running electricity through it to freeze water and doing some efficiency testing. Another tutorial where I show stepbystep how to make the joule thief circuit I used to light the LED using a dead battery. And for variety, one about how fast an electron and electricity move down a wire. The slowness of the electron may surprise you. And don't forget to subscribe if you like these tutorials,.

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