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Cargo Container Homes In Portland Oregon

Sell House Fast in Portland Oregon 4 Easy Steps

Narrator If you own a property that you wish to sell quickly, you have found the right company. Columbia Redevelopment has implemented a simple four step process for property owners who desire a quick and hassle free sell. First, contact us via the website submission form. Second, I'll review the property to assess it's potential. Third, you will be presented with an as is, all cash offer, within 24 hours of my visit to the property. Fourth, after an offer is accepted, the sale will close on a date that you choose.

Im Giving Away My Tiny House

Hey everyone It's me, Rob Greenfield, and I am Here at the Teeny Greeny This is my little teeny tiny 50 square foot tiny house that I have lived in off the grid in San Diego for Just about 1 year now It's been an incredible experience I have found that the more simply that I live the more freely I live but I am taking it one step further and on my quest to live simply I am giving away my tiny house and I figure what better way to.

Use this bad boy as a tool for good than to auction it off and give 100 of the proceeds to build tiny houses for the homeless the winner of this place will simply donate the bid to a nonprofit and then this will be my gift to them So let me show you the inside This little guy is very very small infact it is even a little bit too short for me to stand in and I'm about 5foot10 it is a simple plan With a shelf for storing a.

Little bit of stuff, a futon for sleeping and reading, and an LED bulb that is powered by portable solar panel on the roof. The solar panel can also charge up your cellphone, bike lights, computer, or whatever other little things that you have. Since I am moving closer to a life of nonownership most of the little possessions can be included. If someone wanted to jump right in and live here the house is on a trailer and it is a very smooth process to take it to a new location.

Here is a couple ideas of how you could use the tiny home first of all you could do what I have done and live off the grid in the city or in the country all you would need is a composting toilet, a rainwater harvesting to collect water for drinking and a cooking stove of sorts another thing you could do is you could put it in your back yard and rent it out so that way you could reduce the cost of your rent. Or you could stay in it on the weekends and rent.

Your house out. That way you could either live rent free our at least reduce your rent drastically. You could also turn it into a little kids play house, it would be kind of an expensive kids play house, but a fun one and a good story or you could turn it into a guest bedroom for the people staying at your house and another great idea is that you could give it to somebody who doesn't have a house those are a couple of ways that you could put this thing to.

A beautiful beautiful use The auction will take place at 3 o'clock in the afternoon on January 29th that is a friday on my facebook page via a live tutorial you can go there at 3 o'clock and make your bid or if you would like to do it before then go to robgreenfield.tvcontact and send me an email through there the bid is already up to $2000 and if you want to learn more about the auction or the tiny house go to robgreenfield.tvtinyauction and all of the information will be there.

How to Grow Kale from Seed Growing Kale at Home

How to grow kale from seed My way of growing Kale at home To grow kale is tool green the old I'll ok I don't think I'll this is what the cool the Kale looks like from the packet I use a small see racing taina that has 24 separate parts a double bed 223 season age homes it is threequarters will look to it as long as the soil use is long since eighteen not climb long it works well I would have to see grace not contain a well and covering politically.

Couple implicit in the shade area seed raising contained it comes with its periodically it come up here is that counts the that has been planted and Morton in the sea raising container week one the can see this time issued hot the first week here is a closeup of the sprouting home in the first week week too this is the very first leaves or sprouting leaves hope that counts at week to week 3 the kale is developing its second leaves which are looking like that clearly help shape this is a closeup.

Hope the second lien of the college week three week 4 the cam has grown just that little bit more week so I the countless going quite well this stage week 6 some other kind of plants have the said a blues week 7 but how plans a chilean more week I this is what the couch let's look like eight weeks week no at week knowing ahead in issue with the pace it's time to cut the tops and eat the leaves of the curlt kale I discovered it once done by might come workers.

Cut wounds were in the soul that argues so to get them helms of like this see container with water and for a few minutes they surfaced and I removed them week 10 the complaints are recovering from the cut would protect week 11 at we can live in it was time to play it at the calcite means into the arkansaslittle week 12 this is what the kale plants look like up to 12 weeks week 13 but compliments are starting to fill out now but I have distinguished themselves in the sole week for doing.

Week for the agency's the kale plants doing well by a living on what is in the sole water and plenty of Sun week 15 the camera is going well his son has just started week 16 with some nonsmall dies the car plants that grow well week 7 a.m. the Cup wins and then looking more like the photo on the original say pack Kale is growing wonderful and enjoys the company of beetroot plants week 8 a.m. why we cater in Macau dreams are ready to meet along to remove any old leaves at the bottom of the car plants.

Experience a 220 sq ft tiny home OffBeat Spaces tutorial

Good morning. Welcome to our tiny house. Our tiny barn on our tiny farm here in New England was built last year by a group of students from Yestermorrow Design Build School up in Warren, Vermont. We love it. MUSIC PLAYING The students that designed it and built it, they didn't go crazy trying to pack a million little things in. It's open, it's airy. So when you're living in a very small house, you don't feel constricted. So this is the kitchen and the dining room and the living room.

One of the things that the students were trying to achieve was, even though this is a somewhat small house 227 square feet it still feels pretty big. I've been in here with 15 or 20 people, and believe it or not, it's not that crowded. You can see the light fixtures are pretty interesting salvaged plumbing parts. I don't think that water comes out of those. I hope not. It's got a full oven setup, salvaged steel backsplash. There's a nice set of drawers. There's cabinets above. Routed directly into the shelves above the sink are.

Drainage holes, so we can put our clean dishes here, and they drain right into the sink a nice way to save space. Here's the bathroom. We've got a little sink, shower. The floor and bench where the toilet are are all made of rotresistant wood, and there's a floor drain. So the whole room is actually the shower. The bedroom I think it's just a classic small house bedroom. The bed is up a little bit higher, so you've got plenty of storage underneath drawers and a big hatch in the back.

But it's not up so high that you have to climb up to get it. Again, this is one of those choices that they made that I think is so wonderful. It's a generous space. There's plenty of headroom, and you feel comfortable in there. So this is an old Japanese technique for finishing the exterior of the building. They took cedar boards and, using a blow torch, they charred them until they were black. And then, they scraped off the residue. And then, they put a light coat of a natural oil on that.

It gives it an amazing, rich brown color. And also, that charring seals the wood in, and it makes it essentially weatherproof. We've been really curious about creative ways to heat small spaces. Inside these hay bales is wood chips and sawdust and a little bit of manure. We've got a pipe going in. It loops around and around and around. There's about 600 feet of pipe in there. And then, it comes back out again. We haven't hooked up the pump yet, but we hooked it up temporarily the other day, and the water that.

Came out burned me. It's 150degree water coming out of this thing. So we think a pile like this could easily heat a tiny house. We were looking to make an investment in energy. What we've bought, in a lot of ways, is people power. And that means having family and friends come, people come to help out on the farm and visit. For us, it's this energy of being able to host people, to have people come and participate in our little experiment here. Love home and design Make sure to subscribe to SpacesTV on YouTube.

Certified Arborist Tree Services Portland OR Tutorial NW Arbor

Hi, I'm Chris Nash, founder of Northwest Arboriculture Incorporated. I'm a licensed, certified, accredited forensic arborist and master gardener with over 30 years experience in tree care, landscape management and forest management. I founded Northwest Arboriculture with a mission to provide our customers quality service at a fair price. Through determination and innovation, Northwest Arboriculture Incorporated endeavored to bring my exacting standards to all facets of the green care industry. Our landscape division performs landscape construction to include hardscapes, softscapes, decks, fences, retaining walls, drainage and irrigation. Our team consists of licensed landscape specialists, all phase.

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