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Cargo Container Homes In Texas

Shipping Container to Buy, Rent or Lease in Perth, WA

Shipping Container to Buy, Rent or Lease in Perth, WA If you're looking for where to buy, rent or lease a sea shipping container then you have come to the right place. Our services include hire sales of 6, 8, 10, 20 and 40ft shipping containers. You can buy a sea container or you can lease one short or long term. No matter what you need it for we'll have a sea container that is just right for you. We have a years of experience to listen and answer all your questions and we have very.

Shelter Homes, Bunker homes underground home builder in Texas

Hello, I am Mike Scarlett with Scarlett Custom Homes. Let me show you how I can protect you and your family from manmade disasters or natural disasters with underground shelters ranging from tornado shelters to safe rooms to full survival bunkers. Whatever you need, I can provide you. We are capable of building your shelters out of steel, concrete, or a combination of both. We start with the soils test. This allows us to know what we are dealing with, with your soil. We will then take that soils test and design the proper foundation to make sure.

That your shelter is stable for years to come. We also have an engineer that will go through your shelter and design it to whatever your specifications or your need are. We'll make sure that your shelter is strong and stands the test of time. We can integrate your shelter into your home. This allows you to enter your shelter from the safety of one of your interior bedrooms versus having to go outside in the harms way to get to your shelter. Remember that we can customize your shelter to fit any and all of your needs. We can install.

And indiscernible filters, water storage tanks, blast ores, and backup generators. Anything you need to make your family safe. We can add longterm storage to your shelter. We can build closets that are concealed with hidden panels that allow you to store water, food or any other items that you may need. Scarlett Custom Homes can build you a media room, a gym, or a downstairs basement area that can be integrated into your shelter. This would allow you to use the room for dual purpose. Just remember that I can build you a shelter to keep you and your family totally safe.

Succulent containers John Dromgoole Central Texas Gardener

Hello, gardening friends. Welcome to Backyard Basics, I'm John Dromgoole. You know one of the most popular things these days in container gardening They're succulents and cacti really popular. A lot of young folks who're looking at their first gardens and they go and they plant some of these things. Well containers are the first thing to be thinking about. Here's a nice modern metal container right here. Lots of folks are using the style in their gardens, and so this is a good option. It's rather deep though, so you gotta be careful what kind of cactus.

You put in there. I think the larger ones are best because you won't overwater that way. There's these clay ones, they sweat nicely, and so they're not going to stay wet for very long. They're beautiful little containers. And then here's another one, a little bit bigger. You know they're kind of short, and that means that you won't overwater. If it was real deep, you might tend to over water in them. So make sure that you use some smaller ones. You know, it's very hard to handle some of these guys, and you'll be trying to reach into a container or where.

You buy them and you pick them up without touching them. Look, you can buy these things, they are not expensive. They're little forceps. You grab the container like that. You can move it anywhere you want to, put it in there, move any of them around that way, and that's a good way to handle them. You know another way to handle cactus is to take something like the Chronicle, for example, and roll it up, get several pages and then roll it up, and you can handle these big ones this way without getting thorns in yourself. And you can see that.

This is a good way to handle them, and it doesn't break the thorns either. So small ones or larger ones, it doesn't make any difference. You don't want to spend the day with your credit card trying to get the thorns out of there. You know, that works very well too. So look at the assortment of them. These are living stones right here, these are really cute, and when you put some rocks around them, they kinda disappear. And I like to use rocks as a mulch of sorts around them. So this is a good thing to do. These little guys, you really.

Gotta watch them. It's easy to overwater them but they're a great collector item. And we have some soil mixes. As important as anything is a good soil mix. You want something that drains well. I used some granite sand and some larger pieces of granite. I used a little bit of shale in there, and so you get this nice, sandy, welldraining mix. This is very important. You can also buy minerals. Some folks grow just in the minerals, and they do very well, but no nitrogen, no phosphorus, no potassiumtype fertilizers. It's just causing them to.

Grow in a way that they wouldn't normally grow. So you have choices, you have many choices. This is a Golden Barrel right here, beautiful little plant. There are some that would go in a hanging basket, the rattail right there, and of course this is what those arrangements look like, and they're just beautiful. Whether you grow it for yourself, or as a gift, when you're going over to someone's house it's nice to take a little gift with you, and you'll have exactly what you need. So this is what's happening today succulents and cacti in.

House plant compost tea and watering trick John Droomgoole Central Texas Gardener

Hello gardening friends, welcome to Backyard Basics maybe you go outta town now and then three days even up to seven days or so and you need to take your house plants maybe someone comes over for you now and then you may not need that you may be able to take care of them just by putting them in a container and grouping them all in there you know if you put water into the bottom of the container it may be too wet for that period we don't need it to be that wet.

And so one of the things that we can do is to put them in the container let me show you this little ficus great house plant right here and so this little ficus goes in there and all around it I've already done this but we take some newspaper and then wad it up like that stuff it in we stuff it in everywhere you can see that it is in between all the plants in there and so the next thing to do in order to keep them nice and moist.

First you water the plants and then you put this in there and it insulates it also and so what I'll do is just wet them down each time and I'm not over filling the bottom there may be a little bit to water down there but not all that much and so this is a very good way you you got to keep it in the right light though so near a window the way you had them before you may as well put it back in that spot nice containers of different types are available at different stores.

And I think that putting your house plants in something like this make sure that they are in good shape when you get home these plants are great house plants this is the Ficus Elastica a very good one and this is the Neanthe Bella palm one of my favorite palms and this is the dwarf one so it does very very well in the house and grows very nicely I put the paper in there a little bit of moisture they are all wet and I can leave them alone, put them by the window don't hide them.

Some people do something like this in the bathtub that's fine but getting all that paper wrapped around them and insulating them a bit is a little bit more challenging in the big container like that although your big house plants can do very well in there so that's a real neat way to do this let me show you something else sometimes your plants have been distressed for whatever reason and there is a way to revitalize them or actually feed them a little bit now we've used compost in many other areas out in the garden on the trees on.

The roses it's good on house plants too, you don't need to brew it a whole lot what we do is we take a little bit of your homemade compost, that's the best one you can find and you can see some down there with that little teaspoon we will use three teaspoons in this combination right here so we put it in there last night and we let it sit we make the extract but it has the compost in there and in order to spray it we've got to get that out of there or it will clog now this comes from a paint.

Store really nice you could use a coffee filter if you had enough to hold it in there and so I will pour this in here the compost particle stay on top and you can see the tea that's coming out of the bottom so this makes a little tea, it's an extract of what's in the compost and then the next thing is you take that and you pour it into your sprayer so now we have it in here and you can use this on any plants whether they're on the porch or inside the house they all benefit from this.

Never Choose Storage Units Austin TX That offer Free 24Hour Access for Everybody!

The 8 Biggest Storage Mistakes People Make and How to Avoid Them! These 8 Mistakes could wreak havoc on your storage experience. STORAGE MISTAKE 1 Never Choose Storage Units in that offer Free 24Hour Access to everybody. The fact is, you should never, ever, ever store at a storage facility that offers free 24Hour Access to all of its tenants. This places you and your possessions squarely in the center of a very risky security situation. Think about it for a minute. Do you really want to be storing at a facility where every.

Single tenant has unfettered access to the property, even at 3 in the morning If any bad things were to happen, they would happen in the middle of the night, right This is precisely the time that you want more security, not less! If the Storage Manager tries to sell you on the benefits of unlimited 24hour access, run away and run away fast! Sure some tenants need 24hour access. If you fish every weekend and you and your boat need to be on the lake before the sun comes up, or if your business drivers need to swap.

Out their cars for your delivery trucks so they can be on their route by 530 a.m., then you need 24hour access. You'll probably even be willing to even spend a few extra dollars each month for this service. But Free 24hour Access to every single tenant on the property is just, well, dangerous. And since storage facilities are not responsible for theft on the property, this one tip could save you a lot of money in the long run. To Get Your FREE Copy of the Self Storage Consumer's Guide, click the link below in.

The Tutorial Description. In This Powerful Guide, You Will discover. The 4 Storage RipOffs so You Don't Be a Victim. 8 Big Storage Mistakes How to Avoid Them. 6 Costly Myths when Choosing Storage Units. and the 7 Self Storage Secrets You Must Know Before Renting from anyone! PLUS We'll Reveal the Top 5 Internet Search Secrets, 15 LittleKnown Packing Stacking Tricks, and You will receive a Free Bonus Gift just to ensure an Exceptional Storage Experience. Grab Your Free Copy at aaastorage You can Learn more about the Self Storage Consumer's Guide at.

How to Store Potatoes At Home With P. Allen Smith

The way to keep potatoes for a long time is to keep them underground. Let me show you what I'm doing here. Since we have a tall crawlspace underneath the house here, I thought let's put it to good use. The temperature in here is at least 20 degrees cooler than it is outside. And what we did is we suspended a rack of shelves from the floor joist here, down. You see, there are two of these. We used scrap lumber. And you can see, it doesn't actually hit the ground, so whatever we put on here is actually elevated, which is really.

Good. And I wanted it not so deep that you couldn't reach across and check things. Like, for instance, these potatoes we had a bumper crop of potatoes this year. These are all of those lovely Kennebec's that we grew. And you can't buy these in the grocery store, and so I like to produce them each year. And the way to keep them fresh in here and all through the season is you wanna separate them and not stack them on top of one another. The other thing you wanna do is you wanna make sure that if any of them are damaged.

That they get pulled out first. So if there is a cut or a bruise on one, you wanna eat those first. If any of them begin to rot, and I'm not seeing any rotten ones yet, although, this could become a rotted place although, it is actually healing. This would be a potato, for instance, I would eat first. You wanna make sure that you don't have any light on them, because they'll begin to turn green. And you shouldn't eat green potatoes, because green potatoes, actually, build up a toxin in them which is poisonous. Now, the main.

Thing that I need to do here is come through every once in awhile and check on these potatoes and make sure there aren't any rotten ones. The way the shelf is designed it's designed for plenty of air circulation. So that's why we have these slates between the potatoes here, so air can circulate through them. I can put potatoes in here, all kinds of canned goods. By keeping potatoes in a cool, dry place like this, they'll last for a long time. If we begin to get any decay or rot to avoid any aroma. Because a rotted potato does.

Not smell very good. You can apply lime on them, and that will cut down on decomposition and certainly any order. Ideally, in a cellar like this is you'd be able to keep potatoes, whether they're Irish potatoes like these or sweet potatoes or other root vegetables, you should be able to keep them well through the winter into early spring, until the garden starts producing lots of fresh vegetables. Pretty good idea, huh If you're enjoying these tips, check in with us regularly. Make sure you subscribe to eHow Home. Now, I'm.

Tree Plant Care How to Grow Ginseng at Home

Hi this is Yolanda Vanveen and in this segment we are going to talk all about how to grow ginseng an herb that has been around for a long long time that has just been taken America by storm recently because we have realized it has so many medicinal purposes. It's a number one herb for your body as far as it is great to take you can either make it into a powdered form or even just eat a little piece of ginseng and it just boosts your immune system and makes you a lot stronger so that you can resist any type of colds or flus this.

Is a plant that really makes you healthy. Ginseng is found mostly in China but there's a American variety of ginseng that is even stronger and even more valuable in fact the ginseng that grows wild in Wisconsin it sells for more than a hundred and fifty dollars a pound because it is found in the wild and they have to harvest the roots and there is not many left in the wild. It can be grown in your garden as well but it has to be grown in an area that is similar to its natural environment. Now ginseng is found in woods.

It grows just like a trillium so anywhere a trillium will grow it will grow so it likes deep canopies of forests so lots of big pine trees and a lot of lush underneath a lot of pine needles and leaves a lot of organic material and it will come up with three or four leaves on it and just like a trillium and in the center in the fall it will have little red berries and in those berries is the seeds, so most of the ginseng is started by seed.

And they just take the seeds off of the ginseng plant in the fall and they are just little red berries and you plant them in the fall right after they are done going to seed immediately just like they would in nature and you just barely put them underneath the layer of compost that naturally occurs on the ground in the forest and it will come up and grow the next spring. Now it makes a huge set of roots like Dahlia roots and the roots are actually dried or eaten fresh and they just use them for many different reasons and different purposes.

They can be cut up and used in all types of food dishes or they put them into pills too or into tea so there is many different uses and it takes up to seven years for one ginseng plant to be ready for harvest it so they make a big set of roots and so those roots are worth a lot of money and when you grow them you always have to worry about the risk they might get stolen because they are worth so much. So don't tell everybody that you have.

Them and grow them in a nice area of your woods and just plant them and leave them alone for about seven years you don't water them you don't fertilize them you don't do anything to them, you just check on them and they will come back every year and grow bigger and bigger and bigger and by the seventh year they will be ready to harvest you just dig up the roots and separate them back and you can always put some of the roots back into the ground to start some new plants again.

How to Grow Kale from Seed Growing Kale at Home

How to grow kale from seed My way of growing Kale at home To grow kale is tool green the old I'll ok I don't think I'll this is what the cool the Kale looks like from the packet I use a small see racing taina that has 24 separate parts a double bed 223 season age homes it is threequarters will look to it as long as the soil use is long since eighteen not climb long it works well I would have to see grace not contain a well and covering politically.

Couple implicit in the shade area seed raising contained it comes with its periodically it come up here is that counts the that has been planted and Morton in the sea raising container week one the can see this time issued hot the first week here is a closeup of the sprouting home in the first week week too this is the very first leaves or sprouting leaves hope that counts at week to week 3 the kale is developing its second leaves which are looking like that clearly help shape this is a closeup.

Hope the second lien of the college week three week 4 the cam has grown just that little bit more week so I the countless going quite well this stage week 6 some other kind of plants have the said a blues week 7 but how plans a chilean more week I this is what the couch let's look like eight weeks week no at week knowing ahead in issue with the pace it's time to cut the tops and eat the leaves of the curlt kale I discovered it once done by might come workers.

Cut wounds were in the soul that argues so to get them helms of like this see container with water and for a few minutes they surfaced and I removed them week 10 the complaints are recovering from the cut would protect week 11 at we can live in it was time to play it at the calcite means into the arkansaslittle week 12 this is what the kale plants look like up to 12 weeks week 13 but compliments are starting to fill out now but I have distinguished themselves in the sole week for doing.

Week for the agency's the kale plants doing well by a living on what is in the sole water and plenty of Sun week 15 the camera is going well his son has just started week 16 with some nonsmall dies the car plants that grow well week 7 a.m. the Cup wins and then looking more like the photo on the original say pack Kale is growing wonderful and enjoys the company of beetroot plants week 8 a.m. why we cater in Macau dreams are ready to meet along to remove any old leaves at the bottom of the car plants.

Shipping Container Home

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