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Container As House

Mixing House Plants and Annuals in a Container Garden

Hi. I am Shawna Coronado from the Chicago Flower and Garden Show 2010. I am talking today about container gardening. And this container is absolutely gorgeous. It is full of color. But if you look, there are very few flowers. It is a great hint about how you can do some gardening at home that is container gardening because you can use the houseplants that you have every season. Pull them out and mix them with other annuals and plants yearly. This is a great moneysaving way to continually have a beautiful display.

Soda Bottle Watering System For Growing Plants In Containers

We grow peppers and eggplant in these half barrels and it works really well except in the summer when it gets hot and dry. It takes a long time if you're running a sprinkler to get these things to get enough water and because I drilled drainage holes in the bottom, I should have what time about 4 inches from the bottom on the side of barrel, I've mentioned that before. So I was looking different watering systems and Donald over on webcajun did a tutorial on how he waters his plants using a piece of PVC pipe and he mentioned he got the idea from a guy.

Named Jeff over at Bologna ringRanch and I watched both tutorials and this is my version for watering these half barrels. First remove the cap from a 2 liter soda bottle then take a flat screwdriver and stick under the collar that remains on the bottleneck and twist it till it snaps off. Then take the soda bottle stick it upside down in a vice and take a 2 inch hole saw and cut a hole in the bottom, start with the side going forward until the drill bit goes through the.

Bottle and then put it in reverse to finish the hole. Take some 1 inch PVC and cut it into 12 inch long pieces, stick one end of it in the vice, then take a heat gun and shoot it down through the center of the pipe. I'm going to let the tutorial run here in full time because it doesn't take that long to soften the pipe, just so you get an idea of how long it takes to soften the pipe with the heat gun on high. When the.

Pipe is soft enough use two hands push down firmly on the bottle and screw the bottle into the pipe until the whole neck of the bottle is seated in the pipe and then let it cool. You can't push on the bottle to put these into the dirt it will either crush the bottle or separate it from the pipe so take another piece of pipe make a hole part of the distance you want the thing in the dirt, if you want it 9 inches on the ground push a piece of.

Pipe 6 inches into the ground first then insert the bottle and take the other piece of pipe slide it inside the bottle and use that to push it 3 more inches into the dirt and then fill it with water. The first time I used them about a third to about a quarter of the water drained out between a half an hour and an hour it took over night for the rest of the water to drain out of the bottles. I don't know how they'd work just stuck into the ground in a regular garden but it might.

Air Purification House Plants At Home With P. Allen

Hey, are you looking for an allnatural air filtration system for your home Might be closer than you think. Ah, fresh air. You know, who isn't interested in living a Greener life and energy efficiency Both of these are buzz words of our times. But, you know, I have to say, that the more energy efficient we become with the interior of our homes and making sure that we're not losing energy and the more tightly they're built the air quality can suffer. For instance, when I built this house, I wanted to make sure that I used.

Products that didn't pollute or contaminate the air. I used insulation that's made form soybean oil, which contains no formaldehyde which you do not want in your house. You can also use low VOC paints and air purification systems. All of these thing can work toward making the environment inside your home as clean as possible. And, hey, if you really wanna take on indoor air pollution in a natural way, you might consider a study that was done by NASA several years ago about how house plants, certain kinds of them, can be really.

Great air filtration systems. And, hey, they look good in the house. I use them everywhere I can. Some of the best for cleaning the air in your home include Pothos, Spider Plants, corn plants, even Elephant Ears, Gerbera Daises, and Peace Lilies. If you're looking for something a little taller, you might try one of these Dracaenas, or something basic like a Needlepoint English Ivy. This one has some variegation to it which is really beautiful. Now with this little guy, it's sort of outgrown this little container. What I'm gonna do is I'm.

Gonna repot it. And you can see, it's gotten a little root bound, so I'm just gonna tear into the roots, and that'll keep them from continuing to grow in that circular motion that was formed by this container. And I'm gonna put them in this decorative green container like this. All I'm gonna do is take a good soil, add enough to the bottom, and nestle it in like this. And, you can see, it has some long runners I could actually take the tips of those long runners and put them in some water and root new house plants. This.

How to Arrange Herbs in Containers At Home With P. Allen Smith

Who says you have to have a lot of room to be able to grow lots of herbs You know, sometimes when you think about herbs and growing herbs, you think about this idea of, well, you gotta have an herb gardena whole space dedicated to growing herbs. Well, that's really not the case at all. So many herbs do so well in containers. For instance, here, and I have them integrated here on these steps that go into the house, so they're very convenient to the kitchen. And when I say integrated, I have other things growing around them. So.

The herbs aren't just not these plants of utility, they're actually integrated into the design of this entryway into the house. This happens to be a wonderful basil that grows very tall and colanderlike. So the vertical accents here at this entryway, well, they're just gonna enhance it even more. And I'll be able to harvest basil off of this throughout the entire growing season. Now, if you wanna grow basil or most other herbs, you're gonna have to have full sun or at least halfday sun. And you wanna make sure that.

The soil drains well and that you're soil stays consistently moist. You don't want them to sit in standing water. And I always like to use a saucer underneath my containers. It really helps with the wateringit cuts it in half for me. I also like to keep the tags. And I slide them down just along the side of the container like that, so I can remember what varieties I have planted in what containers, because I use herbs in containers all around the garden. Let me show you another example, come on over here. So take a look.

At this display This is on one side of my tool shed. Rather than just having a blank wall, I took advantage of very limited space. I have a shelf that sticks out about 18 inches here. One that only sticks out about 6 inches here. And just look at all the herbs that I can grow here in containers. I have all kinds of mints that are cascading down as well as thyme and chives. And what I've done is I've staggered them at different heights by turning a container upside down. I can sit this one up a little higher, so it makes.

It rather artistic. And get this All of these were planted from a single container that's this size. This is spicy oreganooh, I just wish you could smell the aroma. And it, too, will cascade down. You can see down there on the far end, one of them is already growing very well. Now the thing to remember with herbs is the more that you clip them back and use them the more of these delicious leaves they will produce. If you're enjoying these tips on how to bring beauty and flavor into your life, make sure you subscribe to eHow.

Container Grown Fruit At Home With P. Allen Smith

Figs are delicious, and they were actually considered the first form of clothing, if you know what I mean Let me tell you how you can grow them in a small space. You know, something I hear a lot from folks is that I would really love to grow some of my own food, but I have much room at all, really no space. Hey, it doesn't take much space to grow some of the most delicious things you've ever eaten in your life. I'm crazy about blueberries. Look at all these blueberries. And guess what They're growing in containers.

I have 5 containers of blueberries here, 3 different varieties. And look at the fruit set. I'm giving them a little feed. I fertilized them just as they were coming out of their winter slumber. But I'm giving them just a little bit more, as these blueberries began to ripen. You see, about a month and a half ago they started swelling, or the buds did. And you can see these beautiful flowers. And then the honey bees showed up and they started pollenating. And what you have to have to produce blueberries like this isyou need.

At least varieties that flower at the same time, so you get that cross pollination going on. And what I like to do is make sure I plant them in large containers, and I set them down in saucers. And I got a drip irrigation system here. This keeps the soil consistently moist. And you can see just how well they're producing. In the fall, the foliage on these plants, well, it's just outstanding. They're beautiful plants. Hey, in my fruit production, in this little space, doesn't just stop here. Come on over here, let me show you. Now take a.

Look at this big guy. This is a fig. It's actually a Brown Turkey Fig. And I don't bring these in in the winter, even though you might think that's such an Italian thing to have. Actually, I got the idea of growing them in containers on a trip to Italy, where I was sitting out at a restaurant in a little patio area, and they had big pots of figs. And it was really beautiful. But just look at all the fruit on this fig tree, it's just fantastic. Now, as I said, this one's Brown Turkey. And I don't have to take these containers in during.

The winter. There are some varieties that can really take much colder temperatures. For instance, there's one called Chicago Hearty that is hearty up to Zone 5Chicagoand it can take temperatures as low as zero. Now, I wouldn't say it would survive in a container exposed like this, but it would in the ground. But anyway, it just looks great as a landscape plant. And just look at all these gorgeous figs. Hey, if you're enjoying these segments on how to grow some of your own food in the tiniest places, tell a friend about them.

How to make an Epic Green Jungle Juice Tipsy Bartender

Upbeat surf music OK, Destorm, I want you to start, OK. It's your party. Destorm Yeah, yeah, I'm cool with that. Skyy Pour the Bacardi 151. Start with that because you start with the babies. Destorm Alright. loud party crowd background chatter Skyy Nice, nice, nice! The life of the party, baby. girl with bangs Yeah, we're making jungle juice. man with beard Real quick, tell everybody in Washington drowned out by background noises. Skyy It's a different mix. man with beard It's a different mix.

Skyy It's a different mix. man with beard Alright. Is this one gonna be better, or what I have no idea what it can taste like because I just walk in the store and I just pick random shit that I thought would blend. It should work. It should work. man with beard You heard the secret here. My years of drinking, it should work. loud party crowd background chatter man in background We have some alcoholics in the building. We got some drinking to do.

Loud party crowd background chatter Skyy Try not to get your hands wet. loud party crowd background chatter Watch. Someone's got the first one. woman in glasses It's good shit. Skyy laughing man with beard All the way from Germany! Skyy John, hooking it up. Skyy drowned out by background noise man with beard Oh, that's delicious. loud party crowd background chatter Skyy It's all gone. It's all gone. Tipsy Bartender. It's all gone. Voiceover Check out these other jungle juice episodes and remember to subscribe.

Create Container Water Fountains

Do you love the soothing sights and sounds of gurgling water Create a small water feature for your patio. All you need is a container fountain kit, a water type container, and a few water living plants. Step 1 Select a suitable container. This 7 inch deep by 24 inch diameter bowl is a great size. Make sure the container you pick doesn't have drainage holes. It also should be deep enough to keep a small pump submerged in water. Step 2 Place the bowl on your patio or at the edge of the garden close to an outdoor outlet. You'll.

Need a nearby powers source for the fountain pump. Surrounding plants will help conceal the power cord. Step 3 Place the pump near the center of the bowl and then fill the bowl with fresh water. Plug in the pump and find your favorite water pattern. We like the bell effect. Next, add water plants. For this water garden, we selected water lettuce and baby unk dwarf cypress. Decorative stones will help keep soil from splashing out of the pot. The cypress needs soil for growth so keep it in its pot and set it, pot and all, in.

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