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Container Home Construction

Shipping Container Home Coming to Redondo Beach

Here in Los Angeles housing is expensive but there's an alternative which could save about thirty percent on construction cost shipping container homes CBS News Tuesday market shows us more as the cost of living rises the way we live is changing people are living in modular homes prefab homes and even shipping container homes. containers get all the headlines countless shipping containers come into the ports of LA and Long Beach and many of them stay but some are being repurposed into everything from retail spaces to homes when Paula approached me about a shipping container home I thought this is insane.

And then I met Peter and I still thought it was insane. Matt and Paula dowd are using shipping containers to build two shipping container homes in Redondo Beach one for them and one for Grandma. I can age in place and my grandchildren will grow up here and I'll be with my daughter and my son inlaw. they're building with architect Peter DeMaria but it's an idea that still stirs controversy. In this area you mostly find Mediterranean or craftsman style homes and you bring something like this to the city and.

They're like, yeah I don't know it took several trips to the City Council to get their property approved with multiple modifications to the design and Matt had the same concerns as the city. my opinion was oh my gosh it's going to be boxy and corrugated but many homes built from shipping containers look like this and this all of these homes were designed by the architect very few people be able to tell wow that's a shipping container home. containers are the thing that really breaks down the door and people say.

Maybe I can do the little bit differently and I'm not going to sacrifice quality and I'm not going to sacrifice on the size of the house and all of it translates into doing it less expensively. most containers can be covered with any surface like wood stucco or vinyl siding and it's affordable while maintaining quality in general they're around 30 percent less than traditional construction a great value but the quality of construction is a heavy gauge steel that that blows away wood frame house a comforting thought in quakeprone.

Southern California and by upcycling metal containers it's one of the greenest options available so the containers become a means to an end we're changing the way we think about building and we're saving the planet. we're taking material and upcycling it as opposed to cutting down five or six acres of forest every time we put up a new wood frame house. DeMaria says there's a revolution to change how we live and the Dowd's are early adopters and I think this is how a great progress is made really this.

Shipping Container Home Plans Comprehensive StepbyStep Plans

Hey everyone Freddie Crossberg here and chances are you landed on this tutorial because you are searching for shipping container home plans to do this to be a process known as he also plans to see little dog who all did you know that that would you put them in a simple stepbystep design and just say you know what I decided to go with everything from basic all the way through the diagrams I hope I can follow this guy a horny bitches 2013 it's very cold nothing like this is exactly.

How To Build a Retaining Wall

Give your plain landscape a stunning makeover with an attractive block retaining wall. The blocks for this project have a locking flangewhich makes the installation easyand they can be used to build walls up to 28 inches high. It's smart to plan your layout. Avoid having downspouts pointed at the wall and if it's against the house, keep the soil bed well below the siding. To mark a freeform layout, use a rope or hose to outline the shape. Then use a shovel to mark the outline. For straight lines, mark the entire bed area with stakes, string and marking paint. Make.

Curved corners by tying a string to a stake that's equidistant to the edgescreating a compassand spraying the curves with marking paint. To determine how many blocks you'll need per row, divide the total length of the wall by the length of the block. To see how many rows you'll need, divide the ideal wall height by the height of the blockaccount for the first row to be halfburied. With the layout marked you can begin digging the trench. To bury the first row about halfway, dig the trench about 4 to 6 inches deep, and dig 12 inches wide, or twice the width of.

The block. If the trench slopes, you'll have to step up or down to keep the blocks level. Tamp down the dirt with a hand tamper and keep it level. Next, fill the trench with about 3 inches of paver base, spread it with a rake, and tamp it down. Tamping the base provides a strong foundation. When it's all level, you can begin installing the blocks. For row one, knock off the flange with a hammer and chisel so the blocks will sit flat. Beginning at the end with the lowest elevation, set the first block in place and check for.

Level. Then place the next block, making sure it's even with the first. Continue installing the first row, periodically checking for level. Fill in under low blocks with paver base, or tap down high blocks with a rubber mallet. After installing each row, sweep dirt off the tops. To start the second row you'll have to cut a block to stagger the joints. Mark it, and cut it with a masonry blade. Put it in place keeping the flange tight against the first row. Check it for level. When installing the next few rows, you'll need to add drainage directly behind the blocks.

Lay down landscape fabric behind the wall, leaving enough excess to reach the top. Then fill in directly behind the wall with gravel as you continue to build. For the last two rows of full blocks, apply concrete adhesive to the wall, then set the blocks in place. Now just fold the excess fabric back, and fill in with soil and plants. A plain garden bed gets a brand new personality with the help of a block retaining wall. Want more great ideas and howto's Go to LowesHowTo or just click to subscribe.

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Whether you want to buy or rent a shipping container CUBNER covers all your needs, whatever the time, destination, type of container desired. Featuring a wealth of unrivaled range on the market CUBNER offers the classics but also the more specific CUBNER is also the reference of the reefer refrigerated container. ICECUBNER is the ideal solution to store and monitor the quality of your goods Atmosphere, temperature, humidity, everything is under control ! Maintaining and respecting your cold chain guaranteed ! CUBNER organizes transport and delivery of your containers throughout Europe.

Require transportation by overseas seaway, railway, barge, truck, CUBNER is committed to offering you the best solution at the best price. CUBNER ensures unloading your container and provides solutions to complex logistics problems. Ideal to storage, the container is also an infinity of other possibilities. basic life, public works, chantier, gas station, events container, restaurant, CUBNER transforms and develops all types of containers at your convenience and according to your desires. Painting, air conditioning, door, ramp, metal curtain, everything is possible. CUBNER, it is primarily advice, and a committed team,.

InHouse Farm Road Improvement At Home With P. Allen Smith

We're putting in another road today. You see, this farm goes back to 1840. This is one of the old farm roads here. And what we do up here is we try and do as much inhouse as we can, because it helps cut down on costs. So, I'm crazy about these toys. Well, my brother is actually crazier about these mechanical toys, so he bought a Mighty Mite here, this little dozer, and we've used it up here for years, putting in our own roads. I gotta tell ya, it's really handy having your own dozer, so I recommend you get one. They're a lot.

Of fun. Anyway, back to the road So the idea here is this old lane, this old farm lane, was here, who knows, going back to maybe 1840, but with the house going up now, we really needed to kinda improve this road. We put in lots of roads on the farm, and improved some, but this one I've held off on. But now that we're using it more and more, it was time to sort of fillin the potholes and put down some subbase. What I mean by that is.

A road really needs to have a hard pan or subbase put down. And what we've done here is we've used a lot of the shale that's on this mountain. So, shale is a form of rock, and we just take it. We have a shale pit, we dig the shale out of the pit, and we use it as the base for these roads. We put about 6 to 8 inches of it down, and then roll it in. And then we'll cover it with a nice creek gravel a brown gravel rock that I really.

Like that blends into the landscape out here. You know, it's all about how it looks, as far as I'm considered, being a designer. But it's got a function too. So we're always looking for ways to keep cost down, and so doing our own roads really helps us do that. And there's three brothers up here that work on the farm from time to time with us, and they've got a history of putting in roads and things like that. So between my brother and the Morris brothers, we got it covered. Now, what David Morris is doing today is he's grading this.

Off and slicking it down and filling in all the holes. And what he's gonna do is put a crown on this so it will shed water on either side. He's throwing a ditch up over here on this side, so as the water comes off of Daffodil Hill but what'll happen is the water will just hit that ditch. And then he's gonna lay some 8 inch drain pipe along here about every 40 feet, and it'll throw the water out onto this slope and head it down the hill. Now,.

Once he gets the crown in here, he'll come back with that 6 to 8 inch layer of shale, and then he'll press that in, go back and forth with the dozer over it, and then he'll put the finish gravel on top of that. Now, this rode is gonna be about 12 feet wide. That's originally what it was I wanna keep it to its original dimension. And then down along the road you see that big that big cedar down there I wanna save that cedar. I love them. So we're gonna prune the limbs way up, to about 12 feet, so trucks can drive.

Past without damaging the cab of the truck or damaging the tree. You know, my approach here is to try and save as much money as possible, so that's why we have our own equipment, we use local guys, and we try to use as much material as we can from right here on the farm. For instance, that shale Just moving it from the shale pit to over to here, that cuts the cost. If I had a road contractor come in here, I mean, we probably put a mile.

And a half of roads on this place I couldn't afford it. So this is an affordable way to do it. And also using local materials, so we're trying to keep that carbon footprint as small as possible. And I have to say, having this big equipment around is a lot of fun. And you get to do things yourself and that's very satisfying in it's own right. If you get a chance to go to a sale and buy a second hand dozer, I recommend it you'll have a.

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