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Home Improvements Maintenance How to Use a Microwave

Hi I'm Tim Gipson and I'm going to talk to you about how to use a Microwave. Now, one thing when you're using a Microwave, one thing you want to keep in mind, is never put anything metallic into your Microwave, and also as far as plastics, any plastics you would use in the Microwave, you want to make sure it's rated for Microwave use. For instance, this splatter shield is specifically designed for Microwave use, and it's a good thing if you're heating up foods or something like that, it's good to have a splatter shield in there because.

Food as it's heating up will tend to pop and it will help keep the inside of your Microwave clean by doing that. So once we get ready to heat something up, we close the door and now we got several options. We can set the time and the level of power, for heating, we can select automatic times, that already cook it to its highest level, 10, with one being the lowest level of heating and 10 being the highest, and then we also have sensor cooking. So if we put a bag of popcorn in, we can hit the popcorn button and it will.

Automatically start the popcorn and it'll actually sense and when your popcorn's about finished popping, then it will actually sense that and it'll actually shut it off on time so you can get the perfect bag of popcorn every time. You can also, well you have a potato button, where you put a potato in, it'll actually set it for the automatic time to cook a potato. Other sensor cooking, we have beverage, and reheating buttons. So with a Microwave you could actually do a lot of automatic settings, or you can actually.

Santa Fe Home Builders Alternative Building Solutions

Hi, my name is Chris. Im with Alternative Building Solutions. Like other Santa Fe builders, we can build on your lot in Santa Fe and in the surrounding areas and even throughout the state of New Mexico. We take pride in the quality of our homes and the great customer service that we offer to our buyers. We were the 20112012 Parade Of Homes Buyers Choice Award winners. This shows that we get to know each home owner so that we can best meet their needs. We allow you to use one of our predesigned floor plans or create a home design that is.

Shelter Homes, Bunker homes underground home builder in Texas

Hello, I am Mike Scarlett with Scarlett Custom Homes. Let me show you how I can protect you and your family from manmade disasters or natural disasters with underground shelters ranging from tornado shelters to safe rooms to full survival bunkers. Whatever you need, I can provide you. We are capable of building your shelters out of steel, concrete, or a combination of both. We start with the soils test. This allows us to know what we are dealing with, with your soil. We will then take that soils test and design the proper foundation to make sure.

That your shelter is stable for years to come. We also have an engineer that will go through your shelter and design it to whatever your specifications or your need are. We'll make sure that your shelter is strong and stands the test of time. We can integrate your shelter into your home. This allows you to enter your shelter from the safety of one of your interior bedrooms versus having to go outside in the harms way to get to your shelter. Remember that we can customize your shelter to fit any and all of your needs. We can install.

And indiscernible filters, water storage tanks, blast ores, and backup generators. Anything you need to make your family safe. We can add longterm storage to your shelter. We can build closets that are concealed with hidden panels that allow you to store water, food or any other items that you may need. Scarlett Custom Homes can build you a media room, a gym, or a downstairs basement area that can be integrated into your shelter. This would allow you to use the room for dual purpose. Just remember that I can build you a shelter to keep you and your family totally safe.

DC VA NC SC GA Commercial and Residential Contractor IN LINE General Contracting Tutorial

Hi, I'm Stan Parrish the owner of In Line General Contracting I want to take a couple of minutes to share with you who we are and what we do. As a General Contracting Company, we take great pride in knowing how to provide a high level of Customer Service and Quality RENOVATION Construction for many types of Residential and Commercial owners and management companies. For nearly 20 years I have been working in construction especially the Multi Family Industry. My company has completed projects from ten thousand to several million dollars on apartments, condos, commercial buildings.

And single family residential dwellings. Our regional coverage area is DC, Virginia, Tennessee, NC, SC, GA and we perform virtually every type of construction renovation or repair as well as some new construction everything from Grading to Finishes both interior and exterior. A complete listing of our services can be found on our website There are 2 KEY things which owners evaluate when hiring a contractor 1 Is the contractor knowledgeable and reputable in other words CAN THEY PERFORM THE WORK. We can provide references of work that we have completed with Large REIT's and Management.

Firms such as Ginkgo Residential, Bell Partners, Sentinel Real Estate, Fairield Residential and many more who manage thousands of apartments nationwide. Our customers can validate our commitment to PRODUCT QUALITY at a price that is IN LINE with their expectations. 2 Is the contractor professional IN OTHER WORDS DO THEY CARE ABOUT YOUR NEEDS DURING THE WORK BEING PERFORMED Our crews are taught that PROCESS QUALITY is equally important to Product quality because nobody wants to hire a contractor who is not careful around their property and residents, or who doesn't deliver the work on time or IN LINE with their.

Home Maintenance Repair Tips How to Turn Off Main Water Service

Hi, I'm Tim Gipson and I'm going to talk to you about how to turn off your main water supply. Now this is something you may want to do if you're going to do some plumbing replacement. If you don't have shutoffs in a particular part, if you happen to wake up in the middle of the night and you hear very loud rushing noise, you may have a leak in the house. So you want to make sure that you know where your main water line shutoff is. Now in most modern homes and first I'm going to start by setting up my step ladder, 'cause.

Most modern homes are going to have a supply line that's coming into the house and usually in the garage area. So we want to set up start by accessing this by setting up our stepladder, and as always we want to make sure that we're firmly secured on the stepladder, that an older stepladder like this that the shelves is down and that the two brackets on the side are down and locked. So to access the valve, and it's easy to find in the house because it'll be the largest line that's coming out of a wall into the interior garage. There.

Is a just a straight cutoff valve and you see I'll pull this down, so now that this handle is exposed, this is in the off position. So now, with that off, you'll be able to go and you might want to go to a sink, main sink, your kitchen sink, and you'll want to put on both the hot and the cold water to make sure that you drain the pressure out of the system. So that's something to keep in mind even after you turn off this valve, there.

Is still some pressure and water in your system. So if you are going to be doing some type of repairs you want to run one of your sinks to make sure that you relieve that pressure before you disconnect any lines. Also keep in mind you'll see this other valve this is particular valve for the water heater. So this is an individual valve and this is what you'll find under your kitchen sink, in your lavatories, going to your commodes, you have individual water line shutoffs for those too. Now keep in mind on older homes and even.

Some existing homes, that some of these main cutoff lines are outside the home. They'll be clearly marked in a green box and you'll either have a valve such as this or as this, or in some cases you have a long black tea handle where you put that down into the hole and turn it off. So, it's very important to make sure as a homeowner that you locate where your main shutoff to your house is. So I'm Tim Gipson and that's how you shut off your main water line.

Modular Homes Prices FREE Idea Kit! Modular Homes Floor Plans Prices Binghamton NY

Congradulations you'll one step closer to owning something will change your life footpath one step closer joining revolution of modular homes binghamton new york scoff is an incredible alternative to traditional home that simple to install easy to maintain and economical to run making it easy and affordable to all the precision built into a friendly and energyefficient modular homes call our toll free number or visit our website free idea it will be sent to your hold so you can discover all the benefits of assigning building owning modular home the idea that it will provide you with access to new homes.

Greedy design configurator where you can design your very own helm online you'll see a collection of the very best fulltime manufactured homes including prices and you'll see the many options available to you for customizing your home's interior and exterior maxwell and you also received the blue homes overview a stylish book that teaches beautiful and inspiring pictures of architect design modular homes binghamton new york prices onto the homestead unique building suspensions quickly changing the way it will consider tentacles about building manufactured homes today paul our toll free number or click the link below to visit our website the free.

Commercial Steel Buildings ContractorTilt Wall Overhead CranesHouston TX

Commercial Steel Buildings Houston 832 4601300 SteelBuildingsofHouston At Steel Buildings of Houston, we are a local Steel Building Contractor focused on design and installation of commercial or industrial steel buildings with overhead cranes in the Houston TX. We provide steel building contractor services in Houston, Beaumont, Victoria, Laredo, Corpus Christi, Austin, San Antonio, and South TX. In addition to commercial and industrial steel buildings, we also design and build custom steel building homes also known as Barndominiums TX. These Texas Barndominiums are becoming very common due to the overall pricing, durability and energy efficiency. Some of the most common.

Searches for our services include affordable steel buildings Houston, barndominium homes houston tx, barndominiums houston, barndominiums Texas, best steel buildings company houston, commercial steel buildings Houston, Commercial Design Build Services Houston Tx, Commercial Buildings Houston, Commercial Steel Building Construction Houston Tx, Concrete Erector Houston Tx, Crane Building Design Houston, Crane Building Installation Houston TX, houston commercial contractor, Houston Commercial Steel Buildings, Houston PreFab Steel Building Contractor, houston steel building prices, Houston Steel Building Homes, houston steel framed homes, overhead crane buildings Houston, Overhead Crane Buildings Houston TX, PreFab Steel Building Contractor Houston TX, Steel Barn Homes Houston TX, Steel Barndominiums.

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Electrical contractor houston, Commercial Electrician Houston Tx, Steel Building Electrician Houston Tx, Commercial Steel Building Plumbing Houston Tx, Steel Building Plumbing Houston Tx, Commercial Plumber Houston Tx, Commercial Plumbing Houston Tx, Steel Building Plumber Houston Tx and more. To learn more about Steel Buildings of Houston and our commercial steel building designs and installation services in Houston, Texas and nearby industrial areas such as Aldine Tx, Austin Tx., Atascocita Tx, Beaumont Tx., Channelview Tx., Cloverleaf TX., Conroe Tx. Corpus Christi Tx., Cypress Tx., Deer Park Tx., Friendswood Tx., Galena Park Tx., Humble.

Awesome Shipping Container Home

Awesome Shipping Container Home,AIM Fabrication in laporte Indiana was hired to set the containers and provide all the steel work for this container home.This is a very big home with a guest..

How To Build Your Own 3 Bedroom Container House.3 day build from container to a home now available as a book at.hebnerhouses or on Amazon from October 15, 2014. Follow the link..

Exterior In The Container-Built Home - Storm-Ready House In St Petersburg, FL - Bob Vila Eps.3004.Related Home Renovation The Exterior.bobvilaarticles2074homerenovationtheexteriorpages1 Home Sweet Container..

Shipping Container House - 2nd Floor Installation.Single Family Residence being built in Upland, CA out of used shipping containers. For details please visit Upland Container House Blog at..

Prefabricated Building Systems?Container House?CARAVANES.CARAVANES.caravanesi Prefabricated Building SystemsContainer House As a prime contractor to the UN and globlal leader in building..

David Cross Talks About Shipping Containers As Building Blocks For Construction.Incredibly Interesting tutorial, pointing convincing facts 700 thousand abandoned just in USA. Starting at $45 per square foot. General Contractor has to take..

Container Garden, Flooring, TV Antenna Episode 6, Season 8 2009

Container Garden, Flooring, TV Antenna Episode 6, Season 8 2009,Landscape contractor Roger Cook joins plant expert Carrie Kelly at a nursery to learn about container gardening. General contractor Tom Silva and host Kevin..

How To Create A Container Garden - This Old House.In this tutorial, This Old House landscape contractor Roger Cook and gardening expert Carrie Kelly create and maintain a garden on a small scale. See below for..

CONTAINER HOUSE VENICE CALIFORNIA-IPME.IPME provides modified containers for the ultimate use of space for developer Jason Teague in Venice California. This 1000 square foot indoor outdoor house..

Stacked Cargo Containers In New Haven's "LEGO" Apartments.Christian Salvati of Marengo Structures thinks shipping containers make great building blocks, and in time, he hopes it will become an affordable and quick..

Shipping Container Homes Build It For 50K Video On Vimeo $1.The Next Tutorial svimeoondemand1507695663855 Watch on Vimeo for $1. Go to krazyhomes for the latest home designs. If you want me..

Containertopia: Cargo Container Tiny Home Town On Oakland Lot.Luke Iseman and Heather Stewart were tired of paying San Francisco rents and had always dreaming of living in a shipping container so for less than one..

PVC Vault/cache Container.how to make a watertight PVC cache container that can be buried, using off the self parts from a homecontractor supply store. no cutting or fitting. cost under..

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