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Vitamix Stainless Steel Container truly BPAfree fits Vitamix Affiliate link bellow

quot;BPAfreequot;or Got BPA? Here you can see Waring® Commercial stainless steel container on the Vitamix base. When I found out that the Vitamix® container may NOT in fact be as claimed quot;BPAFreequot; I thought I was stuck with my quot;BPAFreequot; blender. The Vitamix plastic containers is claimed to be Bpafree. The claim of quot;BPA Freequot; The Vitamix plastic containers is claimed to be Bpafree. The claim of quot;BPA Freequot; is according to the manufacturer and NOT according to several INDEPENDENT scientists (not paid or influenced by the manufacturer). There are now several studies (US and European).

That show that quot;BPAFreequot; Tritan plastic leaches BPA and other toxic chemicals. Many people might think that a plastic container is not a big deal, since blending just takes a few seconds, and that would be true, if you did not turn you blender on, and start blending at high speeds, which smashes soft and hard foods against the plastic, at up to 300mph! So your food is not just touching the plastic sides it is rubbingscraping the plastic into your food at VERY high speeds. Here are some photos of my claimed to be quot;BPA Freequot; container. Before I took these photos of my plastic Vitamix container I soaked it in vinegar (which is a strong acid) to make sure there was no food particles. As you can clearly see the area near the blade is VERY scratched from the food I blended.

According to scientists the cloudy looking, scratched, cracked plastic releases more chemicals than the new plastic. Migration of chemicals from plastic also increases when the plastic touches: hot, fatty or acidic foods. The blending is soooo fast that it creates heat from the friction. Here is a direct quote from the Vitamix website: quot;The Vitamix® blades reach speeds fast enough to create friction heat that can bring ingredients to steaming hot in four to six minutes.quot; After much research, I found out that there is a VERY EASY way to replace or some might say ‘upgrade’ the Vitamix container with one of the Waring stainless steel container! Waring has many stainless steel containers, but only one container fits the Vitamix base! this link to buy the container. The Waring® Commercial stainless steel container fits AND works perfectly on modern Vitamix blender bases.

Both Vitamix® and Waring® do not make any recommendations to use their products together. Be aware that if you inform Vitamix® or Waring® that you use their products together they might void your product Warranty. What to do with your plastic Vitamix container? 1) Sell on eBay Include a full disclosure as to why you are selling. You will be surprized that some people still want to buy it. 2) Repurpose Use as a flower pot, water your plants since it has a nice handle and pour spout, and any other nonfood use. 3) Recycle Only an option if your recycle company accepts 7 plastic. Most curb recycle in the U.S. do not accept 7. PLEASE do NOT throw ‘away’! Most conventional plastics do not biodegrade and they take about 500 1,000 years to break down.

The plastic breaks down into smaller and smaller particles that end up contaminating our soil and water. For those of you who depend on using the tamper with your plastic container Vitamix model 5200, the tamper is too long because of the lower height of the Waring Stainless steel container lid, so it will not work during blending. I do not recomend using any plastic tamper, since it also gets scratched during blending. My husband made me a tamper simply from a tree branch. I will be doing more research to come up with a solution that will work with the Waring Stainless steel blender container. Stay tuned. here now to purchase the Waring® professional stainless steel container.

Also, I have added many links in the description area below this tutorial. Let’s watch what scientist think and say about BPA and Phalates. Bisphenol A is the building block molecule. That plastic, that is hard and clear. Bisphenol A may be one of the most potent toxic chemicals known to man. BPA is found in many products including sports bottles, baby bottles and water coolers. The problem is Bisphenol A acts in very low doses as an estrogen. The recent controversy over BPA started when members of the scientific community questioned the methodology of earlier studies. All regulatory agencies around the world are based on the concept from the 16th century.

That is the dose makes the poison. More is worse. That is not true for any hormone. We tested a dose twenty five thousand (25,000) times lower, then what anybody had ever tested. And we found that it profoundly damaged every single part of the male developing mouse reproductive system. There is virtually no major human health trend over the past 30 years that hasn’t increased such as childhood diabetes, that is not related to exposure to this chemical.

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