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Container Home Flooring Design

Farmhouse Floor Day 136 The Garden Home Challenge With P. Allen Smith

They say an ecofriendly house can't be built in 150 days for $150,000, and I say it can. I'm Allen Smith, join me as I push the limits with time, budget and creativity with the Garden Home Challenge, exclusively on eHow Home. I'm so happy with the way the floors have turned out. They're all painted now. They got one coat of a floor paint. Now when you buy paint, you need to specify floor paint. There's a big difference in ordinary wall paint versus floor paint the floor paint is much more durable. You see, the reason.

I painted the floors here is because we went with a lower grade lumber. You see, what we used was pine, 2 grade pine. It was tongue and groove, and it was all nailed down on the floor here. And I could have come in and put some sort of stain on it and then put a finish coat of clear coat, some sort of polyurethane, but I really like the color of these dark, rich floors. I think it, well, really speaks to what we're doing here with this farmhouse chic look. Now what we're gonna do here, once the workman are finished We'll.

Come through, we'll thoroughly clean these floors, and then we'll put the final coat. It won't be another coat of paint, because these, actually, have two coats of paint on them. This will be a coat of waterbased polyurethane. And I'm not going with a high gloss, I'm going with semigloss. And this will keep the scuffing that you can see here from occurring. And I think it'll make it that much easier to keep clean. Hey, if you're enjoying our updates, check in with us regularly. We're about to wrap up the house and move on to the interior.

Floor in the Rough Day 106 The Garden Home Challenge With P. Allen Smith

Hey, we're goin' down with the floors, and these are home grown and you know what does for our carbon footprint. They an ecofriendly house can't be built in 150 days for $150,000, and I say it can. I'm Allen Smith. Join me as I push the limits with time, budget and creativity with the Garden Home Challenge, exclusively on eHow Home. Got an exciting day today with the floor going down. What's a house without a floor You see, the first thing that went down here was this paper or laminate which serves as a vapor barrier.

What we're trying to do here is prime a floor that is actually going to not buckle. You know, we had to cut some expenses here, and we're using 2 Grade flooring. These are 6 inch boards of pine. And you can see, they're tongue and groove. So, here's the groove on this side, and here's the tongue on that side. And then, if you look, this is the top part of it. And boy, I wish that all of it looked like this. But we got a lot of knot holes.

Again, that's why we got such a good deal on it, because we bought 2s. And on the underside, you'll see, that there's this groove cut here and a groove cut there. That's to help keep the wood from actually buckling. It sort of breaks the grain, if you will. And so, it's gonna keep the floors from buckling and keep them very smooth. Now, what Tony's doing is he's putting this thing down with a 14 inch spacer here against the wall. So all the way around, there'll be a 14 inch distance that'll come off the corner a 14 in the corner there.

And all along this side. And this is our northsouth axis. So, from the front door to the back door, you're gonna have all the boards running in this direction. And then, in the kitchen and in this guest room, we'll have them running the same direction. And if you look up above us, you'll see that the upstairs faux finish floor of this ceiling shows that same direction of flooringyou can actually let it run any direction you like. In fact, I may change my mind a little bit, and we may run the boards this direction. I wanna give each room the.

Illusion of being as large as it possibly can. And by looking down down these boards you get a sense of perspective, and it makes the room feel longer. But we'll get to these rooms a little later. You're gonna get contraction in a no matter what. So, you're not gonna be able to see this little 14 inch gap, because the baseboard for the wall will sit right here, so it'll cover it up. But it'll sure come in handy, because this will inevitably move over time. Now, the final finish on the floor is gonna be paint. I'm gonna paint the.

Water on the Floor Day 63 The Garden Home Challenge With P. Allen Smith

I have to tell you, this is not what I had in mind for the inside of the house. They say an ecofriendly house can't be built in 150 days for $150,000, and I say it can. I'm Allen Smith, join me as I push the limits with time, budget and creativity with The Garden Home Challenge, exclusively on eHow Home. We've gotten a lot rain, a lot of rain. The weather's been not very cooperative. And I'm excited to say that we've got the roof going up. You can see it there, the red roof. I'm very excited about that. And it rained.

So hard the last couple days, we actually got some water in the house. So, why don't you come in here, let me show you one of the problems. But thankfully, we purchased the right products for the inside, so it's not really going to cause much of a problem. So come on in, I'll show you. So, if you remember back, soon after we got the foundation block laid, we put the floor joist down. Then after that, we put this product, which was the subfloor. Well, we got rain inside the house over the last couple of days. And since we have this.

Product, which is not really conventional plywood. Now, had it been conventional plywood we would be in big trouble here on this floor. What would happen is it would start buckling and popping and you would have just this unevenness all the way across the floor. Or if we used OSD board, like we've done on the walls, if we'd used it on the floor and it got wet like this, you would see it basically unravel. And it would start on the edges. Here's a line right here where there's a seam, a seam running here, that's where it would start.

Breaking apart. But with this product, this Advantech, it has waterproof qualities that are built into it. You can actually have this stuff under water for 6 months and it will still hold together. So, I'm really not worried about the fact that we got a big puddle of water here on the floor. And you wonder where did it come from Well, it actually ran down these side walls, because if you look at the outside of the house, this is a gable end that comes out toward the south, and so you have valleys. And this water came down here.

And here. You can see how moist it is up there. Down these valleys that puddled in this area here. So, it's a good thing that the guys are here to put the new roof on. So, this won't be a problem going forward. So, let me get out of this wet area and find a dry spot here and show you just how this product is put together. You can see these are various shards of wood here that are pressed into this board. The waterproofing qualities are integrated, or infused, into these 4 by 8 sheets. Now, what makes this so Green is there.

Really is very little waste, if any, in the production of this product. Of the trees, they use pine. They plant 2.5 million new little pine trees every year. And what they use is the entire log. When you're using shards like this, so you can use every little scrap to make it. And the fact that this product is so stable and consistent, there's very little waste on the job site. And the fact that it's not buckling and it's not going to have to be replaced, that's another great savings. Hey, if you're enjoying following.

Exposed Ceiling Beams Day 98 The Garden Home Challenge With P. Allen Smith

Hey, if you like exposed beams in the home, which I do, take a look at some of our homemade onesa great way to save money. They say an ecofriendly house can't be built in 150 days for $150,000, and I say it can. I'm Allen Smith. Join me as I push the limits with time, budget and creativity with the Garden Home Challenge, exclusively on eHow Home. Alright, you have it, Tony Got it. You got it Alright. You know, in an attempt to try to make this room as costefficient as possible, what I wanted to do is show the exposed beams or.

Thethese are actually the support for the upstairs floor. These are the floor joists that are exposed. And to do that it just took a little trim work. And let me climb up on this ladder and point a couple things, because I had Tony mock it up, just to see what it's gonna look like. So, what we did is we started out with two 2x8s nailed together for thickness. Really, all we needed was one for support, but I went ahead and bought two, which the cost difference was really pretty lowI think it was like 40 bucks for the number.

That I needed to go across here, okay. Then, in this case, we're gonna have a chandelier that's gonna come down, so he's gonna route and make sure that the line for the electrician runs in here like this. Okay, the next thing is we're gonna put a 2x4 right here, and we just had a treated 2x4that's why the color is differentthey're more expensive. We're gonna use fir 2x4s they're less expensive. So, this gives you an idea So he'll take this board down, and a fir 2x4 will go up. But it finishes it off and makes it really.

Look like one solid beam. Just above, before, you could see the floor decking material that we used, and to cover that up, what we did is we did some soundproofing. And then, we just took the scrap 1x6 material we had to buy some extra and we just put it up there, as though it looked like the upstairs floor. And now what will do is will come along and caulk along the edges, and then this whole thing gets painted, so it'll look very monolithic. And this room is gonna look much, much larger. We got a dead space here, and so what Tony's.

Painted and Sealed Day 145 The Garden Home Challenge With P. Allen Smith

So what do you think Looks pretty good, doesn't it They say an ecofriendly house can't be built in 150 days for $150,000, and I say it can. I'm Allen Smith, join me as I push the limits with time, budget and creativity with the Garden Home Challenge, exclusively on eHow Home. This floor has dried now for four days, and we're able to walk on it. There's a single coat of polyurethane over this. It gave it a really nice finish this is a semigloss. It's gonna make it a lot easier to keep clean. Now if you recall, we painted.

This floor with a floor paint, a true floor paint, and we applied two coats. This color was Benjamin Moore's Black Bean Soup. I'm really happy with the color. I think it's gonna work well with a lot of our furnishings. In fact, let me show you one of the rugs I'm gonna use in the entry hall. You know, everybody thought I was crazy for this dark color, but just take a look at what these beautiful colors do against the dark floor. So see how well color is going to play against this dark floor and these white walls I just can't wait to.

Get to the decorating. So far so good. Now, getting the floors the way I wanted, that was a different story. Back here, the polyurethane is applied with a roller and it's causing some little air bubbles to surface, which if the air bubbles don't settle and dissolve and become smooth then it's gonna dry just like this. And we're gonna end up with a texture on the floor, which we don't want. It might be an interesting texture for a wall, but I don't really want it for the floor. It's important to drag the polyurethane with a.

Natural bristle brush to make sure that there are no air bubbles in it. You see, I've done that here and it's much smoother. Can you go in there with a brush and brush it down Not right now. So we're gonna have to resand this one Yeah. Sand it and redo it Okay, alright. We had some bumps in the road. We stubbed our toes a couple of times, but I think we're in good shape. Hey, if you like where we're going with the house, check in with us regularly. We're about to start the decorating. And make sure you subscribe to.

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Calculating Square Footage At Home With P. Allen Smith

So just how big is big Well, this'll come in handy and I'll show you how. You know, if you find yourself designing anything like a house or a building or room, decorating a space, understanding square footage and cubic footage can come in handy. So I thought it might be interesting just to take this room, which is under construction, it's gonna be a little powder room in the house, and just talk about the square footage and how that will help as we begin to accessorize it. So come on in. So, basically, when you're.

Talking about square footage, you're talking about the length of the room, which in this case is 7 feet, by the width of room, and in this case it is tada 5 feet. So 5 by 7, we have 35 square feet of room here. Alright, now, if I wanted to calculate the cubic feet in it, you would just go with the height of the ceiling. Comes down to here. And we're at 10 feet. So what we have here is 350 cubic feet in this room. Now this is.

Important, particularly on the square footage part, because what we have to do in this space we only have 35 square feet, we have to figure out were's the lavatory gonna go, where's the door gonna go, where's the medicine cabinet gonna go and that's where a scale like this comes in handy because you can take a measured drawing that's scaled and you can take this 1 foot rule and it will tell you, based on the drawing, exactly how many square feet you have to work with. Alright, so let's stop with the abstract and let me take you.

Into the house and talk about using square footage in a real situation when we're talking about size of room, size of rug, and size of area rug. Come on, let's go. Okay, so this is the guest bedroom in the house. Basically, what we have here is a room that is 17 feet long by 15 feet wide. So that's 221 square feet. But let me tell want I've done in the way of rugs this comes in really handy. This sisal rug, which is bound in cotton canvas,.

Has held up very well. And this rug is 10 inches smaller than the room itself. So the offset from wall to the rug is less than 10 inches. Now, I've layered rugs on rugs because I really like that look and look at these two American hook rugs. Now these aren't old, they're reproductions, and they're 40 inches square, and so they're perfect for both sides of these beds. Now, this is not that big of a room, but there are two matching beds here. And these beds are 6 feet wide. So if you think about it, the square footage is simply.

Choosing Fall Flowers for Container Gardening Window Boxes

At the end of summer, many annuals have lost their luster. But, you can replace them and revive your containers with fresh fall flowers. Hi, I'm William Moss and I'm going to talk about five options for colorful autumn containers and window boxes. Let's start with pansies. Pansies make very good container plants because they have big, big flowers on these short plants. So, you can really put them in and form a nice border in front. When you plant them, you just want to pull some of the roots out a little bit and that's it.

They're so easy to plant. Just pop them right on in, and make sure they're on the edge in a border like that. And then we have kale. It has colorful foliage, very decorative, and the neat thing about it is that it takes the cold temperatures. It really likes those cooler weather. So, same as with the pansies, all you do is break up some of the roots, and put this guy in here. Now the ornamental kale will get large, so for a container like this, one is gonna be good enough to kind of anchor everything in for us.

And then, we have mums. Mums, of course, are very popular fall flowers and they work very well in containers. And, mums come in so many different colors that we'll even work a few reds in with some of our russets. They also come in yellow some like this red have bright yellow eyes, and put the guys right in there. That's perfect. And very similar to mums are asters. Asters are perennials. They come in shades of blues and purples. They work perfectly when you put them and containers. Look for dwarf varieties.

The ones that are about six to eight inches and they will spillover with literally hundreds of purple and blue flowers. And then the last thing I want to add to the container, is actually not a flower at all. These are mini gourds and they had a lot interest. You'll be able to find these in stores and farmers markets, but you also can grow your own and add those to your containers you don't have to plant them. Just sit a few of them inside your container, just for interest,.

Insulation Down Under Day 143 The Garden Home Challenge With P. Allen Smith

I know this looks like water behind me, but it's not. It's plastic. Let me tell you all about it. They say an ecofriendly house can't be built in 150 days for $150,000, and I say it can. I'm Allen Smith, join me as I push the limits with time, budget and creativity with the Garden Home Challenge, exclusively on eHow Home. It's lookin' good. Well, Dustin and Joe are wrapping up the getting the compressor set up for our minisplit system to cool this house down because it's gotten really hot. We're just about there in terms of cooling.

This house down. But, you know, the thing that you have to do is you gotta make sure that the house is completely sealed so once you do cool it, this time of year, you keep the cool inside. And there's some ways you can do that. Come on in here. Now I know that we've talked about insulation and the importance of it throughout the construction of this house, and you're probably sick and tired of hearing me say it, but it is so, so important. This is a little different down here because we're talking about the underside of the house.

Itself. We've already put the insulation in the walls. Remember, we used the cellulose, and built out the walls they're 6 inches thick, and then on all the slopes upstairs, the roof, etc. We used the soybean foam insulation. But in here, we're using two other products that will help finish off the entire envelope around the house from top, down along the sides, now, underneath. We're using some of this fiberglass batting, you can see here, between floor joists of the house. And the way these are held in place, you just take.

A wire like this, the batting goes up and the wire goes in like that and holds it pretty cool, huh And then in here, which is actually underneath the footprint of the house, what we've done is we've come in and we've covered the entire floor with a black plastic. Now, this serves as a vapor barrier under here, and it does a lot to help maintain the longevity of this house. For instance, by keeping the moisture under here at bay, it's going to keep the floors from buckling, it protects the structure from rotting, as well as keeps.

The occurrence of mold way down. Now I wish you could feel it in here because it's a lot cooler than it is outside. It's so hot today that in here, I bet it's 20 to 30 degrees cooler. Now let's talk about air quality for just a moment You see, the beauty of putting this batting up here, this insulation in the floor joists, is that it keeps air from going up through the house from down here below, and it keeps you from losing air from in the house, cool air, or in the winter, warm air, through the floor, into this space. So it's.

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