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Container Home In Florida

Choosing Fall Flowers for Container Gardening Window Boxes

At the end of summer, many annuals have lost their luster. But, you can replace them and revive your containers with fresh fall flowers. Hi, I'm William Moss and I'm going to talk about five options for colorful autumn containers and window boxes. Let's start with pansies. Pansies make very good container plants because they have big, big flowers on these short plants. So, you can really put them in and form a nice border in front. When you plant them, you just want to pull some of the roots out a little bit and that's it.

They're so easy to plant. Just pop them right on in, and make sure they're on the edge in a border like that. And then we have kale. It has colorful foliage, very decorative, and the neat thing about it is that it takes the cold temperatures. It really likes those cooler weather. So, same as with the pansies, all you do is break up some of the roots, and put this guy in here. Now the ornamental kale will get large, so for a container like this, one is gonna be good enough to kind of anchor everything in for us.

And then, we have mums. Mums, of course, are very popular fall flowers and they work very well in containers. And, mums come in so many different colors that we'll even work a few reds in with some of our russets. They also come in yellow some like this red have bright yellow eyes, and put the guys right in there. That's perfect. And very similar to mums are asters. Asters are perennials. They come in shades of blues and purples. They work perfectly when you put them and containers. Look for dwarf varieties.

The ones that are about six to eight inches and they will spillover with literally hundreds of purple and blue flowers. And then the last thing I want to add to the container, is actually not a flower at all. These are mini gourds and they had a lot interest. You'll be able to find these in stores and farmers markets, but you also can grow your own and add those to your containers you don't have to plant them. Just sit a few of them inside your container, just for interest,.

Perennial Container Gardens

Get more bang for your buck by including perennials in your container garden. At the end of the season, perennials can be transplanted into the garden, where they'll perform for years to come. Just be sure to select plants that are hearty in your area. Start by choosing a large, deep pot to allow for root growth. A lightweight pot is easier to move around. So we like to place empty nursery pots in the bottom of the pot to save on the weight and expense of potting soil. Then fill your container almost to the top with potting soil.

Never use soil from the garden. Choose plants with attractive foliage. Some of our favorites include tiger eyes sumac. MUSIC Heuchera, Hosta, Sedum and Dwarf Fountaingrass. Include one or two perennials that offer a long blooming season, such as shasta daisy, purple coneflower, blackeyed susan or coreopsis. Arrange the potted plants in your container, with the tall plants in back and shorter filler plants in the middle. Place trailing plants in the front. Keeping plants in the pots allows you to move them around until you arrive at a pleasing design MUSIC Gently remove the tall anchor plant, in this case the Tiger.

Eye Sumac, from it's nursery pod., by turning is upside down. And letting gravity do the work. If roots are bound up in the pot, untangle them before planting. Add huchra's or other mounding plants as the fillers. Annual potato vine and a coordinating hue, makes a great trailer. Finish with a Shasta Daisy or another flowering plant for a splash of bloom. Fill in with additional soil and press down to eliminate air pockets. Water regularly. In the fall, transplant perennials to the garden and surround them with mulch. This will give.

Growing Zinnias At Home With P. Allen Smith

I'm squeezing the last bit of color out of my garden. I wanna show you how. Just look at all this color in my garden, and I'm embarrassed to tell you how late in the season it actually is. You see, these were just planted about 45 to 50 days ago from seed in the ground. You see, if you wanna grow Zinnias like this, you wanna make sure the soil is warm and you give them plenty of sunshine. And they just need moderate water. And when you water them,.

You don't wanna water them overhead it's better to run like a soaker hose or something or deep soak the ground because you can get powdery mildew on the leaves of Zinnias if you over water them. Plus, it doesn't make the flowers last as long and they're not as good for cutting. When I planted these I wanted just to have a mixture of colors, so what I did is I just got some packs of seed, mixed them all up together, and sowed them down this long row. And if you'll look closely you'll see the myriad of colors we have here.

there's apricot and there's peach, there's red, there's yellow, even creamy whites in a wide range of pinks and red. Now the other thing to look closely at is I also have some different flower forms there are doubles, there are singles, and those that are considered a cactus form because they look like a cactus bloom with their slightly rolled leaves. I think the flower buds are equally fascinating. If you look closely, they almost look reptilian in that they have scales. It's really hard to tell what color it's going to be. But the.

Form of that, when you examine it really closely, you can see it's quite beautiful in it of itself. The other interesting thing about Zinnias, like so many cut flowers, is that the more you cut them the more they put off side shoots and produce more and more flowers. So you're not hurting anything buy coming out here and gathering up a bouquet like this every other day or so. And it also makes sense to come along and cut off any spent blooms. What you're doing is you're telling the plant that it needs to produce more flowers. You.

See, the plant is programmed to produce seed, so if you're loping off these blooms where the seed pods are the plants thinking I've gotta produce more and more and more. That leads me to one other thing You see, each one of these as they dry are great for saving because you can plant the seed next year. One other thing to keep in mind Before the blooms get too old and tired, you can actually collect them and dry them by just putting them in silica gel, and over about a week they'll dehydrate and you could use these.

OFF GRID vertical hydroponic farm denied by Florida Department of Agriculture STINKS

This 11Acre Aquafarm was certified until January 2010. Desoto County in August 2009 declared this farm not to be a farm and farm structures being built were not farm structures violating Florida Right to Farm Act Aquaculture Policy Act. Florida says, so as to not to uphold my farm rights that I was mfg. for resale violating zoning laws thereby not protected by Florida's Farm Rights BUT cannot provide evidence of such. Federal judge to decide. Farm is Free and Clear of any liens, fines, etc. Currently leased monthly for alligator.

How to Plant Gourds At Home With P. Allen Smith

If you've never grown gourds, you've never really lived. They're a lot of fun. Let me tell you about the hanging gourd gardens of Moss Mountain Farm. They start right here. You see this big long arbor Well, it's perfect for growing a fast growing vine. And when I talk about a fast growing vine, gourds you will not believe. I got some seed down here, and you'll see, I kind of worked up this area. Gourds love lots of sun and they'll grow in just about any kind of soil. I've enriched this with some good potting soil, so there's.

Lots of humus in here. And as soon as the soil begins to warm up, you see these irises Well, they're just about finished so that tells me that it's time to plant the gourds. The chance of a frost has passed and the soil is beginning to warm up. And gourds really like it hot. Now, what's amazing is they come in all different shapes. Last year, we had big long Dipper gourds. Different shaped gourds hanging from here, and it worked out really well. And this year, I want to make sure every inch of this is covered with leaves of gourd.

Vines and all kinds of gourd blooms, as well as the gourds themselves. And we have another one of these arbors on the opposite side, I'm going to do the same thing, for the same effect. So what you do is you take the seed, and they're really big, interesting seed. And you see, they're big, flat seed. Basically, what you're gonna do is just kinda sorta space them about a foot apart, like this. And I'm just gonna push those in and cover them up. Now, I've worked up this soil to about 12 inches deep, and I'm planting one variety.

Here. This Dipper gourd, the old fashioned Dipper gourd. The kind that they used to have by the well, where they would dip out of a bucket, some water, and drink from it. Now, what I'll do is, once these come up they'll have a primary set of leaves, and then the next set will be these big round leaves. These will germinate in about 10 days. And you'll see these great big leaves on them within two weeks. And then they start putting up runners. And that's when I'll lay some little sticks along here, and that'll give them a.

Leg up, so to speak, so they can began to climb over this entire arbor. Now, last year I actually took some string and kinda tied it along, and I may do that again this year. All you need is just something to kinda assist them, they have little tendrils to hang on to each of these metal supports that make the arbor. One last step. I fertilize generously with an organic fertilizer because you really want to make sure they're well fed, so you can growing the biggest gourds in the neighborhood. Hey, if you're enjoying following these tips.

How to grow harves Swiss Chard in containers Recipe

Music In today's tutorial that will see how to grow Swiss Chard in containers Swiss Chard is grown for its leaves It's green leaves Now its stems might have different colors But it's more like a substitute for growing spinach Simply because it's just so easy to grow And it produces a lot of greens And the best part about Swiss Chard is that it grows yearround So for Swiss chard you need a container which is about 16 inches wide by 6 inches tall And I'm growing about 3 swiss chard plants in it.

For a single plant you might get away a 12inch container that's about 12 inches high The Swiss chard leaves and stalks can be in multiple colors They can be green or red, white stalks, red stalks And one of the most common varieties that people grow is called bright lights Which is basically some mixture of yellow green and red Swiss chard And for the most part that's a good variety to grow But there is one variety that I highly recommend growing And that is called Ruby Red Swiss Chard.

And the reason I recommend growing Ruby Red is that It's just so easy to grow them They are very diseaseresistant they produce a lot and are easy to maintain and taste very nice One thing I do want to talk about swiss chard as we are harvesting these leaves Is that act swiss chard is mostly harvested for its greens So the kind of fertilizer that you need to use for Swiss Chard Needs to be wither a balanced fertilizer Or a fertilizer that's high in nitrogen That's gonna give you nice big leaves.

And if you wanna go the organic way just make sure you use a lot of compost and a lot of manure to give you that nice the big leaves that Swiss chard is known for And this Ruby Red variety is very prolific Grows really well, very easily in containers And will give you harvest all season long Now those of you who have grown spinach would know that Spinach is a little hard to grow The leaves are very small So you need to grow a lot And spinach is a cool season crop only.

Tree Plant Care How to Grow Ginseng at Home

Hi this is Yolanda Vanveen and in this segment we are going to talk all about how to grow ginseng an herb that has been around for a long long time that has just been taken America by storm recently because we have realized it has so many medicinal purposes. It's a number one herb for your body as far as it is great to take you can either make it into a powdered form or even just eat a little piece of ginseng and it just boosts your immune system and makes you a lot stronger so that you can resist any type of colds or flus this.

Is a plant that really makes you healthy. Ginseng is found mostly in China but there's a American variety of ginseng that is even stronger and even more valuable in fact the ginseng that grows wild in Wisconsin it sells for more than a hundred and fifty dollars a pound because it is found in the wild and they have to harvest the roots and there is not many left in the wild. It can be grown in your garden as well but it has to be grown in an area that is similar to its natural environment. Now ginseng is found in woods.

It grows just like a trillium so anywhere a trillium will grow it will grow so it likes deep canopies of forests so lots of big pine trees and a lot of lush underneath a lot of pine needles and leaves a lot of organic material and it will come up with three or four leaves on it and just like a trillium and in the center in the fall it will have little red berries and in those berries is the seeds, so most of the ginseng is started by seed.

And they just take the seeds off of the ginseng plant in the fall and they are just little red berries and you plant them in the fall right after they are done going to seed immediately just like they would in nature and you just barely put them underneath the layer of compost that naturally occurs on the ground in the forest and it will come up and grow the next spring. Now it makes a huge set of roots like Dahlia roots and the roots are actually dried or eaten fresh and they just use them for many different reasons and different purposes.

They can be cut up and used in all types of food dishes or they put them into pills too or into tea so there is many different uses and it takes up to seven years for one ginseng plant to be ready for harvest it so they make a big set of roots and so those roots are worth a lot of money and when you grow them you always have to worry about the risk they might get stolen because they are worth so much. So don't tell everybody that you have.

Them and grow them in a nice area of your woods and just plant them and leave them alone for about seven years you don't water them you don't fertilize them you don't do anything to them, you just check on them and they will come back every year and grow bigger and bigger and bigger and by the seventh year they will be ready to harvest you just dig up the roots and separate them back and you can always put some of the roots back into the ground to start some new plants again.

Homemade Fire Ant Solution At Home With P. Allen Smith

You know, I'm usually a live and let live kind of guy, but these fire ants, well, they have got to go. And I've got a natural solution. You know, I'm all about natural home cures. And one of the cures my garden needs is, well, it needs to be eliminated of fire ants. I don't know if you have fire ants in your garden, but if you don't have them you're very lucky. Well, they're an invasive species. They've been making their way from the south, north, for some time. If you've ever stood on a fire ant hill accidentally, it doesn't take long.

To understand why they're given the name fire ants. Because these pernicious little insects leave whelps all over you. One of the things I don't like about them is that they actually are destructive to ground burrowing pollinators, like some of the bees that actually keep their hives in the ground. Their mounds can also be damaging to the roots of plants. I have a recipe that can help keep these ants at bay. It's a simple recipe actually, it couldn't be simpler borax and granular white sugar, and you're just mixing them in.

Equal parts. 1 cup of borax, which is what actually will kill the ants. The idea is that you want the worker ants to carry this into the nest, and they're gonna carry the sugar to feed the queen. The idea is If we can kill the queen, we'll kill the colony. So what I've done is I've just mixed these two together we have 2 cups. And then I want this to be evenly distributed, sugar and borax together. Now once it's all mixed together you're done. All you have to do now is apply it to the colonies. What you wanna do is just.

Sprinkle this on top, and just a little bit goes a long way. What I like to do is sprinkle a little, come back the next day and see if they haven't carried a lot of it away and then add some more. Of course if it rains after you've made an application, you're gonna have to come back and apply it again because the rain will dissolve the borax and the sugar. You see, borax is actually a naturally occurring compound that's mined. Ants don't like it in fact, it'll kill them. So it's a natural way of getting rid of this pernicious little.


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