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Container Home Insurance

Before You Buy a Home Home Foundation

When you're thinking about buying a new home, a critical thing to look at is its foundation. It's the core of the structure and holds everything together, so it's smart to watch out for any potential issues there. This one's been sprayed with a sealant to give it an extra level of waterproofing. Let's start outside. Look for any large trees growing close to the house. Those encroaching roots could cause problems down the road. Once inside, be sure to look at the walls and ceilings in each room. Are there any obvious.

Bill Lucas Insurance Is The Best Place To Go For All Your Insurance Needs

Managing employee benefits can be a real headache endless piles of paper confusing spreadsheets tracking in reconciliation problems it doesn't have to be that way the team at bill Lucas shared feels your pain that's why we've connected H our administrative employees benefit providers and our train step with a powerful online resource that simplifies automates and improve the benefits management process Bill Lucas Insurance is more than just Roman it offers a onestop shop where you can securely manage all other company benefit me and documentation generate custom words and distribute shortened messages William.

Be Ready to Evacuate with a Go Bag

And now it's time for Wally Wise Guy's Wise Words of the Week. Today we are going to make we're going to make an emergency evacuation kit or as we like to call it a go bag. In the event that you need to evacuate your home due to fire or flooding or another emergency, it is a good idea to have one of these on hand just in case. So many of these items are very essential and can be found easy enough at your dollar store. We will start off with just an extra.

Set of keys, an extra set of house keys and an extra set of car keys. Next you'll want to include some ATM or credit cards. A few small bills tens, fives, ones just so you have a little cash in your pocket just in case. You'll also of course want to include some bottled water and some readytoeat emergency food supply like this emergency ration or you can include some granola bars or energy bars. A flashlight is always a good idea to have in an emergency and a radio as well. As well as some extra batteries so that everything.

Is working properly. One thing you can buy is a wind up flashlight like this one. You wind it up, it doesn't need batteries so it works. This is also a radio again so you don't need batteries. You can also plug in your cellular phones to this and charge those as well. It's a good idea to include some extra medication or any vitamins that you might be taking. First aid kit It might be a good idea to include some sturdy comfortable shoes in case there is. you might have to be doing some walking. Some light weight raingear and a mylar blanket.

In case it is cold out. It's a good idea to include some personal items. Maybe some hand sanitizer, some floss, toothbrush, toothpaste, some toilet paper and some baby wipes are a good idea. You'll also want to include any important documents. Make some copies of insurance cards, photo IDs, birth certificates, just anything where you can prove your identity, prove your address, and prove what property belongs to you. And you want to keep it in a waterproof and portable container. You'll also want to include in here some emergency contact information and just your general.

Family emergency plan. You can find templates for your family emergency plan on phila.govready You just fill those out. It's just a one to two page paper. It doesn't take much time to fill out some contact information and also some information on what your family is going to do in the event of an emergency. You can also find on phila.govready a list of all the emergency supplies you might like to have. There is a list for this bag as well as for a Shelter in Place Kit. You.

Might want to keep that with your emergency supply items or just print it out and use it as a check list. And finally, a small regional map. This is in case you do need to evacuate, it's good to have a map on hand so you can find a safe location and get there as quickly as possible. For more information on any other type of emergency supplies that you may need or just general emergency preparedness information or the latest emergency alerts, visit phila.govready You can also follow Phila OEM on Facebook,.

Building a Custom Home with less than 20 downpayment

Hello, my name is Angela Baggio and I am an account manager at Genworth Canada. Building a custom home according to personal taste and standards is the dream of many but can be daunting from a financial perspective Today I'd like to share a story of how one young couple was able to build more than just a home Bryce Stephenson and Jill Davies were recently engaged to be married They currently own a semidetached house in the city but want to build something larger as they plan to start a family.

For their upcoming wedding, Jill's parents have gifted them a piece of land north of the city that they want to use to build a new home on But how would they go about financing such a project The couple met with their mortgage professional who told them about Genworth Canada's Progress Advance program a program that would help them finance their project with as little as 5 per cent down. He explained the three different options under the program 1 building through a residential homebuilder 2 through a general contractor.

Or 3 the Selfbuilt program Since Bryce and Jill already owned land but lacked the qualifications to build themselves they hired an architect to draft a plan and enlisted the services of Hank Smith a very reputable general contractor who evaluated the cost to build and oversee the project He is fully qualified to build their home and is a member of a Lenderapproved New Home Warranty Program They qualified under this program by using some of the equity built up in their current home and chose to invest 10 as a down payment.

For the new home building project The pair arranged with their financial institution to disburse funds in four different stages throughout the project so that Hank could pay his subcontractors as the project progressed Now in their custombuilt home, newlyweds Bryce and Jill couldn't be happier with the choices they made Genworth Canada's Progress Advance program opened the door to the perfect home for Bryce and Jill to begin a family Know your options and ask your mortgage professional how Genworth Canada can help you realize the dream of homeownership sooner.

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On Board The Worlds Biggest Container Ship

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