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Hi! My name is Scott Reil and on behalf of Expert Village, I would like to talk to you about container gardening. When designing containers, it is good to keep a couple of general principals in mind. One is the principal of contrast and in trying to do my two containers here, I've chosen a taller container which I've even accented the vertical even more by putting a tall plant in it and plants that grow in a more upright shape and I want to contrast that with the horizontal. You can see I've picked a lower container here and.

I want to pick some plants that are going to accent the horizontal more. First of all I am going to put this gerber daisy in the middle. Now you can see the leaves hold on a very horizontal way and the flowers that come up, it holds on a horizontal plane as well. So this is the kind of plant that is going to really accent the container that it is in by being horizontal as well and that's a good way to look at it. Here I've actually wanted to make the taller container vertical and the lower container horizontal but you.

Could switch it around some. To make this container more horizontal all we need to do is put some trailing things and some lower more vertical plants and trail it over to the side it would change the feel entirely. The other thing to think about when you are designing containers, is your color contrast and your color compliments. This one I've chosen to go with a little bit of a red, white and blue theme little bit on the patriotic side but I also again, chosen plants are going to stay low, packed and horizontal so this.

Is never going to be a really tall container. What I have done though is I've chosen some plants that are going to compliment the colors that I've used in this container. For instance, this quartz blue verbena is going to show off a very blue coloration in here soon and it is really going to stand out against that red here, but it is very much going to compliment the blue in the container that I used back here. I've also done much the same thing with the ageratums that I've used. The ageratum, being to the whiter side is going to compliment.

With the white snapdragons up here, but there is just a tinge of pink in here so it will reference back to the daisy's that I've got in the middle. The other nice compliment that I have going here is we have two types of ageratums, so even though the flower colors are different, I get very similar looks in the big tall flower up here and the low flower that I've used down there. By contrasting and complimenting back and forth between different colors, you can get a look in your container that is going to be cohesive with the gardens,.

Photo Wall Arrangement The Garden Home Challenge With P. Allen Smith

Hey, it's time to frame things up. You watched us design and build this house in 150 days, but the work is far from over. We're about to jump into my favorite part of the process of bringing all this together. Join me for an exclusive look right here on eHow Home. Hey, I wanna show you a fun way to personalize a space in your home. Had this idea where I wanted to have photographs of the farm, but specifically, the hands of people who work here on the farm. And this is the way they turned out. I decided to do these in.

Black and white. And I found these frames that already had the mattes made for them, and it was just a matter of taking these black and white photographs and putting them in the frame. Looks pretty good, doesn't it You see, I have an 8x10 picture, but the frame and the matte together constitutes an 18x14 frame. This is a picture of my hand feeding Trudy, my horse, an apple. And here is Angel being held by my brother Chris. And the hand here is Chico, who helps us up in the garden. He's holding one of our winter squash that.

We grew in the garden this year. The wall space where I wanna use these, I think, will take six of them. That's why I got six of these premade frames and mattes. As far as the picture, well, you know, you can take photographs and these were just printed off on a home printer. We just drained the color out of them and made sure that they were black and white. And you'll wanna make sure that you print these on some of that thick, glossy photo paper it really makes a difference. So what I came up with was a.

Picture Grouping The Garden Home Challenge With P. Allen Smith

If you can't decided which picture to hang, just hang them all. You watched us design and build this house in 150 days, but the work is far from over. We're about to jump into my favorite part of the process of bringing all this together. Join me for an exclusive look right here on eHow Home. Well, maybe the best advice isn't to hang every picture you have. But what I'm trying to do here is take some pictures that I bought that are similar in nature. They have colors that really work together, that sing together, and group.

Them, rather than having one. Because I needed more than one picture here to create a strong visual impact. So the idea was to find four of similar size and color and form, and these all, I think, work very well. And, you can see, here's the fourth one here that's gonna hang in this place. And what I've done is I've alternated the frame color. These had all different kinds of frames on them, so I thought, well, why don't we unify them so that the art actually pops. Now the other thing that I kept in mind with the selection.

Of the art here is that I wanted these colors to echo or carry into the next room. So, visually, you get this connection, and that's very important. Of course, the tools you'll need are pretty simple. A step ladder comes in mighty handy. Also, you'll need some picture hangers, which I like, rather than just nails. And a hammer. And, of course, you need a tape measurer so that you can get everything lined up. What I've done here is I've sighted this lower picture directly on center with the upper picture. And I'm doing the same thing here,.

And keeping the distances between them the same. Now what I have to do is put the hook in right here, and it should line up just about right. And, so you can see, I alternated the red and the green, criss crossed it. And these are just Benjamin Moore. This one is Ladybug Red, and this is Perennial Green. And you're gonna get to see how these colors carry on into other parts of the house, so stay tuned, and make sure you tell a friend about our project here because this interior design is coming together in such an amazing.

5 Delicious Apple Hacks

For this tutorial, I'm going to show you a faster, safer, and more convenient way, to cut your apples. To start, turn your apples upside down. You can see the tops have a lot more surface area than the bottoms, so by putting them face down, they'll be a lot more stable when you cut them. Meaning less chance you cut yourself, instead. Next, rather than cutting an apple into quarters, like you were probably taught to do, imagine a tictactoe pattern with the center of the grid lining up with the middle of the apple.

Cut along these imaginary lines, holding the pieces together firmly at the top as you do, and just like that, your fruit snack is completely sliced and ready to eat. The cool thing about this method is that by keeping the pieces together, it'll actually stay good, for a surprising amount of time. I opened this one 3 hours later, and you can see it's still in really great shape, and ready to be eaten. So think about this. The next time you're packing a lunch, try snapping a rubber band around the outside, and you'll have a healthy snack, ready to go in an instant.

The best part is, you don't even need an extra baggie. Now if you're serving your apple snacks at home, here's a cool little trick to try with the corner pieces. Cut 3 diagonal slits across the apple slice in one direction, then spin it around, and cut 3 more slits the same way, so they meet near the bottom. With a flick of your fingers, you can offset the pieces, to make a fun, and decorative way, to serve healthy snacks in a way that everyone will love. Of course, if you want to take your apple artwork to the next level, you can easily.

Cut and rearrange one single apple, into an edible apple swan. Look for how to make this in another project tutorial. Now just for fun, I decided to compare apples to apples, with 3 different methods, to see the difference in how they brown over time. The pieces at the back are completely untreated, and will be left out so they're exposed to the air. But I sliced these other two apples tictactoe style and bound them together with rubber bands to protect them. The only difference between these two, is that the.

One on the left, is treated with lemon juice. Some people say that the citric acid, in lemon juice, will prevent your apples from oxidizing, and turning brown. So let's find out whether or not that's true. 812 hours later, let's take a look and see whats happened to them. It looks like all the slices exposed to the air did turn brown after all, and don't look nearly as appetizing. But by keeping the slices held together with a rubber band, the apple on the right only browned just a little. And for sitting out nearly 9 hours,.

It still looks impressively edible. If we peek inside at the one spritzed with lemon juice, you can see it looks just as fresh as the minute it was cut it, and still tastes just as good as well. Now for one last experiment, I set up a time trial to see which method of cutting the apples really is faster. And just for your convenience, I will speed it up a little. Amazingly, you can see all 8 slices, are cut in only 10 seconds. And there's very little mess to clean up at all. On the other hand, it's nearly 5 times longer with the traditional.

DIY EOS lip balm peace sign design! EASY

Hey guys!!! So, a lot of you requested me to make a peace sign EOS lip balm, so that's what I'm making today! First, I took an EOS I had an I cut it off with a knife Then I took a needle and I started drawing the shape of the peace sign You can use any picture as your guide. Then very carefully, cut off the shape with the knife be very patient here and if the weather is hot and the lip balm starts to melt, put it in the freezer for a couple of minutes.

So it gets a little bit colder You will get something like this Then, place it in the lid of the container. Then, as in my other tutorials, I placed a heatproof container in some hot water and added two teaspoons of beeswax 5 teaspoons of olive oil, some flavoring and some lipstick for the color. This is the recipe that I use, but check out the description box for more options. Then pour it onto the lid. I used a spoon this time to be more precise Keep it in the freezer for 10 minutes and then squeeze the container a little bit to release your design.

To make the outer ring I cut out the bottom part of the shape with a hard piece of plastic, you can use the knife here, but I feel that the plastic works a little better. Then, as in the beginning, I mixed all the ingredients this time without the lipstick let them melt, and pour them to fill the gap we made. Once it sets, pour the rest of the recipe onto the container part close it quickly and put it upside down so the melted part sticks to the top while it hardens.

Formal Garden Design At Home With P. Allen Smith

Who says gardens can't be rooms, and formal rooms at that You know, if you're into gardens or if you're into beauty, there's something about a formal garden, whether you're a formal person or not, you just have to love. There's such harmony in them. This is one I designed about, oh, 15 to 17 years ago. If you look closely, you'll see that it's made up of very few, simple concepts. You see, the garden is symmetrical. It is 80 feet long and 40 feet wide. And the inside of the garden is really divided into four parterres with a.

Center fountain. And what a parterre is is just divided earth. Now, the plant material that I used to paint this garden is really made up of just a handful of plants. Hollies we have Needlepoint Holly as the other hedge. We have these conical Hollies called Nellie R. Stevens Hollies there are four of those. And then the rest of the garden, well, it's made of Boxwood. This is called Buxus Microphylla, and you can see, it takes the knife, as they say, very well meaning that it sheers beautifully. Now even though.

We're in the midst of winter, this garden, I think, really shines. In fact, I think that one of the best times to look at a garden is in the winter because you can really look at its bones. Now, speaking of bones, there are some other plants in here that are deciduous. There are Crape Myrtles here over the archway that creates the entrance to this garden. There's a New Dawn Rose. And then there are objects in the garden that help punctuate it. There are these urns with an obelisk at that top, and in each corner there are figures.

That represent the four season. We come back to that whole idea of simplicity and symmetry. You know, it's a lot of fun to come back to a garden like this and see it mature. Even though I did it 17 years ago, by basically sketching out the initial idea on a napkin, it's fun to see how it's come together, matured, and you get this great sense of harmony just walking through it. If you've enjoyed this tip on garden design, make sure you share it with a friend, and subscribe to eHow Home.

Patio Designs Tips for Backyard Landscaping

If you're like us, you love spending time at the patio over the summer. Take advantage of these tips to make your patio extra comfy. Incorporate container gardens to soften the edges of your patio. Container garden show off some of your favorite plants and add color to outdoor spaces. And here's a hint. Create container groupings. A cluster of colorful pots is much more visually impactful than a single one especially if your containers are of different sizes. Provide privacy by collecting trees or large shrubs around the perimeter of your patio or build a trowel or ladder screen and plant vines. Leafy plants.

Around your patio ledges help block the view and muffle neighborhood sounds. There's something magical about water so add a water feature. This simple reflecting pool lined in black creates a mirrored effect and offers a sense of serenity or use a tabletop fastener bubbler. The moving water offers another layer of sound and is sure to attract birds and butterflies. Plants are on the edges so your patio doesn't feel plucked in the middle of your landscape. Even a simple border of colorful flowers, fragrant herbs or dwarf shrubs helps transition.

Growing Zinnias At Home With P. Allen Smith

I'm squeezing the last bit of color out of my garden. I wanna show you how. Just look at all this color in my garden, and I'm embarrassed to tell you how late in the season it actually is. You see, these were just planted about 45 to 50 days ago from seed in the ground. You see, if you wanna grow Zinnias like this, you wanna make sure the soil is warm and you give them plenty of sunshine. And they just need moderate water. And when you water them,.

You don't wanna water them overhead it's better to run like a soaker hose or something or deep soak the ground because you can get powdery mildew on the leaves of Zinnias if you over water them. Plus, it doesn't make the flowers last as long and they're not as good for cutting. When I planted these I wanted just to have a mixture of colors, so what I did is I just got some packs of seed, mixed them all up together, and sowed them down this long row. And if you'll look closely you'll see the myriad of colors we have here.

there's apricot and there's peach, there's red, there's yellow, even creamy whites in a wide range of pinks and red. Now the other thing to look closely at is I also have some different flower forms there are doubles, there are singles, and those that are considered a cactus form because they look like a cactus bloom with their slightly rolled leaves. I think the flower buds are equally fascinating. If you look closely, they almost look reptilian in that they have scales. It's really hard to tell what color it's going to be. But the.

Form of that, when you examine it really closely, you can see it's quite beautiful in it of itself. The other interesting thing about Zinnias, like so many cut flowers, is that the more you cut them the more they put off side shoots and produce more and more flowers. So you're not hurting anything buy coming out here and gathering up a bouquet like this every other day or so. And it also makes sense to come along and cut off any spent blooms. What you're doing is you're telling the plant that it needs to produce more flowers. You.

See, the plant is programmed to produce seed, so if you're loping off these blooms where the seed pods are the plants thinking I've gotta produce more and more and more. That leads me to one other thing You see, each one of these as they dry are great for saving because you can plant the seed next year. One other thing to keep in mind Before the blooms get too old and tired, you can actually collect them and dry them by just putting them in silica gel, and over about a week they'll dehydrate and you could use these.

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