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Best Organizing Products from The Container Store SelfAdhesive Instant Wheels

Hi everyone. It's Alejandra and I want to tell you about one of my favorite organizing products from The container Store. I have a list of probably about ten or fifteen different products that I always use in spaces that I organize. And one of those products are these selfadhesive instant wheels. I discovered these wheels probably about six months ago when I was just browsing The Container Store and I am so glad I bought them. I went home and I put them on my laundry hamper because my hamper is always so heavy to.

Move from my bedroom to my laundry room. I put them on the bottom, let me show you. Do you see They're on the bottom. There's one in each corner. I don't know if you can see that. Um, but now I just roll my laundry hamper from the bedroom to the laundry room and it's so easy. These things are awesome. They hold up to two hundred fifty pounds and once you stick them to the bottom of any surface, they are permanently there. They're not going to come off. They're not going to peel off.

Messy Pantry Contest with ColorCoded, The Container Store Whole Foods Market

Hi, everyone. It's Alejandra from ColorCoded Organizing. And in case you haven't seen on Facebook or Twitter, my company has partnered with The Container Store and Whole Foods to try and find the messiest pantry in the Washington D.C. area. So for the next two weeks, we are collecting pictures of your messy pantry posted on our Facebook wall and we're having our fans vote for the messiest pantry. So the pantry you think should win the makeover. The winner will receive a $1,000 in labor working with our team to declutter your kitchen pantry, a $500 elfa gift card to The Container Store,.

Favorite Kitchen Organizing Products Clutter Tutorial Tip

Hi, I'm Lorie Marrero and I'm coming to you today from the floor at The Container Store. I'm in the kitchen department to show you today's POP Clutter Tutorial Tip, which is my favorite kitchen products that you can't find really anywhere else. I have the first one to show you this looks like a normal doubledecker turntable, but what's unusual about it is that the top level actually splits and you can have POP tall things here, shorter things here, and really maximize that vertical space in your cabinet. So love.

Turntables. And you can get here one of the largest turntables I have ever seen POP, and it's fantastic for those deep, dark corner cabinets where you can't reach things in the back very easily and you don't have already a builtin lazy susan, you just plop this right in, you can put this under your sink as well, any other deep dark cabinet area, and you can even use this for indoor plants or something like that too so, very useful and unusual. POPThese are vertical sorters. Now, these come in all different.

Shapes and sizes. I have a wood one and a metal one here to show you, but they are taller, shorter, wider, all kinds of variations. And they're great for anything you need to store vertically like cookie sheets or trays or even in an office environment, maybe you have envelopes that you want to separate out. So, these are a great solution, too. Next we have the Magnetic Knife Holder. Now, it says knife holder, but you actually can use this in a lot of different places. So you mount it on the wall and then you can use it in the.

POP workbench area in the garage for tools. You can also use it in a craft room for craft supplies, metal cutting tools, and scissors and things like that. But it's a very utilitarian thing. You just put it up there and slap whatever metal thing you want onto it and it will hold it very tight. POPAnd lastly we have the Lid Maid. Now, I've never seen this anywhere else. I love putting these into kitchen cabinets to hold the lids to pots and pans. And you may have seen this in my other Clutter Tutorial Tip about organizing pots and pans. POP.

It slides in and out of your cabinet and holds all the pot lids up vertically, just like we were talking about, and, you know, it's really great because of the sliding in and out feature, you can reach things easily and installs very quickly as well. So, I hope you like these product selections today. And if you want some more great tips you can go to our free tips page at clutterdietfreetips. See you next time, and may you always be happy and grateful for having more than enough.

Organizational Tips Rice Storage in the Kitchen Pantry

Hi everyone, it's Alejandra. And in this tutorial, I just want to give you guys a quick tip for storing your rice in the pantry. So this is where I have all my dry goods inside the pantry. If you want to see my full pantry tour I did a while ago, you can watch the tutorial. I will put a link to it at the bottom of the tutorial. But yeah, this is my dry goods. So my tip for this tutorial is if you have a lot of rice like I do here, let me just shift.

All the containers and then I will show you exactly what this looks like. So if you have a lot of rice, I have like five or six varieties, white rice, there is basmati rice, jasmine rice, wild rice, that's red quinoa, and then brown rice. So what you don't want to do is I mean you can do this but I feel like I don't want to do this because it takes up a lot of space, is have all these little containers for each single rice like it's going to take up so much space. You have to go out and buy more.

Containers. So what I did here was I put all of my different varieties of rice into a Ziploc bag just like this and then I cut the outside of the original bag out and I taped it to the front of the Ziploc bag so I know exactly what is what. So brown rice is right there, red quinoa right there, and so forth. So now, all of the rice is inside one airtight container just like that. It's sorted by category, it's easy to access, and it saves room because everything.

Sand Island shipping containers turned into homes

We're beginning to get a better picture of what the temporary homeless housing facility on Sand Island will look like now that the first container living units were installed today. KITV 4's Ashley Moser shows us the latest additions now on site. NAT beep beep The wait is over. the first look inside the shipping containersturned home s is here. These pastel yellow and orange shipping containers are the first living units installed at Hale Mauliola on Sand Island. Their meant to help combat Hawaii's housing epidemic. NAT 3741 click click.

Moving second one back One by one they're put in place taking up two 8 by 20 foot spaces on this one acre lot. NAT on floor 3714 plopped down City officials say both units are ADA compliant and each can house two people. Ed 2955 BY THE SURVEYS WE HAVE TO ALLOW FOR ACCESSIBILITY FOR THE HANDICAP PEOPLE AND WE KNEW I LOOKING AT THE POPULATION OF THE HOMELESS ALL OVER THE ISLAND. 3007 The project a little over a year old was put on hold until this summer.

Because of questions about the land. Ed 2747 THERE WERE SPECULATIONS BEFORE THAT THE SOIL WAS CONTAMINATED SO WE WAITED FOR THE STATE DEPARTMENT OF HEALTH TO TEST THE SOIL. 2755 The results nothing beyond the allowable limits for hazardous material. So crews cleared the overgrown brush added a fence and these light poles. Standup Ashley 5310 CREWS HAD TO ADD ABOUT 6 INCHES OF GRAVEL TO LEVEL OFF THIS AREA AND TO ADD A PROPER STORM DRAIN. THE GRAVEL USED. 5522 IS RECYCLED ASPHALT PAVING COLLECTED FROM ROADWORK.

AROUND THE CITY. 5529 The material makes for mobility so crews can move the containers if needed. By December there will be 25 of these, half offering 3 bedrooms and the other 2 bedrooms. Each one is insulated and coated with heat resistant paint to keep occupants cool. Chris 4747 IF YOU'RE OUTSIDE IN THE SUN AND IT'S 90 IF YOU GO UNDER A SHADE TREE IT'S 85 WELL WE'VE GOT SOMETHING HERE THAT'S EVEN BETTER THAN THAT. 4756 Container Storage Company of Hawaii fitted the spaces with code access.

How to Organize Your Life Organizing a Supplies Container for Under the Sink

Then the last kind of category that you should have underneath your sink is your extra supplies. I like to have some newspaper because it's great for if you have kids around to grab and put underneath them if they're playing with paints or crayons or you can also use it clean mirrors or glass so it doesn't leave streaks. We like to have extra sponges and then also trash bags. I like the ones that come in a box because then they don't start to unravel before you use them. Also, dusting items and things to defuzz your couch.

Can go in a box. You don't need to spend a lot of money on containers. This is a really easy system that I've developed just with using an old container that wasn't that pretty anymore. It can go under your sink, but it still serves a purpose. This is an old cardboard box and I just pushed the top of the flaps in and it's a great holding case. We've got extra sponges and I keep the real abrasive sponges inside of a plastic container. I've also got latex gloves that are one use gloves. Then I've got air fresheners.

Get Organized In 2014 GIVEAWAY!

Hi, everyone. I'm Alejandra from Alejandra.TV. And I just want to say happy New Year and wishing you an organized and productive brand new 2014. So to kick off the brand new year, we are having an organizing giveaway. Four people are going to win a program, my complete organizing program which teaches you how to get organized step by step on tutorial all the way to going through the organizing process to maintaining the organization down the road. So in addition to the program, you're also going to get a gift card to the Container.

Cheap Holiday Ornament Storage

The holidays are right around the corner which means that it's time to pull out all your holiday decorations and begin decorating the house. So my tip for you this holiday season is to store all your Christmas ornaments in reusable food containers. So for example, I store all of my small Christmas tree ornaments in an egg container that I just get from the grocery store. The ornaments just fit so perfectly inside and when they're in storage during the year, I know that nothing is going to break because everything is securely.

Packed. And I do the same thing for all of my larger Christmas tree ornaments. I just use an apple container that I got from Costco to store and pack them. And again, nothing is going to break because it's so securely packed. So I love this tip because you don't have to actually go out to the store and buy another organizing product. You can just reuse an egg container or an apple container which you would normally buy instead of spending money on another container that you don't really need. So if you're looking for an easy, affordable solution to organizing all your.

Food Storage Container Lids Together, or Separate Clutter Tutorial Tip

Hey, it's Lorie Marrero and today's Clutter Tutorial Tip is about the surprisingly controversial food storage containers. The controversy is about whether to POP store your containers and your lids separately or together. And I really believe it's a little bit of both. I think that nesting is the most efficient way in general to store something POP, like these are nested together, and then I like to keep the lids separate over here in a little simple shoebox that I can flip through and find the right lid. But sometimes if I have.

A really large container that has a large lid, I'll just store it right underneath so that it stays out of the way. So when you go to POP organize your food storage containers, the first thing you want to do is match up each container with its own lid. And then you'll end up with what we call orphans. Some lids without containers, some containers without lids. You want to batch all those orphans up together into a plastic bag or a box, put POP a date on it, and store it on a lower shelf somewhere and keep it for.

Just a couple of weeks to make sure you get everything out of rotation from your refrigerator or your dishwasher and make sure that you really don't need those. Then after that, you can donate the orphans POP or recycle them.And by the way, the major manufacturers of food storage containers have made it a little easier for us with a little code number or letter on the bottom of the lids and the containers that you can match up and confirm that you've got the right one.So where do you stand on this controversy Go attack your.

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