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How do i say it, boss? There’s a new mermaid in the sea? The very sight of her can set your desires on fire. She should invoke fire in our heart. Come on. Come on.

Hey.stop! Stop the boat! Stop! Hey.what are carrying on the boat? What’s on the boat? Prawns. Female prawns!.

Surrender. I said surrender now! Let’s go on that boat. We’ve just arrested a gang that’s involved in humantrafficking They kidnap girls and sell them to the highest bidder in other countries. These kidnappings are never reported here, because.

.a lot of girls from abroad, come to goa without informing their parents. Their kidnappers take advantage of this. Their parents don’t have a clue about their kidnapping. And that’s why most of the complaints are never recorded. But soon we’ll find the mastermind behind this racket. .and know who they are.

No need to show such enthusiasm. My name is Makrand Kamati, and this dock is my lair. I own countless fishing boats. I am the king.of this dock. But that’s just my parttime job. My main business is drugs.

And.girls too. I’ve been in this business. .since I was still in my mother’s womb. And now this worthless inspector. .wants to kill me. I will kill you.

Shoot. Shoot! Does anyone else has the same honesty fever like him? Eijaz, killing a police officer can create problems. Turn him into a living dead. Rascal, scoundrel.

Turn him around. Turn him around. I’ll break the rascal’s back. Whenever he sits on the commode, he’ll think about you. No! You want to sc*** boss?.

Tiergerechte Stallkonzepte fr Schweine landwirt

Animal welfare is becoming increasingly important. We have visited two farms in Bavaria, which provide comfort to their pigs beyond the minimum requirements. First let us see on the farm of Wimmer in Essenbach how this is demonstrated in the farrowing rooms. And thereafter well take a close look at NatureLine fattening house of Josef Gelb in Merching. We are in the Kastanienhof. My name is Martin Wimmer. I am the farm manager. Since 2006 Ive been producing piglets and about 300 sows here.

In 2016 we have increased our stock up to around 800 sows. And in the course of the expansion we have chosen a free farrowing pen system. An important factor in the decision in favour of BeFree pen was that the sow has maximum freedom of movement in the pen. We also liked, that workers safety is an important consideration in the design. Due to the adaptable farrowing crate the sows can be fixed and so we can work safely in the pen. The robust design of course speaks for itself.

For free farrowing pen the piglet nest is also absolutely important. It is with 0,75 m quite large. Floor heating is used here. It is heated with warm water via woodchip heating. In addition it is also important to me, that we use the infrared heating lamp during farrowing and for three or four days afterwards. Then the lamp will be placed to one side, so the piglets can freely choose their temperature range. One further advantage of the piglet nest is this fixed board here in the front, which can be put down with a simple action.

So the piglets can be fixed in the nest, and if the sow stands up and lies down, they stay in the safety in their first days. With the free farrowing pen the workloads are even lower than in the standard pen. So I am Mr. Gelb from Steinach by Merching. I have an agricultural farm, 350 sows, biogas plant with 385 kW, the main farming is on over 100 ha. We have recently built this stable. It is in operation for a good two weeks. There are officially 1492 fattening places.

We have chosen a different system to the conventional one, because in recent time we can see the farmers in the media or on tv being portrayed only as animal abusers or polluters. And then we had the idea, that we want something different. For years I have been in search of good system, whereby the pigs are kept on straw and can go outside. I have been in contact with Schauer for a long time, and then they have developed a concept, which we have taken on board now. And I am pleased with it, because it is technically simple, can be easily mastered, and there is straw and outside area. And so far I am very satisfied. We have a large container in a warehouse outside.

The large bales can be refilled with a loader or tractor there. The straw bale is automatically broken up, chopped once again, so that it can fall through the holes here by means of Strohmatic. The straw is also dedusted, in order that there is not too much dust here in stable. There is also a sprinkler above the slatted floor, this will keep temperatures cool during the summer, keep the slatted floor wet and the pigs can take a shower. In addition, the channel is a special design. There is a scraper in the channel. The dung is probably a little bit firmer, because the pigs eat straw too.

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