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How to Accent a Room With Pillows At Home With P. Allen

Pillows can really add a lot of color to the room, and bring some comfort. You know, one of my favorite design principles is color. Color is wonderful, and it can change the mood of a room. If you look at a room, we've all been in one, where they have lots of different colors going on, it can just make your head spin. But if you go into a room where it's more monochromatic let's just say, for instance, it's all white and cream, you feel very different. You feel very tranquil. Let's just say you don't want a totally monochromatic.

Room, where is the balance Take this room, for instance, let me just use it as an example In this room, I tried to use a very limited color palate. You don't have to use every crayon in the color box, you know. So limit it to just a few colors. I just wanna show you how you can keep it a little more monochromatic, or you can add a bump of color to sort of give it a little spark. Sometimes, these are beautiful seasonal changes. And one of the.

Easiest way to do this is to just use a throw across the back of a sofa, or add some pillows. So let's take a broader view of this room, and let me show where I've applied those colors that I listed. For instance, you have gray walls. The floor is brown brick. On the floor is this braided rug. There's where the blue comes in but it's not just blue, there is some brown and gold. And then with this large stool in the center, there's the blue again. Then I have these Helms Tooth chairs on either side that are cream and brown. Which.

Brings us to these large sofas, which are cream. And now, I'm gonna add some brown. You see, by just taking these big bold blocks of color like this, it gives some life to this. Still monochromatic. Still harmonious. Still working within the color range that I have here. So why don't we take a look at some ways that you can bump the room up a little bit. Okay, so let's pan the chocolate colored pillows they're pretty, but, to me, they're a little boring. We can bump it up with some woven fabric like this, where.

You bring in a little bit of the red and the gold. But here's the gold you see the gold in the braided rug. I'm kinda liken' this. You look up here at the art, and you can see, largely, this piece of art follows all the colors we talked about There's the cream, the brown, the touches of blue, and look at this red and gold. So we're taking a lead from this picture, and we're creating a color echo where these colors resonate with the pillows. Also, if you look at the brick of a chimney Distinctly red. And we're carrying.

That color here over to the sofa. So maybe just a little too traditional You wanna bump it up a little more Let me show you what I have in store. Now take a look at these I love these natural prints, where they've taken and used really intense colors on them. A butterfly here and a bird here. I like it, I like it. You've got the blue. You've got the brown. You've got the cream. And again, those touches of red. This time, they're not the brick reds that we found in the geometric pattern pillows, but here these are much brighter.

Creating Candy Containers with TwoPiece Wilton Candy Molds

Hi my name is Lisa Deszcz and I'm a product manager here at Wilton today I'd like to show you how easy it is to make beautiful molded candy containers using Wilton Candy Molds we have candy containers to fit a design for any occasion these two piece molds make candy containers super easy let me show you how today we're going to make this beautiful molded cup cake candy container it's perfect for putting in any of your favorite treats to start out you're going to have your twopiece mold.

And then you're ready to melt your melts so you're going to want to pick two different colors I like to use the candy decorating bags when I melt my melts because I feel like I've got better control with it also when you're done you can just throw in the garbage which make cleanup a breeze so put your candy wafers into the bag pop it in the microwave at half power for 30 second intervals making sure to knead in between you'll know the candy is done when it's nice and pliable like you see here then you're going to go ahead.

Take your scissors and snip the end of the bag and then you're ready to mold your containers so go ahead and fill in the cavity about a third of the way full or until you reach the fill line that's in the mold now I'm choosing pink and blue so that way my frosting looks different than the liner and just fill it right in there okay when you're done go ahead and give the mold a tap then you're going to take the smaller of the two molds and place it directly in and push down.

What this does is it moves all the candy around the container which is perfect and then go ahead and fasten the snaps alright now gently move this over flip it over and give it another tap this makes sure the candy is completely coating your entire cavity, put this in the fridge for about 10 to 15 minutes or until the mold is frosty when you're done it'll look like this now you can go ahead and unmold the two pieces and give it a little tap this will help release the cavities and.

5 Delicious Apple Hacks

For this tutorial, I'm going to show you a faster, safer, and more convenient way, to cut your apples. To start, turn your apples upside down. You can see the tops have a lot more surface area than the bottoms, so by putting them face down, they'll be a lot more stable when you cut them. Meaning less chance you cut yourself, instead. Next, rather than cutting an apple into quarters, like you were probably taught to do, imagine a tictactoe pattern with the center of the grid lining up with the middle of the apple.

Cut along these imaginary lines, holding the pieces together firmly at the top as you do, and just like that, your fruit snack is completely sliced and ready to eat. The cool thing about this method is that by keeping the pieces together, it'll actually stay good, for a surprising amount of time. I opened this one 3 hours later, and you can see it's still in really great shape, and ready to be eaten. So think about this. The next time you're packing a lunch, try snapping a rubber band around the outside, and you'll have a healthy snack, ready to go in an instant.

The best part is, you don't even need an extra baggie. Now if you're serving your apple snacks at home, here's a cool little trick to try with the corner pieces. Cut 3 diagonal slits across the apple slice in one direction, then spin it around, and cut 3 more slits the same way, so they meet near the bottom. With a flick of your fingers, you can offset the pieces, to make a fun, and decorative way, to serve healthy snacks in a way that everyone will love. Of course, if you want to take your apple artwork to the next level, you can easily.

Cut and rearrange one single apple, into an edible apple swan. Look for how to make this in another project tutorial. Now just for fun, I decided to compare apples to apples, with 3 different methods, to see the difference in how they brown over time. The pieces at the back are completely untreated, and will be left out so they're exposed to the air. But I sliced these other two apples tictactoe style and bound them together with rubber bands to protect them. The only difference between these two, is that the.

One on the left, is treated with lemon juice. Some people say that the citric acid, in lemon juice, will prevent your apples from oxidizing, and turning brown. So let's find out whether or not that's true. 812 hours later, let's take a look and see whats happened to them. It looks like all the slices exposed to the air did turn brown after all, and don't look nearly as appetizing. But by keeping the slices held together with a rubber band, the apple on the right only browned just a little. And for sitting out nearly 9 hours,.

It still looks impressively edible. If we peek inside at the one spritzed with lemon juice, you can see it looks just as fresh as the minute it was cut it, and still tastes just as good as well. Now for one last experiment, I set up a time trial to see which method of cutting the apples really is faster. And just for your convenience, I will speed it up a little. Amazingly, you can see all 8 slices, are cut in only 10 seconds. And there's very little mess to clean up at all. On the other hand, it's nearly 5 times longer with the traditional.

Decorating Flower Vases At Home With P. Allen Smith

Let me show you some clever ways to go from this to something like this, without breaking the bank. Now I really enjoy finding ordinary things that are very affordable, classic in the look and use them in creative ways. For instance, these cylinder vases, you can do a million different things with them. They're a lot fun to dress up for various occasions and as gifts. And so what I've done here is I've taken one, and rather than cover it, I've just filled it with various kinds of citrus lemons and limes slices here, with.

Just bouquet of yellow Mums. Bright and perky and very affordable. And take a look at this vase, I just took some purple ribbon, with a little green band on it, and I wrapped it all the way around this cylinder vase. Tied a little green Raffia at the top and filled it up with these mauvecolored tulips. A beautiful gift. And then, what I'm doing here, I just wanna show you how you can take ordinary ribbon and just attach your ribbon. I like to start at the bottom. And I'll just fold a piece of ribbon like that and attach the ribbon.

Here and then just gently turn the vase. And just keep a little tension on it. It takes more ribbon than you might imagine. This is really a fun polka dot ribbon that I'm gonna take all the way to the top. You want just enough overlap. And bring it to the top. Take a pair of scissors and cut it off like this. And carefully slide it under there, so it adheres to the vase itself and the ribbon. And then pull across like that. Yep. Now you can decorate that up, just about anyway you like. Now take a look at this one. I've been.

Taking just some various twigs of different colors, and I've used this natural jute, and I'm gonna tie this around. So if you're doin' some sort of a dinner party, or you're looking for ways to set a table for a rehearsal dinner or something like that, these are affordable and creative ways to do flower vases. And then if you take something like these gorgeous Hyacinths that have a tendency to flop anyway. Let me add some water, first. What I like to do is keep them banded at the base like this, and then I just gently slide the Hyacinths.

Mirror Magic The Garden Home Challenge With P. Allen Smith

Hey, there's nothing like mirrors to add a little magic to the home. You watched us design and build this house in 150 days, but the work is far from over. We're about to jump into my favorite part of the process of bringing all this together. Join me for an exclusive look right here on eHow Home. If you've ever had to design a small space, an interior, and you need to make it look larger, you've probably discovered the power and beauty of mirrors. Yes, the reflective quality of mirrors can do multiple things, magical things to.

A space. First, they can make it feel larger. They can bring light in and reflect natural light around the room. Take this entry hall for stance it's really not that big. In fact, it's very small. But by placing this mirror, which is really a take off a window, with the muntins you can see radiating in the mirror behind it, makes this room feel larger. I even added another mirror in this hall just over here. This is a Victorian hall tree probably from about 1890, maybe 1880. And you can see, a mirror is mounted here.

In the center of this. I love how twiggy this thing looks. It's caste iron and we painted it this lovely gray. Let me show you some other examples of mirrors. This piece of furniture you see here, the mirror is built into it so you have this beveled piece of mirror, which perfectly fits this wall in the house. Now come in here, let me show you where we have mirrors as vessels. And then you take a large bottle like this which was for making wine this is actually mirrored glass or mercury glass, and you see it reflects everything.

Autumn Tablescape With Rebecca Robeson At Home With P. Allen Smith

There's lots of choices around here, Rebecca, for making this table look the way you want it to, so we just have to decide. You think you wanna use those plates I do I think they bring in the color of the sofa. Yeah, well, they're better than the white Kinda pulls the room together. That's just too boring. Yeah, I think these are good. Okay, now listen, the closets are full of stuff around here. I know. So we'll just go through and drag out whatever you want to make this come together. Let's pull together an amazing table. Looks.

Like we're just about ready for guests. I think so. It came together beautifully. You know, just using what you had, and even things in the garden, I think we did pretty well. It looks so abundant and full it's be perfect for a holiday. You know, can you imagine for Thanksgiving this would be awesome. And this is something that people can do themselves. You know, it is. I mean, you should look around to see what you have and build it from there. That's what we did here. Yes, now, not everyone has gourds you can pick those up but.

Just the leaves. And these are the fig leaves, right Right. You based it with that. You took those off the big fig tree and then sort of laid up a base, and then on top of it, just placed pomegranates and some of these gourds and things from the supermarket. It's amazing what you can pick up at the grocery store. It is, and I think it's also so bountiful it's gonna make people feel good when they come to sit here and eat and enjoy a nice meal together. Well, that's the whole idea To comfort and just enjoying the conversation.

And company of friends. I really like the way these plates work with the white plates. The napkins you choose, I think, look really great. You got these color echoes going with all the different golds, these different flowers and napkin colors. And one of things I use a lot when I do my tables is I put a votive candle in a different kind of container, but they're all the same. And each what it does is it makes each plate separate and special and it makes it light up, especially at night. But I also use candles in the daytime. Yeah.

Do you I do. And it illuminates it. And when they get ready to sit down, you can just move it over. Move it on over. And it becomes part of the tablescape itself. Yeah, good job. Yeah, right back at you. I love how the arrangements turned out, and just using three, that's really all you need. It's perfect. Simple, stylish and homegrown. Listen, we'd love to have you subscribe to eHow Home, where we teach you, every single day, something new you can use. If you learned something here today that you can use in your own home or you have an idea.

Hall Tree Accessory Rack The Garden Home Challenge With P. Allen Smith

Mirror, mirror on the wall, will this house ever be finished at all You watched us design and build this house in 150 days, but the work is far from over. We're about to jump into my favorite part of the process of bringing all this together. Join me for an exclusive look right here on eHow Home. This is a really wacky and fun piece. You know, you might call it a piece of late 19th century Americana. It's certainly Victorian, so it would be Victoriana, I suppose. But I love all of the whimsical shapes and forms to it. It looks like it could.

Sprout legs and run across garden. It looks like something out of a Tim Burton film or Dr. Seuss. Well, it's a hall tree. It has a mirror in here to make sure you have your scarf on right and your hat. All of these little hooks and places to hang things are for hats and scares and walking sticks and umbrellas. And if you look down here, you can see, it even had an umbrella pan at the base where umbrellas could sit here and they would drip into the pan. But, sadly, the pan was lost some time ago. When I found this.

It was painted black, but that color didn't really work inside the house. It was just a little too harsh. So I painted it this soft taupe color just by using some Krylon spray paint. Looks pretty good, don't you think You can imagine with it painted black it would really have some stark contrast against our white walls in the house. That's another reason to tone it done and go with this taupe. The form of itself creates high contrast against plain walls. You can just imagine this silhouette. I think that's what makes it so whimsical.

Fashion Style Tips How to Make an Earring Holder

Hi, my name's Rachel and I'm the owner of austinstylewatch street fashion site, and I'm also a freelance fashion reporter. Today we're going to talk about how to make an earring holder. Now, earring holders can run the gamut from simple to complex. You can get 'em store bought, at the mall, or you can do like we're going to do today, and make your own. Really, all you need to do is just have something you can hook the earrings through, stab them through, pin 'em in the back. So this isn't a real complex device,.

And you can make it in a lot of different ways. Today I'm going to show you two. The first way I'm going to show you, and this is pretty much premade, there's ways you can jazz it up if you want. All this is is a grated container, you get these at office supply stores. Turn it up on end, and you can stick your earring right on the outside, there. Clip earrings right through on the other side. And, if you want to, you can even buy a basket like this, screw your earrings in it this way, and, put your goodies and.

Your bathroom supplies in there. Another way people kind of jazz up this project is by buying a kitchen utensil called a 'grease strainer', and basically, all it is is this metal material, this mesh, and it's in a circular piece. They can hang it on the wall by the handle, stick their earrings in there. Same principle. But I think using these bins is just a little bit more useful, 'cause you can store stuff in it as well. The second technique we're going to talk about doesn't use the metal mesh, but it kind of uses a.

More a fabric mesh. So, what we're going to do is take a pair of pantyhose, I think it's nice to use colored ones, 'cause it makes the project a little more decorative. Take your pantyhose, and what I'm using today is a crochet loop, that you would use for, like, embroidery, crochet, sewing products. You would stick your fabric through there and do your embroidery. So I'm going to take the embroidery hoop, and, wrap the nylon around it. And then you're going to want to pull it taut, so that you have a firm surface in.

How to Make Glue Strip Craft Container and Vase How to Decorate Paper Strip Vase

Hi, I'm Rachel for Expert Village. Now we are going to decorate our box. We are going to use the metal string. We are going to take a longer piece cause I want it to go all the way around. Cut it out and I'm going to start putting beads inside. I'm going to just make a knot so they would not start running around. I'm just going to a few times. Now I'm going to take some small ones, small beads. Put them in the metal strings. I don't want them.

How to Make Glue Strip Craft Container and Vase Gluing Bottom for Paper Strip Vase

Hi, I'm Rachel for Expert Village. It is very important to do the bottom of course to. We are going to use bigger pieces to cover more space cause the bottom should be more stable. It would hold more I should say then the sides. So I'm just going to glue it like that. As you can see I have the edges going through the edges to the side that makes it more stable and strong. Another layer. Going to the sides. We are just going to do one strip around it.

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