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Container Could happen and it's what has you talking tonight. KITV4 got a peek inside what could be the future of micro housing in Hawaii. The demonstration project on the grounds of Honolulu Hale by the nonprofit group FACE is showing off a 20' by 8' shipping container, transformed into a dwelling unit for five people. There's room for bunkbeds and a desk inside, but no bathrooms or kitchen facilities. It cost about $11,000 to to make it livable. Could this be the answer to the our housing crunch Solomon DuPont says,.

Amazing Idea! Create more of these and then just make a public restroom area for all to share. This is a great start. Michael Guerrero writes, Nice. better then sleeping on the streets. But Denise Crosby counters, I don't get the great appeal. It has no bathroom or kitchen. I can't imagine living without runny water, if only to wash my hands. No facilities means they would need to be erected like a wagon train at night, with Porta Toilets barbecue grills or cooking implements, of course trash disposal. I.

Sand Island shipping containers turned into homes

We're beginning to get a better picture of what the temporary homeless housing facility on Sand Island will look like now that the first container living units were installed today. KITV 4's Ashley Moser shows us the latest additions now on site. NAT beep beep The wait is over. the first look inside the shipping containersturned home s is here. These pastel yellow and orange shipping containers are the first living units installed at Hale Mauliola on Sand Island. Their meant to help combat Hawaii's housing epidemic. NAT 3741 click click.

Moving second one back One by one they're put in place taking up two 8 by 20 foot spaces on this one acre lot. NAT on floor 3714 plopped down City officials say both units are ADA compliant and each can house two people. Ed 2955 BY THE SURVEYS WE HAVE TO ALLOW FOR ACCESSIBILITY FOR THE HANDICAP PEOPLE AND WE KNEW I LOOKING AT THE POPULATION OF THE HOMELESS ALL OVER THE ISLAND. 3007 The project a little over a year old was put on hold until this summer.

Because of questions about the land. Ed 2747 THERE WERE SPECULATIONS BEFORE THAT THE SOIL WAS CONTAMINATED SO WE WAITED FOR THE STATE DEPARTMENT OF HEALTH TO TEST THE SOIL. 2755 The results nothing beyond the allowable limits for hazardous material. So crews cleared the overgrown brush added a fence and these light poles. Standup Ashley 5310 CREWS HAD TO ADD ABOUT 6 INCHES OF GRAVEL TO LEVEL OFF THIS AREA AND TO ADD A PROPER STORM DRAIN. THE GRAVEL USED. 5522 IS RECYCLED ASPHALT PAVING COLLECTED FROM ROADWORK.

AROUND THE CITY. 5529 The material makes for mobility so crews can move the containers if needed. By December there will be 25 of these, half offering 3 bedrooms and the other 2 bedrooms. Each one is insulated and coated with heat resistant paint to keep occupants cool. Chris 4747 IF YOU'RE OUTSIDE IN THE SUN AND IT'S 90 IF YOU GO UNDER A SHADE TREE IT'S 85 WELL WE'VE GOT SOMETHING HERE THAT'S EVEN BETTER THAN THAT. 4756 Container Storage Company of Hawaii fitted the spaces with code access.

Shipping Container to Buy, Rent or Lease in Perth, WA

Shipping Container to Buy, Rent or Lease in Perth, WA If you're looking for where to buy, rent or lease a sea shipping container then you have come to the right place. Our services include hire sales of 6, 8, 10, 20 and 40ft shipping containers. You can buy a sea container or you can lease one short or long term. No matter what you need it for we'll have a sea container that is just right for you. We have a years of experience to listen and answer all your questions and we have very.

Vancouver receives help for affordable housing from CMHC

Atira Women's resource society has been providing housing to women fleeing violence for almost 30 years. There's actually 2 components to this project. One is the original building, which has been here since 1912. In that building we're housing young women who have been homeless, there are 18 rooms and it's communal living. The second part of the project is the recycled shipping container component. There are 12 selfcontained studio units here. The units are affordable, the rent is affordable, it's safe. Women are not only being able to interact with each other.

The Container Diaries Episode 1 Trailer Pilot

Feels great! hahaha. Excited! it's going to be the first time seeing the container i haven't seen it yet let's check it out the point of this documentary, is to give everybody the first hand view of what it's like to start this project from beginning to end she's on a time limit i've been researching tiny home projects for the last couple of years and realized there are a very limited amount of DIYs available online there's always tutorials the finished product what they used, what they got but i was the only one ready.

Utah Get Your Business Online Utah Solar and Alternative Energy

At Utah Solar and Alternative Energy, we build basically custom alternative energy systems to provide electricity and hot water for homes all over the state of Utah. The successful businesspeople that I was raised around, there's kind of this ethic of, if you're successful, it's important to put back. So I was kind of steeped in that culture. If you were looking at the cost of electricity out in time, it's a continuum, and it's an everescalating cost. We can flatten that cost. This is the right thing to do for many reasons.

You can make the planet a little greener and you can make your house more valuable, make your bottom line a little bit better. And that's powerful stuff. A photovoltaic system is a solar electric system. It makes electricity from the sun. And if you don't use all the electricity that you produce, you push the electricity back through your meter. And what that does, is that allows you to roll those credits to offset your electrical costs. A lot of the people that come to us have already done some.

Research on the internet. And if it wasn't for our webpage, we wouldn't be sitting here right now. The internet is basically what drives our business. We're trying to show folks what we can do and what the technologies are. Our main goal is to get people educated enough and excited enough about the products to get them to contact us. A minute after being on our webpage, they can know what we do, and they can know the relative benefits of it. We can go to somebody and say look, let us design the.

System, let us get it up on the roof. There's going to be an initial outlay of funds. But when we're done, your electrical costs aren't going to go up ever again. These technologies are hopeful technologies. That's what I like about them. That's what gets me up in the morning. Because I have children, and I want to see these things change. I don't believe that we're just in this mire. Being online allows me to foster that change. It allows me to get the information to people that empowers them to make smart decisions about energy.

Cost of living off the gridMake $700 per Day

Cost of living offgrid now hey this Ryan or not had the privilege to living up to it for a couple years on 200 acres I had a Utah and a great experience and the cost basically obviously it's cheaper to live off great if you're kind of a little bit and enable the bills and stuff and you do a whole lotta research but where it's really financially beneficial is it you have an online income I steady online income stream coming in a lot more easier to make that.

Transition to living upgrade okay so if you'd like more details on how you can have a steady income and then go live offgrid click the link below into in your best email and I'll email you over some information on how you can do it with just a small onetime eighteen dollar investment now the benefit yes not only that I will also show you the xaxis I have developed for my entire team to work everybody works for everybody so it'll basically it helps more lies guarantee the success.

Modular Homes NY FREE Idea Kit! Modular Homes New York Prices

Congratulations you are one step closer to owning something green modular homes new york colored toll free number or visit our website three idea but it will be sent to your home so you can discover all the benefits of owning green modular homes new york the ideas please provide you with access to it homeschool att design completely you can do so with green modular homes new york parayanam holds online and you also receive a stylist booklet features beautifully expiring pictures architect designer modular home unique building process that is quickly changing the way the.

Shipping Containers Recycled Into Affordable, Accessible Utah Home

Shipping Containers Recycled Into Affordable, Accessible Utah Home,Real estate broker Jeff White dreamed of transforming used shipping containers into affordable housing. Laughed at by the first architects he approached,..

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