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Container Homes In Japan

Japan builds house in 1 day

Today we came to watch a house get built! I’m super excited! Me, too! It looks like Tetris. Yeah. Toyota home builds house units at their factories and ships them by truck. Assembling the units on site takes only one day. One worker said it actually only takes about 6 hours to put the house together.

The process is so quick because they build the individual units in a factory where the parts can stay indoors and out of the rain and other elements. Once when I was a student, I noticed a house had appeared suddenly in my neighborhood while I was away during the day at school. At first, I thought the house must be poor quality but it was actually opposite. I was amazed at how much effort they put into creating these houses. Thank you for letting us shoot today. Oh, thank you.

Thank you very much for today. Wow.in one day.

House Hunting in Japan

Music This week’s TL;DR is on how to get a house in Japan! Cause we have a house in Japan! We have a house! This is our house! When I say house, I don’t mean like a home, like an apartment. Like, we got a HOUSE!.

We are in a house right now, this is our house, with our name on it It is not our house, we’re renting it. but. Well, I peed on the corners, all of them, so this is MINE. I took my chin and I rubbed it on items like I went up to them and rubbed it. Like using my glands S This is OUR house. M This is our house that we’ve ever lived in together.

We have been married for almost 10 years now, and we’ve never been in a house together. This is our first house M I feel like how ou S OUR HOUSE~ SM OUR HOUSE~ And I already covered the Britta water filter with stickers Yes, you did. Okay, so we wanna tell you a bit about our experiences of real estate hunting in Japan.

How they differ from our experiences in Korea and in Canada as well. So first off, Korea and Japan are similar in a sense that you HAVE to go through a real estate agent to rent. When we rented in Canada, I remember that we like, hunted around for houses, went inside and then you like, called up the guy who owned that one building, like that one in and you’re like quot;Can I rent?quot; And they’re like Music: Baguette Music SM Okay, fine.Alright.

But in Korea, you must go through a real estate agent, the same as Japan, which means you will be paying them a fee, but they will be taking you around. M We’re on our way to look for apartments and houses in Tokyo, S Okay, and I’m very excited and ughh. yeah That’s mah story. S It’s a great intro, (M Wasn’t it?) you’re good at this. The bigger difference that we noticed between Korea and Japan though, is that.

When we were in Korea, our real estate agent was only representative of a small specific area. So we had to pick an area that we wanted to live in, And then we went into a real estate agent, for that area and they showed us properties around there. Here in Japan though, our real estate agent covered pretty much ALL of Tokyo. And we just had to tell them the specific things that we were looking for, and they found different houses and apartments that met our criteria. So we did a lot of driving around, because we didn’t really know the areas at all.

So she just kinda picked us up, and then, went to place to place to place, and we’re kinda like, quot;I don’t like thisquot;, quot;I like thisquot;, quot;I don’t want thatquot;, and then the next day, she would narrow it down, and do like more housing, until we kinda figured out the area that we wanted to live in. S Okay~. S Thank you~ This is the house.

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