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Container Homes In Mauritius

Growing Goji Berries

Hi I'm Tricia, an organic gardener I grow organically for a healthy and safe food supply for a clean and sustainable environment for an enjoyable and rewarding experience Goji berries or wolf berries as they're sometimes called are loaded with antioxidants they also have high concentrations of vitamin B, C and amino acids the great thing is you can grow them at home Goji berries are native to china and our hardy in zones 3 through 10 the plants are drought tolerant, their container adaptable and allaround easy to grow their relatives of the tomatoes and eggplants and they have cute little purple.

Flowers and bright orange and red berries goji berries need full sun but they will tolerate part shade and they need a ph between six point eight and eight point one. If your ph is lower than that you can add some lime like this oystershell line you can plant Goji berry from seed but if you plant with the bare root stock like this you'll get fruit sooner and the first year you'll probably get just a little bit of fruit but after that you get a full crop you can plant and grow Goji berries directly in a container and leave them.

There or if you want to plant them in the ground we suggest starting them in a pot and this is a fiber pot that can go directly in the ground Goji berries are happy in containers and you'll get a more compact plant plus it will prevent the roots from spreading kind of like raspberries do the minimum size for growing a Goji berry in a container is five gallons and it should be as deep as a fivegallon bucket because Goji berries put down a deep tap root before planting.

Soak the bare roots for about fifteen minutes to an hour in water i'm using the peaceful valley organic potting soil you can use any standard potting soil, just don't use any peet moss it's too acidic this is the crown of the bare root plant the crown is where the root starts the crown should be the same level as the top of the soil water the plant and then if the soil settles too much add a little bit more soil to get up to the crown keep the plant moist after you see about six to eight inches of growth.

It can be planted directly in the ground pot and all Goji berries should be planted about two feet apart they get about ten to thirteen feet tall if you don't prune them and they have a spread of about four feet you can train them like a grape vine on a trellis or you can leave them as a shrub the plants are very drought tolerant once established when they're very young give them about an inch or two of water every week don't prune them until after the first year, then.

Pick a shoot to be the main chute and prune off any lateral shoots below it about fifteen inches from the ground when the plant reaches two feet tall in the summer pinch out the growing tips to cause side branching where the fruit will be born after your basic structure is established just prune back to the height you want to keep it maintain clearance from the ground prune out any unproductive branches and thin out branches after the berry season Goji berries will fruit and flower all through the summer until the first.

How To Grow Tomato Seeds tutorial with Thompson Morgan.

Gardening made easy with Thompson Morgan Home grown tomatoes taste delicious and growing them for yourself couldn't be easier. Today I'm going to look at sowing seed. This variety is called 'Sungold'. I'm going to sow them into this wide pot using fresh multipurpose compost. Fill the pot and firm the surface gently so it's flat. Then water it lightly to settle the compost. Open up the seed packet and tip the seeds into your hand. Space them evenly over the surface but don't sow too many so that they've got room to grow.

Sprinkle a thin layer of compost over the seeds to cover them. Write a label for the pot. Within a few weeks you should have sturdy seedlings. Once you see the true leaves emerging they're ready to be potted up. I'm going to put these into pots of multipurpose compost. Use a dibber or a pencil to lift the seedling gently out of the pot making sure you hold it by a leaf. If the leaf tears it won't matter but if you bruise the stem the plant may die. Tease the roots very carefully out of the compost they can be quite long already.

Transfer the seedling into a hole in the new compost and firm it slightly. Do the same for each seedling then water them gently to settle them in. After a few weeks growing on your windowsill your tomato will be big enough to go into a pot of its own and it can go into a grow bag. You normally fit three into a grow bag. or one of these special tomato pots from Thompson Morgan. The Thompson Morgan tomato pots are made of a strong woven material and can be reused year after year.

Fill the pot with multipurpose compost to around half way. Now take the plant and carefully remove the pot from the base of the plant so you don't damage it. Place it in the container and add more compost, firming it gently. Don't fill the container to the top just yet because tomatoes can root from the base of the stem and by adding more compost later on you'll increase the rooting area giving you a healthier plant. Water well to settle the compost. As the tomato plant grows it will form trusses of flowers up the stem.

In order to allow all the fruit to ripen restrict each plant to 4 or 5 trusses then stop the plant by removing the growing tip. Side shoots like this one need removing or they will take energy away from the fruit. Keep tying the plant to a cane as it grows or it may fall over or become damaged in the wind. When your tomatoes are ripe pick them by pulling the fruit away from the stem. Be careful not to knock any of the other tomatoes off. By the middle of summer you should have beautiful healthy ripe tomatoes.

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How to Grow Kiwi

Hi I'm Tricia an organic gardener today I'm going to plant a kiwi vine Kiwis are originalilly from Asia but did you know that you can plant one right here in North America in your backyard and one kiwi vine will produce fifty to a hundred pounds of fruit Site selection is important you want to put kiwis in full sun but you don't want to plant them in any kind of cold micro climate because even though there hardy down to zone four which is about thirty degrees below zero they can get frost damage after they break dormancy.

They must have well drained soil dig a hole the same size as the root system So where going to put the kiwi in the hole and we don't wanna add any fertilizer These roots can easily be burned by nitrogen plant the kiwi to the same level it was planted in the nursery Don't mound up the the soil around the trunk because that can kill the vine Kiwis are vines and their trained and pruned like the Muscadine grapes and if your only planting one like I am make sure its self pollinating.

Pergulas or a T bar terrace are the two most popular ways of trellising kiwis but feel free to experiment the only requirement is that your able to get to them to prune easily Prune the vine back to a single cane and that's going to be our trunk Like a grape vine a kiwi vine should be trained with a nice straight trunk I'm putting in this bamboo stake to help train my little vine don't allow your kiwi to wrap around the stake however Make sure and give your kiwi fruit a lot of water Im installing this Olson sprinkler.

Vegetable Fruit Gardening How to Grow Lettuce

Did you know that lettuce is a cold weather crop, and it's very frost tolerant, and that lettuce is definitely best when it has a frost, because the freezing temperatures induce sugars and sweetness in the leaves that make them more tender and edible I'm Jarrett of Stone Soup Farm in Belchertown, and this is how to grow lettuce. Because lettuce is better in the cold weather I recommend planting it only in the spring and in the fall, and to kind of stay out of it in the summer because you're going to have some bitter and tough.

Leaves. The first step is to prepare your seedbed which should be done by tilling and clearing some land like this getting a nice even seed bed with a lot of tilth or soil fluff in there. And you should take your lettuce seed and maybe a garden trowel like this. If you want densely planted lettuce for baby greens then what I would do is make a row like this about an inch deep, and take some of your lettuce seed and plant it fairly dense probably about four seeds per inch within those rows, and the rows can be maybe about.

Six inches apart, and then cover with about a half an inch to an inch of soil, water that in. They should come up within about a week. And keep it weed free for as long as you want until they're ready to harvest. If you want head lettuce though, what you should do is mark out those spacings where you're going to put one seed in each hole, and the holes should be about a foot apart each, and that will let you get a nice big, fluffy plant. Take the seeds out, drop one seed in each hole, cover it up the same, keep them watered,.



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