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Container Homes In Mumbai

Shipping Container Explodes, Killing Firefighter

About an hour after a fire department began fighting a blaze, this shipping container, exposed to the extreme heat of the burning building, exploded. Tragically, a firefighter was killed. This is what happened. By the time firefighters arrived at this log home construction business, flames had engulfed the main production building. Next to the building was a shipping container in which 16 gaspowered chainsaws, a gaspowered pressure washer, and other tools were kept. Nothing considered explosive, such as jerry cans of fuel or propane tanks, was inside. Knowing that the container was vented and that there were no bulk quantities of fuel,.

The incident commander didn't consider the container a threat. This opinion was shared by several other firefighters and a company director on site. The information was conveyed to the rest of the firefighters. The company director asked the firefighters to do what they could to save the tools. Over the next hour water was directed almost continuously at or near the container. One of the firefighters sprayed the container from a ladder. He noted that there was no steam coming off the container, only limited scorching of the wooden structure around it,.

And that when touched with his wet glove the container didn't feel hot. Some of the roof trusses on the main building were collapsing, so the firefighters pulled back. Shortly after, with nothing further falling, a fire captain and a firefighter moved towards the building, spraying flareups near the shipping container. During the fire, heat had built up inside the container, with some areas reaching at least 200 degrees Celsius. The gas tanks of two chainsaws and a plastic bottle containing about a litre of methanol melted. Gasoline vapour also escaped from the tanks of the other equipment.

Denser than air, the vapours settled along the bottom, too far from the small vents of the container to be dissipated. Without warning, the container exploded. The fire captain, struck by a door, would not survive his injuries. The firefighter was not injured. For weather resistance, shipping containers are designed to be sealed, with only small vents providing limited ventilation. This design traps heat and, in this case, flammable vapours. Being so close to a burning building elevated the temperature to the point that it would only take about 3 litres of gasoline to form enough vapour inside the container to be explosive.

How to Plant Gourds At Home With P. Allen Smith

If you've never grown gourds, you've never really lived. They're a lot of fun. Let me tell you about the hanging gourd gardens of Moss Mountain Farm. They start right here. You see this big long arbor Well, it's perfect for growing a fast growing vine. And when I talk about a fast growing vine, gourds you will not believe. I got some seed down here, and you'll see, I kind of worked up this area. Gourds love lots of sun and they'll grow in just about any kind of soil. I've enriched this with some good potting soil, so there's.

Lots of humus in here. And as soon as the soil begins to warm up, you see these irises Well, they're just about finished so that tells me that it's time to plant the gourds. The chance of a frost has passed and the soil is beginning to warm up. And gourds really like it hot. Now, what's amazing is they come in all different shapes. Last year, we had big long Dipper gourds. Different shaped gourds hanging from here, and it worked out really well. And this year, I want to make sure every inch of this is covered with leaves of gourd.

Vines and all kinds of gourd blooms, as well as the gourds themselves. And we have another one of these arbors on the opposite side, I'm going to do the same thing, for the same effect. So what you do is you take the seed, and they're really big, interesting seed. And you see, they're big, flat seed. Basically, what you're gonna do is just kinda sorta space them about a foot apart, like this. And I'm just gonna push those in and cover them up. Now, I've worked up this soil to about 12 inches deep, and I'm planting one variety.

Here. This Dipper gourd, the old fashioned Dipper gourd. The kind that they used to have by the well, where they would dip out of a bucket, some water, and drink from it. Now, what I'll do is, once these come up they'll have a primary set of leaves, and then the next set will be these big round leaves. These will germinate in about 10 days. And you'll see these great big leaves on them within two weeks. And then they start putting up runners. And that's when I'll lay some little sticks along here, and that'll give them a.

Leg up, so to speak, so they can began to climb over this entire arbor. Now, last year I actually took some string and kinda tied it along, and I may do that again this year. All you need is just something to kinda assist them, they have little tendrils to hang on to each of these metal supports that make the arbor. One last step. I fertilize generously with an organic fertilizer because you really want to make sure they're well fed, so you can growing the biggest gourds in the neighborhood. Hey, if you're enjoying following these tips.

Planting Tulips and Daffodils

If you love spring flowers like daffodils and tulips, then you need a plan and plant ahead. because spring blooming bulbs start with fall planting. Hi, I'm William Moss and I'm going to show how to plant bulbs for stunning spring garden. The most popular type of spring bulbs include tulips which come in in a vivid array of colors like reds, yellows, oranges, purples and whites, and daffodils also called narcissus. Typically they vary in colors of yellow and white but there are also some peach varieties. They have that little cup in the middle surrounded by the frilly petals.

That everyone is so familiar with. The first step is to dig a hole. We've already got our hole here. And the depth of our hole is determined by the size of the bulb. The general rule is three times as wide as the bulb is how deep you need to go. So this particular bulb is about two inches our hole is about six inches. You can see here for these smaller bulbs there about one inch so there are only three inches deep into the ground. And then you have to plant it right side up.

You'll notice but the bottom of the bulb has some old ruffled roots on the bottom and the top of it will be more tapered. The next step is to sprinkle a little fertilizer in the bottom of the hole turn it all in, that way the bulbs are fed, and they have food and nutrition right at their roots right away. So you simply just place the bulbs in the hole. You want to make sure they aren't touching. So I'm arranging them with the tops up and have them not touching. If you've got the space.

You can plant them by the hundreds. It really looks nice. If you're working in an exisiting garden like we are here, we put about twelve of them in this hole. You never want to plant once single bulb. Always plant them in mass to give you a big show. The next step the cover them up with soil. After you water, Now it's time to mulch. You simply spread About two inches of mulch over the top, you can actually go to four, two to four inches over the top, and that helps keep the soil a.

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