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Diapers Help Your Plants Grow

In this project we’re using some ordinary disposable diapers, to create an extraordinary gardening gel, that’s nontoxic, environmentally friendly, and can cut your watering schedule in half. For this project we’ll need one of these disposable diapers. New or gently used, it doesn’t really matter. Now most people know that a diaper can hold quite a bit of liquid, but you might be surprised to see how much. I just put over 4 cups of water in this thing, and you can see that in just a few seconds, all the fluid is completely absorbed, without a drop left in the bowl. To see what’s inside, let’s go ahead and rip it open, and dump the contents.

Into a bowl. You can see that if we add a bit more water and mix it together, we’ve got ourselves an amazing, fiber rich hydrogel. I tried packing some of this stuff into an airtight bag and freezing it overnight, to make an improvised ice pack that won’t leak. Now, you can use food coloring to change the color of the gels, but when working with plants it’s best to leave it clear. This way, your plants won’t turn funny colors as they grow. One adult sized diaper makes over 12 cups of hydrogel, and the small pieces of cotton wadding break apart and mix right in. Now we’re gonna need some all purpose potting soil that you can get at any home improvement store, and a large mixing bowl to dump it.

In. Add equal parts of dirt and gel, then begin working the two together until they’re thoroughly mixed. Now you’ve not got a super absorbent, super soil that’s light and fluffy, and perfect for your potted plants. Go ahead and throw a little soil into the pot first, then help your plant get comfortable. To hold it firm in place, just keep packing more soil until everything sits tight. You can finish up by giving the plant a bit more water, and now with the super crystals in your soil, your plant can go twice as long between waterings, saving you time, and resources. If you’re looking for a lazy way to get your seeds started, just dump them into a batch of the grow dough, and give it all a good mix, or you could even.

Just sprinkle the seeds on top. Fill a container of your choice, add a bit of water, and find a place that you can set it and forget it. Over the course of a week, your seeds will automatically sprout and begin to grow, without any extra effort, or any extra water. In the event of an extreme overwatering like this, you might expect that your plants would drown, or begin to rot. But with the hydrogels infused in the soil, you can see how the excess water is quickly absorbed, keeping the soil damp and fluffy, and possibly saving your plants as a result. Now the reason this mixture will hold so much liquid is because of these superabsorbent water crystals. They’ll hold over 500 times their weight in water, and if you want to.

Separate them out like this, try ripping apart the wadding in the diaper, and shaking it upside down over a piece of paper. The cotton fluff should blow away, and you’ll be left with just the crystals. This diaper gel can work on your existing plants as well. As the gel expands and contracts, it will naturally aerate the soil as it does. Just grab a knife and a spoon, and gently nestle them down between,the roots, and spread them apart to form a gap. Now you can drop some gel down to the roots, work the soil back together, and continue around the pot until all your watergel is used up. For one final idea, you can help preserve your fresh cut flowers, by adding sugar, vinegar, and a bit of bleach to some.

Warm water. This will create a homemade flower food, and when you add your slush powder, you’ll see it absorbs the solution and slowly grows up to 60 times its size. By agitating the gel you can create an awesome effect that looks like crushed ice. Not only does it look cool, but it’s slowly releasing water as the flowers need it, and feeding them at the same time. The gel is completely nontoxic. It’s biodegradable, and environmentally friendly, so it’s a great option for working into your garden. Not only will this save you on watering costs, but it will also last quite a few seasons before it needs to be replaced. Well now you know how to take an ordinary diaper, and convert it into a super absorbant potting soil, that.

Will help keep your plants happy, and hopefully keep you happy as well. If you liked this project, perhaps you’ll like some of my others. Check them out at thekingofrandom .

Ventura hillside homes for sale 5573 Rushmore Street Large culdesac lot

Temple Schneider Callahan, Owner Broker of Connect Real Estate Services, connecting Ventura County’s BEST home buyers and home sellers. Just making you a YouTube tutorial today to talk to you about an awesome home I have listed for sale I love this house I love this neighborhood the address is 55 73 rushmore Street this home is in the skyline estates track above Foothill great neighborhood awesome school district but I want to tell you what’s unique about this house here’s the first thing that’s unique about this property.

The lot size is nearly double the average lot size that you find in the whole thing this lot is almost 15,000 squarefoot that’s huge second thing is that the lot is full act very hard to find on the hillside usually hillside homes have steep lot and you don’t really you can’t use the lot this line is not only double the size on on average but it’s flat so you can do something with it the third thing I like about this lot is that it’s private you it’s very unusual that they have a private lot hillside because typically I have your neighbors that are you know situated at an angle so they.

Can actually look down into your life this has doesn’t have that problem this house is very private and you don’t have any anyone they can directly peer into your cart space it’s really great a private lot it’s a large lot it’s a lot and to boot it’s not an enclosed life which you don’t see very often with hillside homes a lot of times hillside homes just don’t have cards that are enclosed this this what does this property does hasn’t includes yard next thing when talking about is the RMV access this house has agree.

Big space for an ROV you got army the motorcycle by a boat whenever you want to put there there’s space for it and it’s enclosed with a gate very nice ok so I talked about how private is how flat the lot is how large the lot is talked about includes backyard army part key these are all unique features for hillside home and the next thing we talked about is the driveway hillside homes typically have very steep driveway that are hard to Perkins and even her to walk on this house not the Keith it’s got a great driveway it’s a very reasonable pitch so you can easily walk up the driveway you can easily park on.

This drive in not worried about your emergency brake given out in your car and it’s why so you can you could part three cars in that driveway without any trouble it’s a great driveway for hillside home in the next thing when talking about is called a fag this house is on a culdesac I love houses on culdesac that’s great for families great for kids grapefruit dawn it’s a great safety feature anyone who drives into your back is gonna be someone that you know or someone that is a friend of a neighbor’s so it’s really great for safety Institute’s great curb appeal it feels like home when you’re driving down.

The street near staring right into your home your home is right ahead of you and I call this a case it’s really nice feeling to me I’ve always loved cool design ok let’s move on to a downstairs bedroom this home has a really nice spacious downstairs bedroom with a beautiful fireplace and a nice sliding glass door that allows you to walk right into your private backyard from the room you can use it as your master there’s a bathroom right next to it so it’s great for guests or your inlaws or whoever you know grown kids who ever you have that would not like to have a privacy but still be you know part of the house.

And everything so it’s a great room and downstairs and last thing I want to talk to you about how this home is so unique and so special is that this remodel oh my god this these owners are just they have spent over 300,000 on the remodel of this home the last decade is just beautiful the taste the decor the style the thought could keep him it’s just amazing to me and they’re touched every surface in this house is just beautiful i mean you have vanished feel mark in feel some Italian feel all custom custom custom.

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