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Container Homes In The Caribbean

About Building A House in Panama Expat to Expat

Music Hi, Milton. Good morning. I know that you have built a house or two And also this hotel, which we’re seeing In the background, Heavenly’s Hotel, What do you have to say about Building a house here, for expats?.

Building is relatively pretty easy. The process of getting it done is not that bad. If you find you a good contractor. It’s a really smooth process. Materials are very available to the standard. A lot of it’s not gonna be to American standard, But the standard’s good for where you’re at. Thank you very much, Milton.

You’re welcome. Thank you. Music}.

Tiny Luxury Sean and Taras Tiny House

music playing NARRATOR: Married couple, Sean and Tara, live in Lake Tahoe and are getting ready to move into a tiny house. The house that we’re currently living in is about 1,100 square feet. We would like to move into something around 140 square feet. We want to spend more time outdoors hiking.

And traveling and camping. TARA: We’ll get a good workout on these hills up here. We really want a lifestyle where we can work less and still be able to pay the bills. SEAN: We’re redefining what successful is. TARA: This is where we spend the most amount of our time, so we want it to be a comfortable space even though it’s small.

We want to be able to sit up and read and maybe watch a movie on one of our computers. So that’s a must have for us. And as far as guests, we definitely want to make sure we have some space for guests. We want to make sure that it’s a space that’s designated for them. And if they’re not there, we can double it as storage.

We also like a lot of light, and we want to incorporate as much light as possible. Hopefully we can do that with windows, and we’re really into skylights. We want to be able to see the sky above our heads, especially in our master loft. We’d love to be able to see the stars before we go to bed and wake up to the sun.

I’ve always liked the livedin look. I like the cabin, rustic look. We definitely want to have that throughout the house. NARRATOR: This tiny home is 140 square feet and will have 11 windows, including a large bay window and window seat with builtin storage. So you’re not using like actual square footage. Very neat.

Yeah, you’re actually gaining square footage. Yeah, right. Exactly. NARRATOR: The kitchen will feature black granite countertops, a fourburner gas range, and floating oak shelves. A fullsize refrigerator will hide under the oak staircase, which leads up to the 60.

Square foot master suite. There will be 48 inches of headroom and a large skylight. Custom builtin shelving will be incorporated behind the bed and within the stairs. A 25 square foot guest loft will be located across from the master loft above the bathroom. Perfect. That sounds great.

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