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Shipping Container to Buy, Rent or Lease in Perth, WA

Shipping Container to Buy, Rent or Lease in Perth, WA If you're looking for where to buy, rent or lease a sea shipping container then you have come to the right place. Our services include hire sales of 6, 8, 10, 20 and 40ft shipping containers. You can buy a sea container or you can lease one short or long term. No matter what you need it for we'll have a sea container that is just right for you. We have a years of experience to listen and answer all your questions and we have very.

D.I.Y homemade MATTE NAIL Polish!!! AndreasChoice

Sometimes I just don't feel like leaving my house to go buy things and that's one of the reasons why I love DIY so much. In today's tutorial, I'm actually going to show you how to turn your standard, is that the right word, nail polish into matte nail polish. It's probably better to use something that doesn't have like any glitter in it. But I don't know, I've never really tried it with anything that has glitter in it. So I don't really know how it would turn out. Here is all that you need.

A mixing palette of some sort, your nail polish, and you need some corn starch. And a base coat is actually optional, but I prefer to use a base coat when I'm gonna do like something really cool to my nails, because I want it to last longer. Let it dry. And then afterwards, you're gonna get your nail, whatever nail polish you wanna use. My favorite nail polish like in matte color or style is black. And then afterwards, get your mixing palette. I'm just using an empty lid to like an old container.

Then get your nail polish and put a little bit into your mixing palette. I recommend starting off with a little bit at first so that the unused part doesn't dry up too quick and then you waste nail polish. And then I'm taking a stir stick and just a little bit of cornstarch at the end of the stir stick like this much, and I'm mixing it into the nail polish like you see me doing. Be sure to mix it together evenly, because you want the corn starch not to be, you know, clumpy.

Also you wanna hurry and apply because it is corn starch, it will start to get really clumpy. So, make sure that, you know, you, you, the process needs to move quickly. And you'll notice the texture is really weird. It's probably really weird at first to apply, but as it starts to dry and set, it actually, kind of, like smooths itself out a bit. And the more cornstarch, you use per nail polish drops, the more matte it's gonna be. And here's what it looks like when it's drying.

It takes like five or ten minutes to dry and to start turning matte. And then after it's dry, this is what it looks like and then I compare it actually. Two of my fingers, the top one is just regular black nail polish with no clear coat, and then the bottom has the corn starch in it, and that's what it looks like when it's completely dry. Also, don't forget to clean off your bristles with, like, nail polish remover and like, a cotton pad before putting it back into its home.

And then afterwards, here is what my nails look like when they're completely done. Now, if you're feeling really fancy and frisky, a little tip, I guess, beauty tip, you can just take a clear coat and do a little French mani. I love this look so much. I think it's so freaking cute and I've seen it around and so now I got to make my own without going shopping or going to a salon. So this is what the finished product looks like. Here is my attempt to paint my right hand with my left hand cause I am right handed.


Hi guys! in todays tutorial im going to show you how to make your own eos refill using maybelline baby lips! please subscribe for more tutorials like this and I hope you like it! starting of you just going got take your old eos and pop of this little divider and now that you have this part clean you just going got screw in the divider to the top now for the actual lip balm, you can make it organic but the ingredients can be very expensive so here im going to melt 2 maybellibe baby lips electro to make a tinted eos!.

Then just take your container and fill it up pass the divider place this in the freezer for half an hour and then you just take it out and screw it and you will ended up with this perfect dome shape like a real eos! and that's it! you can try this with any lip balm that you may have or any lipstick! I hope you like this tutorial, let me know in the comments if you want me to do more DIYS like this, and see you next time, BYE.

7 Super Cool Demonstrations with Liquid Nitrogen

The demonstrations you are about to see are for educational and entertainment purposes only, and are not intended to be duplicated. Get out your container of liquid nitrogen, and grab a box of neapolitan ice cream. This is the type of ice cream that has 3 flavors in one, so go ahead and separate the colors into different containers, and give them a couple of minutes to melt. In the meantime, we'll need to fill a bowl, with liquid nitrogen. This stuff is 321F 196C, which means it well below the freezing point, of your party guests. Now if you try dripping your.

Flavors in, one drop at a time, you'll notice they instantly bead up, and freeze solid. When you've got all the flavors you need, simply scoop the tasty pellets into a serving bowl, and voila! You've got a futuristic ice cream, ready to serve, and enjoy. Load up a bowl with mini marshmallows, and sprinkle liquid nitrogen over the top. The marshmallows should freeze instantly, but go ahead and let them soak for about 30 seconds just to be sure. The end result is a subzero chill pill , that's perfectly fine to eat,.

And lets you see your breath when you crunch into it. Now, if you flashfreeze a larger marshmallow, rather than eating it, try placing it on a plate and giving it a smack. It'll shatter into a thousand pieces. For this trick you'll need a glass bottle with a narrow neck, and a party horn with a little hot glue, added around the bottom. When it gets placed in the bottle, it should make a nice, snug fit. Now carefully pour the liquid nitrogen, so the bottle is a quarter full, followed by a shot of hot water. You can see that when the horn is pressed into.

Place, it becomes a crazy noisemaker, that blows all on it's own. If you get a few of these going, you can really make some noise. When there isn't enough pressure to keep the horns going, try adding more hot water to the bottle, and place a balloon over the top. There will still be enough pressure shooting up, to inflate the balloons, all on their own. It will save you the effort, and the gas inside is completely harmless. Cut the top off an empty soda can, and fill it up with more liquid nitrogen. If you let.

The can sit for a few minutes, the extreme cold, will pull oxygen out of the air, and trap it at the bottom. Now try dipping a super strong magnet into the liquid, and when you pull it out, you'll have liquid oxygen stuck to the bottom. At least until it warms up, and boils off. Blow up a bunch of little party balloons, and soak them in a container of liquid nitrogen, so they shrink down to nothing. Then quickly scoop them all into a bowl, and stand back to watch the magic. Rising from a layer of mysterious flowing fog, your little balloon.

Babies, begin to grow right before your eyes, spilling over and covering the table. They grow up so fast, don't they Fill one of your small balloons with helium, and shrink it down in liquid nitrogen, like you did the others. Scoop it out and place it down on a table to see what happens. You'll notice that after a few seconds, it suddenly pops upright, then takes off like a little UFO. Your friends should be impressed, to see your little creation grow up, and begin to fly. Well now you know 7 different party tricks, with liquid nitrogen. If you liked this project,.

AntWorks Illuminated Ant Farm Gel

AntWorks provides you with a revolutionary way to observe the astute architectural brilliance of nature's beloved ants. This six and a half inch by six inch spaceage habitat is based on technology used by NASA. The translucent gel not only allows you to watch the ants create their network of tunnels, but also provides the ants with food and water for survival. Speaking of ants, you must collect your own or order some from the enclosed order forms found in your AntWorks instruction manual. This instruction manual also includes tons of interesting ant facts.

Once you've received your batch of ants, remove the lid and poke four holes in the gel using the included two and a quarter inch stick. These holes act as starting points for the ants to begin tunneling. Next, insert approximately 20 to 25 ants into the container. Larger ones, such as harvester ants, are recommended. Their size makes them easier to observe, and their large mandibles are great for tunnel digging. Avoid mixing different species of ants, as they could spend more time fighting than actually creating tunnels. Because the gel is a very foreign environment for ants,.

24 to 48 hours may pass before any digging occurs. As you watch the time lapse footage of our ants in action, keep a few things in mind. First, avoid storing the AntWorks in direct sunlight. Ants prefer shade, so put them in a room temperature between 50 and 74 degrees Fahrenheit if possible. Second, the gel consists of more than enough food and water for your ants to survive. In addition, ants require little oxygen, so the small holes on the lid are sufficient. However, opening t lid for a few seconds every week.

Wouldn't hurt. Finally, ants generally have a lifespan of one to three months. Some may live longer, and some may expire before a month. Once the ants have begun digging and their intricate tunnels begin to form, you can study their unique, intelligent behavior up close. Their network of tunnels is nothing short of amazing. AntWorks comes with a magnifying glass, allowing you or your child to observe specific ant mannerisms unable to be seen by the naked eye. The included extreme zoom lens lets you get even closer to the action.

How to grow Chilli Peppers tutorial with Thompson Morgan

Chillies are surprisingly easy to grow and with so many varieties available there's one to suit everybody's taste buds. Now here in the UK we can't guarantee a long hot summer so it's best to start off your chilli peppers indoors as early as possible. January or February is ideal because it gives the peppers plenty of time to ripen before the end of summer. Sow your chilli seeds in seed trays or small pots of moist free draining seed compost and then cover them with a fine sprinkling of compost or vermiculite.

Today I'm sowing 'Naga Jolokia' which are one of the world's hottest chilli peppers. You need to water your seeds lightly after sowing to provide sufficient moisture for them to germinate, and don't forget to label them. Chillies need a temperature of 18 to 25 degrees Celsius to germinate so it's a good idea to invest in a heated propagator, but if you don't have a propagator then just seal the pot inside a ziplock bag it helps to keep the seeds warm and moist. Chilli seeds normally take 7 to 10 days to germinate.

But it depends on the variety and some of them can take up to a month. You'll need to keep an eye on the compost to make sure that it stays constantly moist but never too wet because that could cause the seeds to rot. These chillies were sown a couple of weeks ago and they're now a few millimetres high so they can be moved to slightly cooler conditions to prevent their growth becoming soft and spindly. Somewhere warm and bright like a sunny windowsill or a heated greenhouse is ideal.

After a few weeks they should be large enough to handle and you can prick them out into individual pots. Hold each seedling by its leaves and gently tease it out of the compost using a dibber or the tip of a pencil. Try to avoid handling the stem of the seedling as this can easily be bruised and damaged. Transplant each seedling into its own pot and gently firm the compost around the roots before watering them to settle the soil. The seedlings will need to grow on in a bright greenhouse.

Or a warm sunny windowsill for a bit longer. These plants are about three months old and they're starting to put on some really good growth. When you start to see fine white roots emerging through the drainage holes in the bottom of the pots then you know that they're rooted in properly and they're ready to be transplanted again. If you want to continue growing your chillies in the greenhouse then transplant them into 2 litre containers or grow bags. If you don't have a greenhouse then wait until all risk of frost has passed.

And you can plant them in a sheltered sunny spot outdoors either in containers or moist fertile soil. You need to acclimatise them to outdoor conditions for a few days beforehand. Just pop them outside during the day and bring them back indoors at night. Throughout the summer you'll need to keep them well watered and feed them regularly with a high potash tomato fertiliser. It's best to keep them a little on the dry side because stressing them very slightly helps to produce hotter peppers. You won't need to sideshoot your chilli plants as you would for tomatoes.

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