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How to Grow Kale from Seed Growing Kale at Home

How to grow kale from seed My way of growing Kale at home To grow kale is tool green the old I'll ok I don't think I'll this is what the cool the Kale looks like from the packet I use a small see racing taina that has 24 separate parts a double bed 223 season age homes it is threequarters will look to it as long as the soil use is long since eighteen not climb long it works well I would have to see grace not contain a well and covering politically.

Couple implicit in the shade area seed raising contained it comes with its periodically it come up here is that counts the that has been planted and Morton in the sea raising container week one the can see this time issued hot the first week here is a closeup of the sprouting home in the first week week too this is the very first leaves or sprouting leaves hope that counts at week to week 3 the kale is developing its second leaves which are looking like that clearly help shape this is a closeup.

Hope the second lien of the college week three week 4 the cam has grown just that little bit more week so I the countless going quite well this stage week 6 some other kind of plants have the said a blues week 7 but how plans a chilean more week I this is what the couch let's look like eight weeks week no at week knowing ahead in issue with the pace it's time to cut the tops and eat the leaves of the curlt kale I discovered it once done by might come workers.

Cut wounds were in the soul that argues so to get them helms of like this see container with water and for a few minutes they surfaced and I removed them week 10 the complaints are recovering from the cut would protect week 11 at we can live in it was time to play it at the calcite means into the arkansaslittle week 12 this is what the kale plants look like up to 12 weeks week 13 but compliments are starting to fill out now but I have distinguished themselves in the sole week for doing.

Week for the agency's the kale plants doing well by a living on what is in the sole water and plenty of Sun week 15 the camera is going well his son has just started week 16 with some nonsmall dies the car plants that grow well week 7 a.m. the Cup wins and then looking more like the photo on the original say pack Kale is growing wonderful and enjoys the company of beetroot plants week 8 a.m. why we cater in Macau dreams are ready to meet along to remove any old leaves at the bottom of the car plants.

Tree Plant Care How to Grow Ginseng at Home

Hi this is Yolanda Vanveen and in this segment we are going to talk all about how to grow ginseng an herb that has been around for a long long time that has just been taken America by storm recently because we have realized it has so many medicinal purposes. It's a number one herb for your body as far as it is great to take you can either make it into a powdered form or even just eat a little piece of ginseng and it just boosts your immune system and makes you a lot stronger so that you can resist any type of colds or flus this.

Is a plant that really makes you healthy. Ginseng is found mostly in China but there's a American variety of ginseng that is even stronger and even more valuable in fact the ginseng that grows wild in Wisconsin it sells for more than a hundred and fifty dollars a pound because it is found in the wild and they have to harvest the roots and there is not many left in the wild. It can be grown in your garden as well but it has to be grown in an area that is similar to its natural environment. Now ginseng is found in woods.

It grows just like a trillium so anywhere a trillium will grow it will grow so it likes deep canopies of forests so lots of big pine trees and a lot of lush underneath a lot of pine needles and leaves a lot of organic material and it will come up with three or four leaves on it and just like a trillium and in the center in the fall it will have little red berries and in those berries is the seeds, so most of the ginseng is started by seed.

And they just take the seeds off of the ginseng plant in the fall and they are just little red berries and you plant them in the fall right after they are done going to seed immediately just like they would in nature and you just barely put them underneath the layer of compost that naturally occurs on the ground in the forest and it will come up and grow the next spring. Now it makes a huge set of roots like Dahlia roots and the roots are actually dried or eaten fresh and they just use them for many different reasons and different purposes.

They can be cut up and used in all types of food dishes or they put them into pills too or into tea so there is many different uses and it takes up to seven years for one ginseng plant to be ready for harvest it so they make a big set of roots and so those roots are worth a lot of money and when you grow them you always have to worry about the risk they might get stolen because they are worth so much. So don't tell everybody that you have.

Them and grow them in a nice area of your woods and just plant them and leave them alone for about seven years you don't water them you don't fertilize them you don't do anything to them, you just check on them and they will come back every year and grow bigger and bigger and bigger and by the seventh year they will be ready to harvest you just dig up the roots and separate them back and you can always put some of the roots back into the ground to start some new plants again.

Storm Shelters Mississippi 18009157233 Great American Storm Shelters

The best place to put an inground storm shelter would be your garage same as a safe room which is an above ground shelter. People in Mississippi especially need storm shelters to keep them safe because there are so many storms now that's crossing through the midwest and the southern states. So it would be a great idea for everybody to have storm shelters where they can protect their family. Without a storm shelter it's basically like rolling the dice whether you will live or die. And the 1 800 number is 18009157233. takingshelter.

Ships collide in latenight crash on Mississippi River


WITH TWO SHIPS DOCKED AT THE INTERNATIONAL MATEX TANK TERMINAL. THE CREW OF THE TOWING VESSEL CAPT SHAWN D MARTINEZ WAS UNLOADING FUELthe impact of THE COLLSION caused hundreds of gallons of fuel to spill into the water. Jonathan Lally The report that we got was there's approximately 580 gallons of the number six fuel oil that was discharged into the river. INVESTIGATORS SAY THE VALVE WAS SHUT OFF IMMEDIATELY AND EMERGENCY RESPONDERS PUT BOOM INTO THE WATER TO CONTAIN the spill. kelsey davis the coast guard is reporting no injuries at this.

Planting Tulips and Daffodils

If you love spring flowers like daffodils and tulips, then you need a plan and plant ahead. because spring blooming bulbs start with fall planting. Hi, I'm William Moss and I'm going to show how to plant bulbs for stunning spring garden. The most popular type of spring bulbs include tulips which come in in a vivid array of colors like reds, yellows, oranges, purples and whites, and daffodils also called narcissus. Typically they vary in colors of yellow and white but there are also some peach varieties. They have that little cup in the middle surrounded by the frilly petals.

That everyone is so familiar with. The first step is to dig a hole. We've already got our hole here. And the depth of our hole is determined by the size of the bulb. The general rule is three times as wide as the bulb is how deep you need to go. So this particular bulb is about two inches our hole is about six inches. You can see here for these smaller bulbs there about one inch so there are only three inches deep into the ground. And then you have to plant it right side up.

You'll notice but the bottom of the bulb has some old ruffled roots on the bottom and the top of it will be more tapered. The next step is to sprinkle a little fertilizer in the bottom of the hole turn it all in, that way the bulbs are fed, and they have food and nutrition right at their roots right away. So you simply just place the bulbs in the hole. You want to make sure they aren't touching. So I'm arranging them with the tops up and have them not touching. If you've got the space.

You can plant them by the hundreds. It really looks nice. If you're working in an exisiting garden like we are here, we put about twelve of them in this hole. You never want to plant once single bulb. Always plant them in mass to give you a big show. The next step the cover them up with soil. After you water, Now it's time to mulch. You simply spread About two inches of mulch over the top, you can actually go to four, two to four inches over the top, and that helps keep the soil a.

Fortified Building

Tracie Sempier One feature of a resilient community is its infrastructure's ability to absorb shock and bounce back after hurricanes and coastal storms. One way you can protect your home from coastal storms is to pay close attention to the way that it's built. Some features will make your home stronger and increase its likelihood to withstand high winds and increased storm surge. We often refer to these features as ways to fortify your home much like fortifying a castle for battle. Darius Grimes What the fortified program does is, as a minimum, requires the use of what we call a.

Sealed roof deck, which is nothing more than a peelandstick tape that is applied along the joints and ridges of a roof system to seal those off. Alex Cary Sealing a deck in many cases can actually allow folks to stay in their home even as their building back and getting that roof structure put back on. So that's really why it's so important. Darius Grimes If there's a weak spot at any point between the roof and the walls and foundation, the house will break free or collapse or cause a failure in those areas.

Alex Cary So this can save a lot of money on insurance, but it also can save a lot of money in the event of a storm if and when the roof does blow off it it allows the homeowner to actually stay in it without having that water damage inside. Darius Grimes In this particular house, what they've done to achieve a load path is they've used these big, threaded rods, but they've also had to go back in and put steel straps in. This is one method of achieving a load path. Basically think of it as a.

Chain connected at two ends. One end is the roof system or the trusses. The other and is the foundation or what the house sits on that transfers the load into the ground. In between that, we have a chain and if there's any weak link in that chain, that's where you're going to have a building failure in the structure. Alex Cary So what we're trying to do is educate folks on how to build back stronger to change that behavior and make these homes more resilient, so when the next storm hits, they're better protected and able.

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Modular Homes

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