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Container Homes Of Maryland

Hi I’m Tricia a California organic gardener blueberry muffins, blueberry pie, blueberry ice cream, blueberry pancakes, plain old blueberries if you like them you can grow them in containers or in the garden bed I’ll show you how! for successful blueberry garden its important to choose the right variety the number of chill hours in your area will helpyou make a decision on what varieties to plant and you can contact your local agdepartment to find out the chill hours in your area for example if you live in a cold areawith a thousand chill hours or so get a northern highbush type for warmer climates go with lower chillhour southern highbush get at least two varieties for optimum yields and pollination growing delicious blueberries all starts with the soil blueberries are an acid loving plant like azaleas and rhododendrons if you’re not sure of the acidity of your soil you can do simple pH test blueberries like it to be between four and five on the pH scale controlling the pH of your soil in contaniers is very easy and blueberries do really well going incontainers like these thirty gallon smart pots a great recipe for blueberry containermix is one part organic potting soil for nutrients and one part peat moss or coco peat for moisture retention and to help create that low pH were going to add a half a pound of this acid fertilizer to every cubic foot that we have of potting mix now the fun part i get to plant my chandler blueberry make sure and plant the blueberry up to the same spot that it was plantedbefore and then water I expect an abundant harvest of blueberriesfrom these plants in the future but this year i’m going to pick off theselittle flowers so that i can encourage the root development but that’s okay because i have established blueberries planted somewhere else and I’m going to show you how to care for those so here we are with some of myestablished blueberry plants and they’re just starting to flower and to keep them healthy and happy I’m going to do a few things Im going to make sure that there well mulched and watered I’m going to fertilize them and I’m going to do some moderate pruning so I’ve buried emitter line all alongthe fence line here where the blueberries are planted so i’m sure that theblueberries are getting adequate water they like about an inch of water per week I’m also going to make sure that theres no weed competition around the base of the blueberry plants now that I’ve cleared away all the weeds and competition I’m going to go ahead and fertilize according to the instructions on the package your going to want to fertilize early spring and late spring.

100 Years of Service Maryland Extension

On May 8th, 1914 Congress signed into law the SmithLeverAct, which officially established the National Cooperative Extension Service a statebystate network of educatorswho extend universitybased research and knowledge to citizens. Throughout the last century,residents of Maryland have depended on University of Maryland Extension to get the information and tools theyneed to enhance their quality of life.

Through the SmithLever Act being thetranslator or the front door of the university. We made greatstrides to bring education to many of our residents. For farmer Guy Moore who operates Larriland Farms in Howard County, a pick your own fruit and vegetable farm,University of Maryland Extension has served as a lifeline for more thanthree decades. I have several people from the University of Maryland Extension on speed dial. I call them way more than they’d like to hear from me I’m sure.

I have a problem here with this crop. I think I am going to use this procedure to control the problem. You know what do you think?The quality control we’re able to have here is all because of the resources they bring to the table. In its early days, University of MarylandExtension was mainly focused on farming practices,home economics, and life in rural areas. While these remain a large part of whatExtension does the organization has had to adapt overthe years to keep pace with the changing times and demographics of our state.

With offices in every county and inBaltimore City, University of Maryland Extension offersa little something for everyone. Most people in the state of Maryland probably don’t realize the types ofprogramming that that we have available for the residents of Maryland. University of MarylandExtension’s 4H program engages more than 96,000 youth each year in the state. From raisinganimals and showing them at the State Fair to creating elaborate craft project toparticipating in robotics competitions Maryland 4H is training the leadersof tomorrow and preparing them for prosperousfutures. It’s a lot about learning about like how gears work.

How programming works. How electricity like how to run everything. But it’s a lot about teamwork andcollaboration. We continue to celebrate our richhistory and that project emphasis that we’ve had, but we recognize that for our children to be competitive in today’s environment that they need sciencebasedskills. They need workforce readiness that makes them more appealing to individuals in the industry and so forth. So we’ve evolved their project.

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