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Container House Bedroom

How to Furnish a Childrens Bedroom At Home With P. Allen Smith

You caught me. I'm just a big kid at heart. You know, outfitting a children's room can be challenging. It's not as easy as you think. When I design children room, there's three things that I like to keep in mind. One, is durability. Second, it's gotta have the right mood or feel. And third, it needs to be adaptable to change. Because after all, they're gonna be growing up. So let me show you what I did in this kid's room. One of the first things that I wanted to do was make sure that the beds in here were, well, solid, and that they.

Were covered in something really durable. So you know what I had the headboards made with an indooroutdoor fabric. This is Sunbrella fabric. Not only are the headboards and footboards done that way, but also the coverlets or bedspreads. This stuff is really easy to clean. It's iron clad and indestructible. For the other pieces of furniture, I went with something equally durable Metal nested tables that are painted a bright color. And if you take a look at the floor, I painted the floors a bright color with a very durable floor paint, and this.

Is a cotton rug over it easy to wash, easy to care for. Now let's talk about the mood of the room. Who wants a dull, somber room I used bright colors. The walls are painted a pale blue. Again, the floor is green. All the trim is white. And the fabrics I've used, well, they're really perky. I used pink on these beds and the two beds over here, I used blue. Girls, boys. And to make it simple, all the colors that I chose for this room.

Really sprang from this one piece of fabric that I'm using as a dust ruffle it's whimsical and fun. And if you just use this as a guide, you can't go wrong in terms of creating a sense of harmony in this space. Also, the other things I added to make this room fun I used some of their own artwork and framed it. They love that. And also, lots of books up here on subjects they love. Who doesn't love a puppy Now the major components in this room are easily adaptable to change. The major components are, well, the four single.

Master Bedroom Shades That Garden Home Challenge With P. Allen Smith

You watched us design and build this house in 150 days, but the work is far from over. We're about to jump into my favorite part of the process of bringing all this together. Join me for an exclusive look right here on eHow Home. It's very exciting in that we are putting the finishing details on the windows in this room. You know, windows are so important when it comes to an ecofriendly house. You can lose a lot of energy through windows. That's why we wanted to make sure that these windows were double paned. It increases the.

Energy efficiency. And this is a line of windows from Marvin that were more affordable for us, but they also give us a really high energy rating, because it's really impressive how much heat come into a room in the summer by not having adequate windows. Now we're ready to decorate, and you can actually help increase the energy efficiency by using drapery or window treatments. And in this case, what I'm using is this beautiful colored linen in the form of a Roman shade which will fold out. I'll show that in just a moment. But.

It's fitted for this window by the shade store, and they're very easy to install. You see, just by looking at these premarked points here, here and here, it's attached just up inside the window casing up here. You see, what's marvelous about these Roman shades is that even in winter, when the wind is howling outside, you can drop the shades and it helps keep the room warmer. In the summer, by pulling the shades, you don't have all that hot bright light coming in. This is a south facing window and so you can imagine the light that would.

Pour in here in the heat of summer. And let's go over here and look at this one that's already installed. What I love about these Roman shades, once they're installed, you can see how tailored the fit is and the ease of use. You see, all you have to do is do this to lower and raise them. So, very nice. And I love this little safety feature here. You know, so often children can get caught up in strings or ropes or beads like this, and so, this keeps that form happening.

you just attach it to the inside of the window like that. Very nice. And let's talk about color for just a moment. If you look here, these are some big pillows that I wanna use on the bed, and I took this color of brown, sort of a gray brown you see, it's very close to this linen color, so I get this color echo going. I wanted those deepest tones in the windows. And you can see this wall color is very similar to this taupe or brown you.

Worlds largest container ship arrives in the UK

The world's largest container ship has docked at a British port for the first time. On Wednesday, the 400 metre long CSL Globe, which carries 19,000 standard containers, docked at Felixstowe port in the east of England. The vessel, which left China in December, arrived at the Suffolk port sometime after 1230pm. Hundreds of spectators lined the coast to watch the ship dock, which is carrying a large range of consumer goods including food and drink, clothing, electrical goods and furniture. This vessel's tongue is the biggest in the world. 19,000 units. Ten years ago, 9,000.

Choosing Fall Flowers for Container Gardening Window Boxes

At the end of summer, many annuals have lost their luster. But, you can replace them and revive your containers with fresh fall flowers. Hi, I'm William Moss and I'm going to talk about five options for colorful autumn containers and window boxes. Let's start with pansies. Pansies make very good container plants because they have big, big flowers on these short plants. So, you can really put them in and form a nice border in front. When you plant them, you just want to pull some of the roots out a little bit and that's it.

They're so easy to plant. Just pop them right on in, and make sure they're on the edge in a border like that. And then we have kale. It has colorful foliage, very decorative, and the neat thing about it is that it takes the cold temperatures. It really likes those cooler weather. So, same as with the pansies, all you do is break up some of the roots, and put this guy in here. Now the ornamental kale will get large, so for a container like this, one is gonna be good enough to kind of anchor everything in for us.

And then, we have mums. Mums, of course, are very popular fall flowers and they work very well in containers. And, mums come in so many different colors that we'll even work a few reds in with some of our russets. They also come in yellow some like this red have bright yellow eyes, and put the guys right in there. That's perfect. And very similar to mums are asters. Asters are perennials. They come in shades of blues and purples. They work perfectly when you put them and containers. Look for dwarf varieties.

The ones that are about six to eight inches and they will spillover with literally hundreds of purple and blue flowers. And then the last thing I want to add to the container, is actually not a flower at all. These are mini gourds and they had a lot interest. You'll be able to find these in stores and farmers markets, but you also can grow your own and add those to your containers you don't have to plant them. Just sit a few of them inside your container, just for interest,.

Small Bedroom Storage Ideas

Don't let small quarters limit your storage options. Here are 3 clever ideas for better small bedroom storage. Reclaim a suitcase for under bed storage. Paint the suitcase then attach casters to the underside for easy sliding under your bed. Store away. Contain tiny treasures inside a hollowedout book. Glue the pages of an old book together then carve out a space to the needed depth. Recycled drawers create storage options on this headboard. Simply design the headboard to fit the shape of the drawers in your collection, paint a uniform color and attach to the wall. Old objects used in new ways helps maximize the.

How to Furnish an Attic Bedroom At Home With P. Allen Smith

You know, when you need extra space, taking advantage of the underutilized space you have in an attic might be a way to maybe add another room. That's what I did here with this guest room. It's actually up in the attic. And you come up these stairs. And I wanted to make it feel like a farmhouse. So all the materials here, and the layout of the room itself, are those that you might of found in a farmhouse in about 1900. When you come up here, you can tell that this is an attic space. Some of the telltale signs include, well, just.

The shape of the roof of the ceiling. You see, it actually follows the roof. So what we did is we moved in from the edges of the roof to make this wall, and the same on this side. And then from the 7 foot mark up to here is 9 feet, and then we flattened it off. So at the highest point it's 9 feet, 7 feet on the sides. And what I used for material up here is old fashioned beadboard, but it's really not beadboard. It's actually 4x8 sheets.

Of pressed beadboard, just to give the look. I wanted to save a little money. So take a look at the floors. You see, these are tongue and groove pine floors. We didn't use firstgrade pine. Meaning, the very best grade of pine. This is a secondgrade pine. It was less expensive. But what I decided to do up here was paint it. I didn't wanna stain it or do some sorta hardwood finish, I wanted it just to be painted. Because it feels like this room. I wanted it to be really comfortable and easy and relaxed and that the colors be really cool. That's.

Why I chose this soft green, and on the walls, a really soft blue. So let's take a look at the layout of the furniture. You see, again, comfort is key here. I wanted to make sure that not only was there a comfortable bed, but also a baby crib, in case guests might bring an infant. Also, I wanted a place for them to just kick back and relax. It's up in the attic, they're away from all the hubbub of the house, so there are a couple of swivel.

Chairs for rocking the baby or just relaxing, and a really nice sofa that's slipcovered with some bright colors that really pop. There's a enough space in this 15x17 room to accommodate this fullsized bed. And if you have enough room in the attic, you might think about adding a bathroom. And there was just enough in this nook up here for me to put a bathroom in. Only enough room to put in a shower, just in line with the valley of the roof. But hey, it worked. I have to say, this is a room I had a lot of fun in designing. Just take a.

Look at the lights They're star shaped. They look really oldfashioned, but they're made by Circle Lighting and readily available. And then the floor itself, well, I've got a woven cotton rug made by Albert and Dash, which I love the colors pink and white. This is the same pattern that you find in the stair hall coming up into this space. And as for the art, I went with drawings that children had made and framed them and put them all along the walls. To lighten the room up, I chose to use all painted furniture,.

Which I think really works. For instance, this one over in the corner was a chest of drawers that was made in the 1830s. The veneer was so bad, and the price of it was so right because I bought that for 50 bucks, and had it painted. And I think the color looks great in here. Hey, if you're enjoying these tips on style, check in with us regularly. And make sure you subscribe to eHow Home. So excited you all are coming. Oh, and you're bringing the baby. Alright, well we'll see you tomorrow. Thank goodness I have plenty.

Vegetable Container Gardening

Growing crops in containers can bring beauty and bounty to your deck or patio. Step 1 Pick a spot on your deck or patio that gets at least 6 hours of sunlight each day. Next, fill the planter with all purpose potting soil. Make sure your container has drainage holes. If it doesn't, drill several on the bottom. Step 2 Gently remove a transplant from a nursery pot. If the roots are matted, untangle them with your fingers. Dig a hole with your hands or a trowel and set a plant in at the same depth it was growing in the.

Container Grown Fruit At Home With P. Allen Smith

Figs are delicious, and they were actually considered the first form of clothing, if you know what I mean Let me tell you how you can grow them in a small space. You know, something I hear a lot from folks is that I would really love to grow some of my own food, but I have much room at all, really no space. Hey, it doesn't take much space to grow some of the most delicious things you've ever eaten in your life. I'm crazy about blueberries. Look at all these blueberries. And guess what They're growing in containers.

I have 5 containers of blueberries here, 3 different varieties. And look at the fruit set. I'm giving them a little feed. I fertilized them just as they were coming out of their winter slumber. But I'm giving them just a little bit more, as these blueberries began to ripen. You see, about a month and a half ago they started swelling, or the buds did. And you can see these beautiful flowers. And then the honey bees showed up and they started pollenating. And what you have to have to produce blueberries like this isyou need.

At least varieties that flower at the same time, so you get that cross pollination going on. And what I like to do is make sure I plant them in large containers, and I set them down in saucers. And I got a drip irrigation system here. This keeps the soil consistently moist. And you can see just how well they're producing. In the fall, the foliage on these plants, well, it's just outstanding. They're beautiful plants. Hey, in my fruit production, in this little space, doesn't just stop here. Come on over here, let me show you. Now take a.

Look at this big guy. This is a fig. It's actually a Brown Turkey Fig. And I don't bring these in in the winter, even though you might think that's such an Italian thing to have. Actually, I got the idea of growing them in containers on a trip to Italy, where I was sitting out at a restaurant in a little patio area, and they had big pots of figs. And it was really beautiful. But just look at all the fruit on this fig tree, it's just fantastic. Now, as I said, this one's Brown Turkey. And I don't have to take these containers in during.

The winter. There are some varieties that can really take much colder temperatures. For instance, there's one called Chicago Hearty that is hearty up to Zone 5Chicagoand it can take temperatures as low as zero. Now, I wouldn't say it would survive in a container exposed like this, but it would in the ground. But anyway, it just looks great as a landscape plant. And just look at all these gorgeous figs. Hey, if you're enjoying these segments on how to grow some of your own food in the tiniest places, tell a friend about them.



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