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Container House Cladding

BillyOh Georgian 5000 Corner Summer House

Why not take a little time off for yourself with the BillyOh Georgian Corner summerhouse? It’s a really sturdy construction. We have cladding on the walls that’s tongue and groove and on the ceiling and on the floors. And that means you got a really sturdy construction. This is a long lasting wellbuilt premium quality summerhouse. We have double doors so they open right out so the sunshine can stream through as you’re enjoying sipping something cool reading a book or magazine.

And the windows open right up as well. Oh and you’ve got a lot of headroom at the front if it for standing room as well. Now if you’d like to order have a look at our website, details on the screen or of course you can call one of our dedicated sales teams. on the phone number on your screens right now.

Youll Never Guess What Firefighters Found Between Two Shipping Containers

(machine whirring) The Jaws of Life have saved people countless times, but this week they saved the life of 12yearold Spike. The dog got stuck between two shipping containers in Oceanside, California. He was trapped with less than a foot of space, while playing with kids at South Oceanside Elementary School. Firefighters were able to pry the containers apart enough for him to walk out. Tutorial: “Come here pup! Come on buddy!â€� Spike’s owner was then able to coax him out.

(cheering and clapping).

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