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Container House For Sale In Greece


Hi guys! in todays tutorial im going to show you how to make your own eos refill using maybelline baby lips! please subscribe for more tutorials like this and I hope you like it! starting of you just going got take your old eos and pop of this little divider and now that you have this part clean you just going got screw in the divider to the top now for the actual lip balm, you can make it organic but the ingredients can be very expensive so here im going to melt 2 maybellibe baby lips electro to make a tinted eos!.

Then just take your container and fill it up pass the divider place this in the freezer for half an hour and then you just take it out and screw it and you will ended up with this perfect dome shape like a real eos! and that's it! you can try this with any lip balm that you may have or any lipstick! I hope you like this tutorial, let me know in the comments if you want me to do more DIYS like this, and see you next time, BYE.

RIT on TV News Innovation Symposium

Gtgt ANCHOR This summer, students at RIT are sharing some ideas that could change the world. And one student says he's found a cheap and simple solution to help people who've been put out because of natural disasters. News 8's Jason Frazer has more. gtgt COREY MACK They're piling up at ports in New Jersey and other ports in California. gtgt REPORTER If all goes according to plan, thousands of people could one day call these prototype shipping containers home. gtgt COREY MACK You take a container from a port, you strip it down and repaint it.

Gtgt REPORTER After a major natural disaster, displaced families are normally housed in government trailers, but Mack says his idea is more environmentally friendly. Some of the containers would be powered by solar panels. gtgt COREY MACK I've also proposed some that can come stand alone. Some have a green roof. gtgt REPORTER The container is just one of a dozen ideas proposed by RIT students at the Undergraduate Research and Innovation Symposium. gtgt JON SCHULL You could have the next Facebooker. You could have the next Dean Kamen. You could.

Have the next Thomas Edison for all I know. gtgt REPORTER On Friday, students presented their summer research work to business leaders and alumni. RIT said the purpose is to get students to think outside the box. Literally. gtgt JON SCHULL Knowledge is something students make, not just something students absorb. It's a chance for them to get some practice in a professional capacity. gtgt REPORTER Mack says his container idea would cost about $15,000. That's about the same price for already existing disaster relief housing. gtgt COREY MACK When I say it's $15,000, it's not just the shell. It includes the shell,.

How to plant Gherkins preparation

Vegetables gardening, grow gherkins, summer gardening in Greece. Vegetables and herbs garden. Home gardening ideas and methods. Another episode of Garden Tales. This episode is about How to plant Gherkins preparation Simple traditional methods of making your vegetable garden. I live in Greece. I learn how to make a vegetable garden from my parents. I live in a city small agricultural. People here have as tradition every year to make a vegetable garden and not only. So with the passing of years i learn too. All my methods and tools are very simple. Nothing complicated.

Another thing is that for my vegetable garden i use only, my plants, the soil, the sun and plenty of water. No chemicals. My fertilizer is natural. Some people here make that job. Have animal farms and produce natural fertilizer every year. So that's it. Garden Tales from my summer Greece vegetable garden. Every time that i plant something i will make a new tutorial. Also I will make some small clips with updates in my garden. How my plants growing, and with harvest. Some extras with flower slideshows will be in my channel also. I must say that.

Methods are 100 correct for the clima and ecobalance of this part of Greece. I don't know if in other conditions, temperature, rain etc this methods work ok. Also maybe there are other methods that work ok. So i m not claim that this methods are the only. But simple that working for me My basic rules are 1 Open holes and put natural fertilizer in at least 2 weeks before planting. 2 Plant. 3 Give water not the same in all vegetables. Check the need of each one. 4 Love your plants.

Curing Olives

Hi Im Tricia an organic gardener and I grow organically for a healthy and safe food supply for a clean and sustainable environment for an enjoyable and rewarding experience Olives are tasty and nutritious and if you've ever eaten a raw olive you know that they must be cured before eating theres several ways to cure olives water, lye, a dry salting or lactic fermentation using a brine and the lactate fermentation is the way we're going to demonstrate today today ill be making greek style brined olives for this style of olives start with either all green or allblack ripe olives.

It is helpful to select olives of a similar size for a more even curing discard olives that are bruised or scarred as far as the supplies that youll need at least a court but preferably bigger container made of glass, plastic, or ceramic i'm using this Harsch fermenting crock a gallon size pot for mixing the brine ripe olives and an ample amount of pickling salt start off by putting the olives into the crock the ratio of salt to make the brine is threequarters of a cup for every gallon.

Of water a third of the total water that your going to use for the brine needs to be hot so that the salt will dissolve faster then add the cool water after the salt dissolves before you add your brine to the olives put in your weight stones put a little cork plug so that the olives dont float up through the hole now it's time to add the brine make sure the brine cover the olives completely ive moved my crock to an undisturbed location and i'm gonna let it sit here for about a week between sixty and eighty degrees.

After a week you can mix up a second stronger brine using oneandahalf cups of salt per gallon of water drain off the first weaker brine and then add the strong brine this time we're gonna add a little bit of water into the reservoir this will prevent the growth of yeast on your olives while still allowing gas from inside the crock to bubble out for bitter olives let them stay in the crock for about two months in the brine taste them, if they taste good to you you can eat them right out of the crock in the brine.

Cute Sugar Gliders!

My name is Annette Ramos. I'm the fashion editor at Vice. And today you're at my house because I am babysitting for my parents' sugar gliders. I know that they're from Australia. They're marsupials. They are closely related to koalas. They are called sugar gliders because of their preference for nectarous foods. And they basically just eat fruit and insects. I'm feeding them peach yogurt. They hate all other flavors, though, which is weird. They are very easy to take care of apples, Gatorade, and grain, and maybe some yogurt. Their tails are so long because they can actually use.

Them to wrap around things. And they have these crazy long tongues, too. They are, like, this long. They clean themselves. You'll see them huddled up in a ball together just, like, licking each other. They have little flaps underneath both of their arms. If you put them on a high ledge, they fly off. No, no, no, you're not going in my closet. When we first got them, it took a while to get used to them because they would just jump on you. And sometimes, if you're not turned the right way, they'll.

Jump into your hair and just, like, dangle there. Come on, yeah. LAUGH During the day, I let them crawl around because they are normally really tame and sleepy. So they're not trying to experiment. Where is she They actually sleep most of the day. They're nocturnal, so they wake up at 1000 PM, normally, and they go to bed around 1000 PM. But every now and then they wake up during the day just to play, and then they go back to sleep. But when they're awake, they're awake for, like, 12 hours.

They love this wheel, which is extremely loud. Because they're awake all night, it's a little difficult taking care of them in a studio apartment. And then occasionally at night, they will bark if they want your attention, like when they first wake up, they want to see you. My dogs, they're fascinated by them. I have an Italian Greyhound. My little Chihuahua really likes them too. She would just sniff at them if you have them in your hands when you're feeding them. I think they're about done with us for today.

How to Make Dry Ice With a Fire Extinguisher!

You've probably seen dryice before, but did you know you can make it In this project you'll learn how to make some portable and ondemand dry ice using a pillow case and a fire extinguisher. For this project, I picked up this CO2 fire extinguisher from a local fire equipment servicing company. It's a 15lb extinguisher they had sitting in storage, and they said I could have it for free. It even came fully charged with 15 lbs of food grade CO2. Now these are special extinguishers typically found in restaurant kitchens, mechanical rooms, or rooms with.

Sensitive equipment like computers. You can know they're charged with carbon dioxide by stickers like these, or by holes punched in the servicing label. They also tend to have an extremely large discharge horn and no pressure gauges. The operation is pretty simple. Just remove the locking pin from the handle, and squeeze down when ready. The tank is full of liquid CO2, but it comes out as a gas and little chunks of dryice snow. All the residue quickly evaporates leaving everything as clean as when you started. It just makes it a little.

Harder to breathe. Ok, now here's the trick to making dry ice. Take a cloth bag like a pillow case, and wrap it over the end of the discharge horn, pulling up all the loose material, then go ahead and give it a blast. The vapor is really cold, and gets trapped at the bottom of the sack. There's also some dryice sticking to the discharge horn, so wipe that off as you're pulling it out. Alright, let's see what we got. Now it's probably a good idea to be wearing insulated gloves when handling dryice because it's 78C. It is extremely.

Cold, but I found if I move it around quickly enough, it doesn't sit in one place long enough to give me a frostbite. Digging down to the bottom of the sack you'll find larger clumps that look something like a dryice snowball. Now these are sublimating directly from a solid to a gas, so to preserve them a little longer I'm going to transfer them into a little bowl like this one. This should make them a bit more convenient to work with, as well as keep the overall temperature low enough to slow down the reaction. Alright, the bowl.

Is full, and there's our batch of dryice ready for experiments. Using something like the bottom of a glass or a jar, we can compact the snow to make it as dense as possible, then gently set a lid overtop. If you put the lid on too tight, the pressure of the gas will build and blow it off. Let's try the classic experiment of placing a few chunks in a container and adding some water. This is how we get the flowing fog you'd see in something like a halloween witches brew. This can also be poured out for a cascading waterfall.

Effect. And look, there's no mess to clean up. If we add some dry ice to a container of warm water, and screw on a lid with a small vent hole in it, we get a little CO2 geyser rocketing out of the top. Shaking it will speed up the reaction and increase it to a pressure that could possibly be used to drive a small motor. Well now you know how to make dryice whenever you need it, as long as you've got access to a carbon dioxide fire extinguisher.

Shipping Containers Carrying Cache Of Weapons Seized In Greece Updated Story

Shipping Containers Carrying Cache Of Weapons Seized In Greece Updated Story,Sorry I just uploaded wrong file here is the correct tutorial lol Yesterday I posted a tutorial about Greece capturing a ship, the Haddad1, that was carrying weapons..

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Container Stopped With Guns In GREECE Ready For The European ISIS Army.Greece Customs stop a Container with aid for refugees !! which was Filled with NEW Guns and ammo for the secret army !! nibiruelenin..

Amazing Underground Homes HD 201.Amazing Underground Homes HD 2015 With the population growing more and more each year, it was only a matter of time before people started building their..

Granny Flats - Modular Prefabricated Container Home - The Milan.High quality transportable made of shipping container modular homes also called Granny Flats supplied directly to you from the factory. Think of the possibilities..

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Bean Boozled Challenge! MattyBRaps Olivia Haschak

Bean Boozled Challenge! MattyBRaps Olivia Haschak,MattyB Olivia go head to head in this weeks. Bean Boozled Challenge! SUBSCRIBE! tiny.ccsubscribemb Hi BBoys BGirls! This week, MattyB sat..

Mossman Detectives Locate Property By The Shipping Container Load.Mossman detectives have charged a 'yearold man with a number of property related offences on March 25, 2015 after a search warrant was executed on his..

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Container Gardening - How To Grow Vegetables In Pots.Whether youre planning to grow a small kitchen herb garden, or to produce enough food to feed your family, containers can add the flexibility which helps make..

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