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Container House In Colombia

So, good evening and welcome. Just a few words from me before we get going. There’s a lot that is happening tonight, and I really want to be as brief as possible. But there are lots of little things that I’d like to just mention.

First of all, tonight we’ll have a chance to have a reception outside in the gallery. In a way, to celebrate the official formation, opening of the exhibition, Living Anatomy. And this is an exhibition that’s been going on for quite some time in terms of its preparation.

It falls under the rubric of our druker projects focusing on housing. And it was a real pleasure for me to actually get the chance to also collaborate with their curatorial team. I want to acknowledge them.

Megan panzano, daniel rauchwerger, matt gin, and Patrick Herron, who were in different ways responsible as members of the curatorial team. A very special thanks also to Dan Borelli, the head of our exhibitions, who collaborated with David ZimmermanStuart, to make the exhibition possible.

So we have invited the curatorial team to be here, so that afterwards, also, they can participate in the conversation and discussion with all of you. For those of you who have had a chance to look at the exhibition, you see.

That the focus of the exhibition is really to try and present some of the best possible thoughts related to the topic of housing today. There is, of course, a certain amount of precedent study, but the focus is really, what are the kinds of things that are going on that.

Are important contributions? You see that those thoughts are happening under a certain set of titles to try and establish a certain focus on the particular topics or ways or manners in which the issue of housing is being dealt with. We, as a school, have a long history.

Of dealing with the topic of housing. Many of you who are new might not know that we actually have a wonderful center here at the GSD, in collaboration together with the Kennedy School, which is a center for the study of housing.

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