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Container House In Royal Oak Mi

Rehabbing a Home and Preparing It for ReSale

We're back guys it's freezing out here theres snow on the ground but were in front of this awesome property that we closed on the day before Christmas. and we want to go over the hurdles and stuff and stumbling blocks that we found when we started our research. Now the seller contact us to sell his property and he ne eded to close fast so here at icandy homes we can do that. and time here is going to go over some of the details and stumbling blocks that we faced before we could actually close this project. so we actually found out.

Before we were going to close that there were sixteen thousand dollars in back taxes and tens of thousands in fines with the city. So what we had to do is negotiate these fines down to make this deal still work to provide value to the village city and for the seller. Alright were inside now were going to show you why this property was worth all this hassle. This is going to become a great four bedroom two bathroom right now we have a crew here and steves going to go over what were are actually going to accomplish here. yeah great.

Point tim. and i want to talk about the importance of having a great team you can see that we just closed on this property and we are already working we demolished the kitchen and took out a wall to open up this floor plan. hardrood floors, these are all all going to be refinished and like tim said we are also going to be putting in a master bath in the master bedroom so that's going to be a huge selling feature as well as the full finished basement. come.

Check it out let's go to the kitchen. so there was a wall right here we demolished it and took out the old kitchen cabinets and ordered new cabinets new appliances new fixtures and were going to put a new floor down here. alright were here in the master when we came in this morning we already had issues with the bathroom and how to configure it. well steve was able to come up with a solution with a great plan to merely open up that space and provide everything you want in a master bedroom. great point tim and I give tim a lot of the credit. i.

Think it takes two minds to really solve a lot of the problems we were able make this half bath a full bath with a double vanity stand up shower this is what sells. this is what people want. this is a master bedroom with a master bathroom remember how I talked about what works and doesnt work Im just glad that tim and I were able to solve that problem and keep the construction going as you can see. cant wait to show you guys the finished product. see you soon.

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