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Container House Picture

Hi everyone. It’s Alejandra. And I hope youguys are having a fantastic Tuesday. By the time I post this tutorial, it’s probably goingto be Wednesday. But anyways, I was brainstorming this morning on what type of tutorials to doin the next few weeks and I know a lot of you guys have requested a certain topic fora tutorial like a toy room tutorial or a garage tutorial or like back to school, or I don’t know,there had been a lot of ideas that have been thrown out there. And thank you so much forrequesting those tutorials. Some tutorials are hard to do. Toy room, I don’thave kids so it’s kind of hard to find a toy room. I could go to my sister’s house. MaybeI will do that. Garage, I don’t have a garage.

I live in a condo. So again, I might haveto go to like my parent’s house or my sister’s house. So I do appreciate the ideas and Iam trying really hard to do all the topics that you guys suggest. So please, keep suggestingtutorials and I promise I will get to them very soon. Anyways, OK. So this morning, I was thinkingof topics to do and one of the ones that I came up with was organizing your photos. Ihaven’t done a tutorial on it. I haven’t shown a product and I haven’t shown my system soI thought I would do that today. So let me show you what I do that works reallywell. It’s easy to maintain. It’s easy to

find what you’re looking for if you’re showingsomeone your photos. This is the system I use for all of my print photos. My digitalphotos is a whole another tutorial. I will consider doing that another time. But this is my printphotos and where I keep them. Basically, it’s a plastic clear photo boxthat I got from The Container Store. I think it was like $11.99 or something. I will tryand post a link at the bottom if you are interested in this product. But inside of the photo boxare six mini photo boxes just like this. OK. So what I’ve done here is I’ve taken all ofthe photos from around my house. So like any photo that wasn’t in a frame, that was justlike floating around in a drawer or in a file

that didn’t really have a home, I took allthose pictures, put them in one pile, and then I sorted all the pictures by either eventor by year. And by year is kind of tricky if you havea lot of photos because some photos don’t really have the year printed on the back andsometimes you can’t really remember where it’s from and when it was taken. So organizingit by event is a lot easier. So I have kind of done both. I remembered what year it wasso I’ve done both. OK. So for example, this one right here, ithas the name of my high school that I went to and then it has the year. So inside ofthis one has all of my high school pictures

and then the year they were taken. And I don’tthink I have that many high school pictures. So I think this is like all four years fromhigh school into this one thing. Again, it’s organized by category. It may not be exactbut it’s organized. And I’ve done the same thing with all theother ones. So this was a trip to Miami in 2006. So I took the whole stack and put theminside of one of these clear photo boxes, I labeled Miami on the front and then I putthe year down here. Again, if you don’t remember the year, just don’t put the year. Just putthe event. If you don’t have a label maker, it’s nota problem. You could just grab like 2 to 3inch

piece of duct tape, masking tape or painter’stape. Put the piece of tape on the front of the photo box and then take a permanent markerand then just label whatever your category is. OK. So once everything is sorted by category,event, or year and they’re containerized inside of here then they all just go inside of thisphoto box just like this. So one thing I would do differently if I was going to go back andreorganize this or I mean I can still do this but I’m probably not going to do thisbecause I don’t even look at photos that often. But one thing I would do differently is labelthe top of these photo boxes up here as opposed

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