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Container House Winnipeg

Container Storage Unit

Hi, my name is Darryl Chafe from Ocean Trailer I like to introduce you to our new Container Storage Divsion Containers available for 10, 20, 40 53 feet All these units are available to rent, buy and lease Container is great for storing materials excess inventory. For your household goods. for your home renovations. They are secured. As we can see we have a lock box unit They are very clean As you can see, it is a very nice and clean container unit The container is vented. We have circulation here.

Midland receives help for affordable housing from CMHC

We're in North Simcoe, here, which encompasses Midland, Penatang, Tiny, Tay and Christian Island. The need was really about establishing a way to respond to people who are in an emergency situation. If they're homeless, if they're at risk of losing their housing, or they're in unsafe living situations, the community needed a way to respond to that. The Alliance to End Homelessness identified the need but also realised that no community partners could take such a large project on, and thus Shelter Now was formed. Hartog House is a 20unit transitional housing complex.

Quebec receives help for affordable housing from CMHC

The project is located in ValBelair, a sector that is relatively busy. There is a station on the corner of the lot. There is a Metro not too far, and a drugstore. At Habitation canadienne, we decided to buy this lot to make four phases of condominium units. These are condominiums of about 1,200 and 1, 350 square feet, twobedroom units and threebedroom units. Habitation canadienne has always targeted condominiums, with housing units a little below market. With CMHC, we got the help of $10,000 in Seed Funding we could study the site, that is,.

Make plans and estimate these plans to see if the project would be profitable or not, even before necessarily making a commitment in these lots. ValBelair is a good sector it's a nice sector, but it's a sector where $200, 000 condominiums cannot be sold. The units have to stay within market prices, and even below market prices, ideally. There are not too many existing condominiums for sale in the sector, so the units really have to be within market range. In our case, with CMHC, we were able to test apartments.

That are below the existing condominium market range, so it came out really, really well. Already, there was a very limited condominium market. There weren't very many units. They are often small condominiums, maximum 9001,000 square feet, and even then, they are hard to find in these sizes. We brought that up to 1,3501,360 square feet, making relatively large apartments. We had 32 units in all. There are 3 left available. In December, the third phase will be delivered, and the last phase of 8 units will be delivered in March,.

Instant Ice Waterbending In Real Life!

In just 3 easy steps, you'll be able to flash freeze a bottle of water just by touching it. Next you'll learn how to to freeze flowing water, the instant it's poured from the bottle. And your training will be complete when you can eliminate the bottle altogether. Now this might seem slightly supernatural, but you don't have to be a master to do it. In this project, we're discovering the secrets to Icebending in real life. For this project, we'll be using these bottles of purified water. I've got the 16.9 ounce.

Bottles, and they've never been opened, so the water is extremely pure. Now the secret to instant ice is just about as simple as placing your bottles in the freezer. I let these ones sit for 2 hours and 45 minutes exactly, and here you can see the water is still liquid, but it's actually cooled down to a temperature well below freezing. All it takes from this point is a sharp jolt to the bottle, and you can see the water flash freezes to ice right in the palm of your hand. How cool is that You can also start the reaction.

By using an ice crystal, like one these ice cubes. Just carefully remove the cap from the bottle, and pour the water directly onto the ice. The water immediately beings to crystalize, giving you the power to create your own instant ice sculptures. The end result is a slush that has the consistency of a watery snowball. which, of course, is 100 edible, and refreshingly delicious. Now try pouring your supercooled water into a clean glass, and drop a bit of ice right in the center. You'll see the ice crystal beings to grow until it fills the.

Glass completely. That's perfectly chilled for a hot summers day. Alright, let's finish up by dipping just the tip of an ice cube in to see what happens. Within a couple of seconds it's frozen in place, and the entire cup is solid. Well, now you know the secret to pouring yourself some instant ice, and making water freeze on command. Now, if you'd like to see more of the technical details, check out my other tutorial with tips, tricks, and things to watch out for when making Instant Ice. That's it for now. If you liked this.

Your Brain on Drugs Marijuana

For centuries, humans have been using substances to alter their state of mind. From caffeine, cigarettes and alcohol to more extreme drugs. But as the most commonly used illicit drug in North America, Where does marijuana fit in and how exactly does it affect your brain First, we need to understand how the brain functions. Neurons are the cells that process information in the brain. By releasing chemicals called neurotransmitters from the axon of one neuron to the dendrite of another they change the electrical charge of the receiving neuron consequently exciting or inhibiting it.

If excited, the signal is passed on. Though it sounds simple these signals work together and the effect is quickly compouned into complex configurations within milliseconds flashing over the entire brain. This is what happens every single time you think, breathe or move. So what is going on inside your brain when you're smoking marijuana Well unlike alcohol, which contains molecules nothing like those in our body, cannabis contains molecules that resemble those produced in our very own brains cannabonoids. Although naturally these cannabonoids circulate at much lower quantities compared to the large influx imposed by smoking,.

Specifically the chemical tetrahydrocannabinol or THC resembles a natural transmitter called anandamide. These cannabonoids are specialized neurotransmitters released by neurons having just fired. Neurons temporarily become unresponsive after firing to prevent them from overracting or being too dominant. This allows your brain to function in a calm and controlled manner. But cannabonoids interrupt this approach in some parts of the brain. Instead, they remove the refractory period of neurons that are already active and can cause your thoughts, imagination, and perception to utterly magnify itself. This means, once you begin your train of thought.

It becomes the most significant and profound thing ever. You can't see the big picture or even recall your last epiphany because you're caught up in the momentum of a particular idea and your neurons keep firing until a new idea takes hold and you go off on a new tangent. These cannabonoids also affect the levels of dopamine and norepinephrine in your brain often leading to a sense of euphoria, relaxation, pain modulation and general enhancement of an experience, though sometimes causing anxiety. Furthermore, there are cannabonoid receptors in areas controlling shortterm memory, learning, coordination, movement control.

Evergreens How to Protect Plants in Winter

Junipers, yews, cypresses and and spruces. These and other evergreen trees and shrubs add year round beauty to your landscape. These plants are tough but they need a little extra protection to get through winter. Hi, I'm WIlliam Moss and I'm going to give you four tips to protect your evergreen trees and shrubs. Tip One Water well in summer and fall. Help your plants withstand winter's extreme temperatures by keeping the needles well hydrated. So water heavily and consistently in summer and fall, up until the ground freezes. Tip Two Mulch. You want to mulch your evergreens.

All around the base with a thick layer about three to four inches of mulch in late autumn. This should be done so you have lots of mulch around the bases of the plant but not up against the bark of the stem or the trunk. You want it to almost be like a shallow bowl or a donut. And this mulch blanket is gonna help keep the soil moisture a little more consistent and the soil temperature a little more consistent so you don't have all that frost heathen. Tip Three Keep your needles from drying out.

Cold harsh winter winds can really pull the moisture out of an evergreen. Now the sun, which can scald the needles and then those harsh winds just pulls the moisture right away so to protect your needles you want to use an antidesiccant or antitranspirant spray which will help the needles retain the moisture inside. Read the directions before use and concentrate on the sides that are going to receive the most wind. Like the south side or the southwest side of the plant. Now you can also use your antidesiccant spray.

On your Christmas trees or your wreaths to preserve them even longer. Tip Four Offer protection from the wind, sun and deer. You can build a barrier to protect your evergreen trees and shrubs. If they're up against the house or some other building you'll need to build one panel or maybe two. If they're out in the open though building a triangle or square is the best way to go. You're going to need wooden stakes, chicken wire, and then burlap or some kind of covering. So you take the wooden stakes position them about six inches from the edge of the.

Tree and pound them in. After that you wanna attach the chicken wire to the post. And from there you simply put the burlap right around the chicken wire. And you attach it with either ties or staples, and there you go. Now in spring take the whole thing down and you're ready to go again. Now here's a bonus tip if you have evergreens planted in a pathway or a driveway where you're gonna have to use some deicer, then use as little as possible. Try your best to have true aim.

People Try Living In A Tiny House

People Try Living In A Tiny House,What would be a good password to get in here Owl Magic! Check out more awesome BuzzFeedYellow tutorials! YTbuzzfeedyellow MUSIC..

Container Chassis Trailer.Ocean Trailer presents CIMC Combo Container Chassis. Please call 6049400210 for more info. For Calgary customers, please call 4037207100..

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House For Sale Near Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada

House For Sale Near Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada,Custom built homes by Sapphire Homes, wesgeddertyahoo To arrange a viewing of this home, please contact Jeff Stern, REMAX performance realty..

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