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Container House With Courtyard

Formal Garden Design At Home With P. Allen Smith

Who says gardens can't be rooms, and formal rooms at that You know, if you're into gardens or if you're into beauty, there's something about a formal garden, whether you're a formal person or not, you just have to love. There's such harmony in them. This is one I designed about, oh, 15 to 17 years ago. If you look closely, you'll see that it's made up of very few, simple concepts. You see, the garden is symmetrical. It is 80 feet long and 40 feet wide. And the inside of the garden is really divided into four parterres with a.

Center fountain. And what a parterre is is just divided earth. Now, the plant material that I used to paint this garden is really made up of just a handful of plants. Hollies we have Needlepoint Holly as the other hedge. We have these conical Hollies called Nellie R. Stevens Hollies there are four of those. And then the rest of the garden, well, it's made of Boxwood. This is called Buxus Microphylla, and you can see, it takes the knife, as they say, very well meaning that it sheers beautifully. Now even though.

We're in the midst of winter, this garden, I think, really shines. In fact, I think that one of the best times to look at a garden is in the winter because you can really look at its bones. Now, speaking of bones, there are some other plants in here that are deciduous. There are Crape Myrtles here over the archway that creates the entrance to this garden. There's a New Dawn Rose. And then there are objects in the garden that help punctuate it. There are these urns with an obelisk at that top, and in each corner there are figures.

That represent the four season. We come back to that whole idea of simplicity and symmetry. You know, it's a lot of fun to come back to a garden like this and see it mature. Even though I did it 17 years ago, by basically sketching out the initial idea on a napkin, it's fun to see how it's come together, matured, and you get this great sense of harmony just walking through it. If you've enjoyed this tip on garden design, make sure you share it with a friend, and subscribe to eHow Home.

Guide to Being Green at Fontbonne

One of the environmentally friendly activities that we promote at Fontbonne is our borrowingabike program. If you have a Fontbonne student ID, you go to the Student Affairs office in Medaille Hall and check out a bike. Recently taken steps to improve our recycling program at Fontonne, which includes the addition of battery recycling as well as new glass, plastic, aluminum, and paper containers across campus and the addition of an individual recycling bin in every residence hall room and office in campus. One of the unique things about our recycling program at Fontbonne is our ability to TerraCycle.

TerraCycle is a program that allows you to recycle unique items that normally would be considered trash, like lipstick containers and chip bags. In our dining facilities at Fontbonne, we offer two options for sustainable eating on the go. First, we have our Griffin Go box, which is a reusable plastic container that students can purchase for a onetime cost of $5. And we also have our biodegradable disposable containers. Our Human Environmental Sciences Department at Fontbonne cultivates a garden in the courtyard of one of our buildings. As a part of that, we offer composting for the students who live here.

Santa Fe Modular Homes Alternative Building Solutions

Hi, my name is Chris. I'm with Alternative Building Solutions. If you're looking to build a modular home in the Santa Fe northern New Mexico area, then we would love to sit down and discuss building for you. Alternative Building Solutions offers an alternative to your traditional modular home as we build true offsite construction homes. Unlike your normal modular manufactured that send your home down an assembly line, we carefully build quality homes, stick by stick the same way traditional slab on grade homes are built. Therefore our homes appraise higher, finance easier and appreciate more over time. The.

Color Blocking With Plants At Home With P. Allen Smith

You know, wherever I go, and I'm in St. Louis just now, I have to stop at garden centers. And I'm just crazy about the color purple. It works well with so many plants. Let me show you. Ellen, I just love the way you have color coordinated the garden center at Bowood. It's fabulous. Yeah, it's color blocking. It's really wonderful to see what kind of whites you can have. Yeah, white is such awell, it works with everything, doesn't it And you can see it at night. You know, that's whats so fabulous. Well it is. And so many.

Folks don't get to enjoy their gardens until the evening. That's correct. You know, one of my favorite colors this year is purple. And so I love purple because it does play well with other colors. And, you know, we were just talkin' about white and I love your white display here. Yeah. But just look how the color purple works with that. It just makes the purple pop, doesn't it I know, it does. Yeah. Yeah. So you've got some White Lantanas here. I see you've got some White Angelonia would be another choice for folks.

Yes. Yeah. And then we've got White Marigolds, which are the tall version. And those are hard to find. Yeah, yeah they are. Usually they're little dwarfs, the little guys. And then I see you sort of got a pink thing going here. Yeah. What about purple and pink Well, pink is really wonderful. We've got a tall Clematis, so. Oh, I love this. This is Senorita Rosalita. Yeah. That's fantastic. Nice backdrop. Works well. And, of course, look at this little Calibrachoa. Yeah. This little Superbells. Look at that. That goes. That's rockin' and.

Rollin'. And you can still see it at night. Yeah, yeah. Pink is great. Really pops well. And then, of course, if you wanna really heat things up, you can move to purple and orange. Yes. Yeah. Now we're going to the summer. Yeah, you really get hot here just looking at some of these combinations. Let's see if we can get one of these up here. Wow, look at that Hibiscus. How gorgeous is that That's beautiful. And the Lantana as well. Now, all these plants that you have in your color blocking displaysthese are all really full sun lovers,.

Aren't they Full sun lovers. Keep them well watered and well fed and you're gonna have a beautiful blooming colorful patio. As you can see, purple goes with, well, with everything. Purple and pink. Purple and orange. And since I'm wearing purple and white, I think I'm gonna go with the purple and white theme. It's cool, it's classy and I like it. I just gotta figure out where I'm gonna put all these plants and get them home. If you're enjoying these tips, checkin with us regularly. And subscribe to eHow Home.

Homemade Natural Paint Total Cost $10

Take a look at this beautiful, allnatural paint. Its a paint that can be applied on any rough surface, including concrete. It works great indoors and outdoors. Its very inexpensive. Let me show you how to do it. All you'll need are three simple ingredients The first one is clay soil You can usually get clay soil from your surroundings. Sift the rocks out using a colander. Then, you need cow dung gather fresh cow dung from your cows or a nearby barn. The third ingredient is lime Purchase a sack of lime in the hardware store.

Or, you can also use wood ash instead. Here's how you make it. In a large container you add 4 parts lime 4 parts clay 1 part cow dung Mix well to obtain a thick paste. Moisten the wall and apply the paste over the surface evenly. You'll notice that its hard to make it perfectly flat, there will be bumps and grooves like you see here. To fix that, you have to rub the plaster with gloves or a brush while adding a little water. Here's how it looks afterwards.

That will already give you a good natural paint look. For a more professional finish, you have to wait until the next day. You have to water down the paste until its very liquid, and paint the whole surface one last time. This will fill in small cracks and correct some discolouration that may not be pleasing. That's it! You have a very inexpensive, beautiful look that will be safe for your health and your economy. Judge by the results! When maintenance is required, just apply a single coat of watered down paste.

Garden Landscape How to Design a Garden

Ever wonder how the pros create those gorgeous gardens we love looking at The process of designing a garden is easier than you think. Here are 5 strategies often used by garden designers. First, pick a color theme. Color is one of the first things we notice about a garden. And by establishing a color theme, you create a mood. Combine hot colors, for example, red, yellow and orange, to create excitement and drama or mix cool colors such as the blues, the pinks and whites for a softer look. After you select the color theme to.

Begin looking at plants, be sure to vary the plant heights. It creates visual excitement and energy so use short, medium and tall plants, all in the same garden bed. As you select your plants, employ repetition to make your landscape seem cohesive. This is wonderfully easy. Pick plants or colors and repeat them throughout your yard. If you have a long, narrow border along the sidewalk, for example, plantings cups of hoyas like this will draw your eye through the plantain. Also use different textures. Mix plants that have different shapes.

To contrast each other. A low potato vine, for example, creates a conflict that plays off upright crops like Karl Foerster's feather reed grass. Pay attention to your plants as foliage, too. Mixing different leaf shapes and sizes creates a ton of interest. Here's a bonus tip. Create interest with colorful foliage as well as beautiful blooms. Purple leaves really stand out in the border and they look good with just about any color of flowers. Chartreuse leaves create a fun pop against darker colors and are especially fun in shaded gardens.

3 neighbors create huge hidden urban garden Urban Gardener tutorial

DENTON TARVER Today on Urban Gardener we're going to Boerum Hill to visit a garden with a sense of community that's not exactly a community garden. One of the issues that all urban dwellers face is one of the issue of community. We're kind of piled up on top of each other. In some situations, you can have a shared space. And in this particular space, we have three different terraces that are all part of the same big outdoor room. Here's this great big feature, which is this really amazing koi pond.

Having water provides something that a lot of gardens don't really get, and that is an auditory element. Any of these plants are found in lots of gardens. INAUDIBLE, iris hydrangea. And because of the judicious use here, this garden feels extraordinary. Another thing that I noticed is that these plants are able to achieve their real size, as opposed to being bonsai'd. Whew! Look at this. This is a slug. And although it might have a pretty shell, he's actually not a friend of our garden. He'll reach up into the hosta and eat all of that stuff.

FEMALE SPEAKER What I had to do was make it possible for us to be in our patio, those people to share their patio. And while we know we're there, we don't really see each other. The mound is made out of the diggings of the pond. DENTON TARVER Oh, brilliant. So cut and fill, right FEMALE SPEAKER Cut and fill. DENTON TARVER This is a really nice design. FEMALE SPEAKER Several children share the garden, so I decided to make a lawn. And because it's in shade and there's so much competition.

From tree roots, I put in synthetic turf. It doesn't look bad. This is the herb garden. Somebody said they wanted peonies, and I thought, why not Who says you have to have nothing but herbs Everyone who cooks comes out here and uses the sage, the rosemary, the fennel. And sometimes the peonies. DENTON TARVER What do you mean, sometimes the peonies FEMALE SPEAKER Because I sent my husband out to get some sage. And he said, which one is sage, and I said, it's the one at the end.

Caulfield Library

When you talk about student and campus life, the Library is really at the heart of it. It is the hub of learning, research, reflection, communication and engagement. I see and experience the academic activity when I walk into the Library which enhances my motivation. Whether it's reading, researching for a topic, writing an essay, working on a project or a presentation, or even studying for an exam, students come here with a purpose. Caulfield Library is like a magnet. Whenever I'm on campus I'm bound to come into the Library.

The Library is open until midnight during the week in semester. I love that I can come here and work late into the night. It's great to know that we're having a refurbished library that'll have more space, more technology, and more inspiration for students, researchers and staff. Caulfield campus is evolving into a dynamic centre for business, design and community engagement in the twenty first century. Business, Art, Design Architecture, IT, Arts and Health Sciences are the disciplines taught at Caulfield and together they make the campus unique. Caulfield is also the home of Monash University Museum of Art.

Soon it will have a landmark library that is well connected with this cosmopolitan campus. Monash University has chosen John Wardle Architects for the Caulfield Library redevelopment. I have seen the architects' designs and drawings. They are stunning. The new library will be really fantastic. The existing Caulfield Library building is a brutalist building with a concrete frame and brick infill. While a fine building in its time, it now presents as a closed barrier in the centre of the Caulfield campus. The new renovation presents a fantastic new transparency and lightness to the building.

That will really enhance the relationship of the building and its users to the exterior environment. We're thrilled to be refurbishing and expanding the Caulfield Library. This is a library on a busy urban campus at Monash that for a long time has not been large enough for its community, hasn't had the sort of technology that we would want in a modern library. Even so it's had a million visits a year and we're going to double the number of seats, make a library which is open to its community and enhancing the campus. It is physically in the centre.

How to install your plants 500 faster Simple.Honest.Design

So the other day I was at one of my job sites and the guys were out here working in the yard planting some really small stuff and they were using this really awesome tool that I had never seen before. Its called a hand auger and you attach it to your drill. They use a cordless drill, obviously, it makes it easier, and it makes life so much easier for them to get down and plant everything. So Im gonna show you guys how it works. Truth be told, I thought I knew how to use an auger, so I went straight to digging holes but quickly.

Realized that I needed a little tutorial of my own before I could begin. Scott the landscape foreman showed me how to drill down about 6 inches and then quickly pull the auger out of the ground while it was still running so the dirt would come out of the hole correctly. Who knew digging a hole took so much strategy Anyway, I got to work making holes about 9 inches on center, offset in a staggered pattern, then started plugging in the plants. It's important to note that the area that I worked with was already prepared with a tiller and.

Soil amendment was added before any plants were installed. The finished product looks like this and will soon grow together to make an evergreen lawn area. This little auger was pretty fun to use considering it was manual labor, and I know it will cut your work time down significantly. So there you have it, another really neat tool to check out for your own garden space. Thanks for watching. I hope you'll subscribe and Ill see ya next time on another episode of Simple.Honest.Design. Here's your simple.honest.design bonus tip. If you're planting a whole lot of small plants like this, as you can see here, its a great.

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