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Container Houses In Texas

Shelter Homes, Bunker homes underground home builder in Texas

Hello, I am Mike Scarlett with Scarlett Custom Homes. Let me show you how I can protect you and your family from manmade disasters or natural disasters with underground shelters ranging from tornado shelters to safe rooms to full survival bunkers. Whatever you need, I can provide you. We are capable of building your shelters out of steel, concrete, or a combination of both. We start with the soils test. This allows us to know what we are dealing with, with your soil. We will then take that soils test and design the proper foundation to make sure.

That your shelter is stable for years to come. We also have an engineer that will go through your shelter and design it to whatever your specifications or your need are. We'll make sure that your shelter is strong and stands the test of time. We can integrate your shelter into your home. This allows you to enter your shelter from the safety of one of your interior bedrooms versus having to go outside in the harms way to get to your shelter. Remember that we can customize your shelter to fit any and all of your needs. We can install.

And indiscernible filters, water storage tanks, blast ores, and backup generators. Anything you need to make your family safe. We can add longterm storage to your shelter. We can build closets that are concealed with hidden panels that allow you to store water, food or any other items that you may need. Scarlett Custom Homes can build you a media room, a gym, or a downstairs basement area that can be integrated into your shelter. This would allow you to use the room for dual purpose. Just remember that I can build you a shelter to keep you and your family totally safe.

Fun repurposed containers John Dromgoole Central Texas Gardener

Opening Music Hello gardening friends. Welcome to Backyard Basics. I'm John Dromgoole. You know, we like to repurpose things just for the fun of it in our landscapes. I've seen many folks around town with some beautiful little items that they've chosen. It's a lot of fun to find something and then realize, maybe I can use that in my garden. This little hanging basket right here was the top of a mushroom, an ornamental mushroom. And it broke off, and they were welded, and I looked at it and thought Gosh, that's a nice little hanging basket..

So, put it in a shady area, a little bit of impatiens in there, and you've got yourself a real nice hanging basket. Sometimes you have to drill a little hole and put the wires on there, but that's about it. Right next to it is one of my wife's boots, and I have to get it home real soon before she finds out that I planted it up. But a little boot like this, a little Western boot is great in the Western style garden. And they're easy to plant up. Put a little good potting soil in there that will drain well and you've got yourself.

A good looking boot. That little agave in there is one of those squid agaves that can take a bunch of shade. So I incorporated that in there too. There are some other things that you might find out in the garden, one of them is broken pots. You might find all of a sudden that one of the pots blew over on one of these windy days and it cracked in half. And so they can be used for frogs. Put them out, hide them in the garden and you've got yourself a little frog house in there, or you can put a plant in it and have the plant cascade.

Out of it and that looks really nice too. And there are some bigger pots that break and are just as pretty as can be especially the colorful ones that are out in the garden. Now we use sheet metal when we find it. You can find it some places that they're doing construction and they're taking down a building, and you can buy a piece of the roof. I find them that way. I just keep my eyes open. And I'll take this rusty metal and I'll shape it. And I can bend it into a nice form, I can make it into a nice round bed. It's a beautiful.

Bed when you make these little metal beds. They're really really attractive. Then you fill with with some granite or a good growing medium, and you go ahead and plant it up or use it for displays. Plus you can cut these in different heights so that you have this multilevel garden going on out there. Whether it can be straight or in a circle, they're really nice, good looking little gardens. Or you can make gates out of them too. It makes a beautiful gate. These spoons, these old spoons can be repurposed also.

As plant markers. I like to use them out in the herb garden and go ahead and put some of the different herb names on there so we can help to identify them. This little device was designed to be in front of a fire place in the off season, and you can put candles on it or some other decorative item. When I saw it, I thought it was a great place to put my hectias' and dictias' out there. And so they look really nice this way. It makes a good display, instead of everything being flat, it works very.

Nicely to raise things so that I can see them better. And these plants when they're in bloom, they're powerful little bloomers with great fragrance, and that's why I like the height on them. And then finally, I found out that one of these hanging little aluminum lights was broken, and I turned it upside down and I made a hanging basket out of it and I planted ajolla in there. It doesn't need a lot of water and it does drain very well where the wires went into the bottom. And so that makes a great.

House plant compost tea and watering trick John Droomgoole Central Texas Gardener

Hello gardening friends, welcome to Backyard Basics maybe you go outta town now and then three days even up to seven days or so and you need to take your house plants maybe someone comes over for you now and then you may not need that you may be able to take care of them just by putting them in a container and grouping them all in there you know if you put water into the bottom of the container it may be too wet for that period we don't need it to be that wet.

And so one of the things that we can do is to put them in the container let me show you this little ficus great house plant right here and so this little ficus goes in there and all around it I've already done this but we take some newspaper and then wad it up like that stuff it in we stuff it in everywhere you can see that it is in between all the plants in there and so the next thing to do in order to keep them nice and moist.

First you water the plants and then you put this in there and it insulates it also and so what I'll do is just wet them down each time and I'm not over filling the bottom there may be a little bit to water down there but not all that much and so this is a very good way you you got to keep it in the right light though so near a window the way you had them before you may as well put it back in that spot nice containers of different types are available at different stores.

And I think that putting your house plants in something like this make sure that they are in good shape when you get home these plants are great house plants this is the Ficus Elastica a very good one and this is the Neanthe Bella palm one of my favorite palms and this is the dwarf one so it does very very well in the house and grows very nicely I put the paper in there a little bit of moisture they are all wet and I can leave them alone, put them by the window don't hide them.

Some people do something like this in the bathtub that's fine but getting all that paper wrapped around them and insulating them a bit is a little bit more challenging in the big container like that although your big house plants can do very well in there so that's a real neat way to do this let me show you something else sometimes your plants have been distressed for whatever reason and there is a way to revitalize them or actually feed them a little bit now we've used compost in many other areas out in the garden on the trees on.

The roses it's good on house plants too, you don't need to brew it a whole lot what we do is we take a little bit of your homemade compost, that's the best one you can find and you can see some down there with that little teaspoon we will use three teaspoons in this combination right here so we put it in there last night and we let it sit we make the extract but it has the compost in there and in order to spray it we've got to get that out of there or it will clog now this comes from a paint.

Store really nice you could use a coffee filter if you had enough to hold it in there and so I will pour this in here the compost particle stay on top and you can see the tea that's coming out of the bottom so this makes a little tea, it's an extract of what's in the compost and then the next thing is you take that and you pour it into your sprayer so now we have it in here and you can use this on any plants whether they're on the porch or inside the house they all benefit from this.

Choosing Fall Flowers for Container Gardening Window Boxes

At the end of summer, many annuals have lost their luster. But, you can replace them and revive your containers with fresh fall flowers. Hi, I'm William Moss and I'm going to talk about five options for colorful autumn containers and window boxes. Let's start with pansies. Pansies make very good container plants because they have big, big flowers on these short plants. So, you can really put them in and form a nice border in front. When you plant them, you just want to pull some of the roots out a little bit and that's it.

They're so easy to plant. Just pop them right on in, and make sure they're on the edge in a border like that. And then we have kale. It has colorful foliage, very decorative, and the neat thing about it is that it takes the cold temperatures. It really likes those cooler weather. So, same as with the pansies, all you do is break up some of the roots, and put this guy in here. Now the ornamental kale will get large, so for a container like this, one is gonna be good enough to kind of anchor everything in for us.

And then, we have mums. Mums, of course, are very popular fall flowers and they work very well in containers. And, mums come in so many different colors that we'll even work a few reds in with some of our russets. They also come in yellow some like this red have bright yellow eyes, and put the guys right in there. That's perfect. And very similar to mums are asters. Asters are perennials. They come in shades of blues and purples. They work perfectly when you put them and containers. Look for dwarf varieties.

The ones that are about six to eight inches and they will spillover with literally hundreds of purple and blue flowers. And then the last thing I want to add to the container, is actually not a flower at all. These are mini gourds and they had a lot interest. You'll be able to find these in stores and farmers markets, but you also can grow your own and add those to your containers you don't have to plant them. Just sit a few of them inside your container, just for interest,.

Upcycled Container Ideas for Succulents

Take a second look at the forgotten items around the house, in the garage, at the yard sale down the street. It's time to turn junk into genius by creating unusually elegant and beautiful succulents planters. Succulents and cacti are hardy plants. Just read their care instructions and you'll find that most a relatively easy to care for. They make the perfect match for a little gardening creativity. With a little preparation you can come up with unique ways to plant. Like an old chalkboard clipboard with a pocket perfectly sized for a sweet little succulent. Instead of tossing out an old.

Pair of boots, a few drainage holes in the sole in turn them into a matching pair planters. A walk on the wild side. Don't pass by those bizarre bowls, vintage garage sale finds either, get creative with old containers and make the Greek gods proud. Instead of scrapping old rain gutters, upcycle. Drill a few holes, and plant a plethora of tiny succulents. When a purse is past it's prime, kids grow out of their kicks, don't throw them out, grow them out. Creating mini succulent gardens from old accessories is a great family project.

Jordan Metoyer, Affordable Housing Champion. UT2014

Right now all of the statistics show that where you are born and where you are raised will determine where you end up in society. I remember looking up what the statistics were for me for someone who was born in Inglewood, California. I was sitting in the library at a Tier 1 institution and the statistics said that I shouldn't have been there. I shouldn't be in college. I should have been working a low wage job. I should be in poverty for most of my life, simply because I was born in Inglewood, not because of who I am. The.

Issue is not whether or not we are getting more mobile throughout time, it's the fact that our geography predetermines opportunity. The creation of that organization stemmed from a City Council legislation that would essentially restrict affordable housing in West Campus. Our mission and our core value and belief is that every student at the university, irrespective of their income, irrespective of their background, should have access to safe, affordable, sustainable housing near campus. And eventually, we won. City Council ended up voting down that ordinance which allowed for affordable options in West Campus.

Through group housing. I found out that my family and I were losing our home. The homeI grew up in, the home that held all of my childhood memories, the home that I thought I would go back to was in foreclosure. I realized that what was happening to my family was happening to families throughout the U.S. So I decided to shift my major from finance to economics and urban studies. I felt like those two majors would give me a more macro level view of what was going on and would help me focus on policy changes that would make sure what happened.

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