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Country Rustic Shipping Container Home

These people live on the oldest vessel on the eastern seaboard OffBeat Spaces Tutorial

VICTORIA MACKENZIECHILDS Ahoy, my name is Victoria MacKenzieChilds. And my husband Richard and I are the proprietors, I guess you'd say, of Yankee Ferry, our boat and our abode. Welcome aboard. We've owned Yankee for about 12 years, and every day feels like another adventure because it's closer to nature than living in an apartment or a house in a way because even parts of the boat that we're living on are out in the winds. And I just love that feeling. We even have chickens and animals on the boat.

And they have their quarters. And so we have fresh eggs in the city every day. And that's really funny to me. Most of the things that you see around are things that we've made. And being sculptors, we know how to work with every material, from steel, to wood, to anything that we would possibly need to do to keep her pulled together. It really needs us as much as we need to her. She's the oldest vessel in the whole Eastern Seaboard that's actually floating. Most boats don't make it this long.

So this is the crew quarters, and now it's practically like an apartment. It has a tiny little space for an icebox and microwave oven. This bed is an example of what the beds were life that came out of the side of the hull. So that used to sleep 16 crew members. So just imagine what it would be like hearing all those people snoring in the night LAUGHS, swaying with the boat. And then the master stateroom, which is where we normally reside, with bunks for our grandchildren when they come visit.

So they think it's normal. They've only always known that their grandparents live on a ship. And here is the salon. And the salon is pretty much the way it would've been 100 years ago in that it was just an open space, just like this, exactly the same. On a ship, a bathroom is called a head, but it has shower. It has a big old clawfoot bathtub, which we tease is our whirlpool, or our jacuzzi because on a windy day, if you fill it up with bubbles and water it's slopping all over.

The place like it's made to bubble up around you. And it's really a fun place to have a bath. The galley is one of our favorite places. It's quite large, actually. It's probably as big as any country kitchen would be. There's something about hunkering down around a cup a chowda in Yankee that really, to me, brings us home. So we have everything that you would call home right with us, especially the heart. ERIKA STORM WASSER Love home and design Make sure to subscribe to SPACEStv on YouTube.

Im Giving Away My Tiny House

Hey everyone It's me, Rob Greenfield, and I am Here at the Teeny Greeny This is my little teeny tiny 50 square foot tiny house that I have lived in off the grid in San Diego for Just about 1 year now It's been an incredible experience I have found that the more simply that I live the more freely I live but I am taking it one step further and on my quest to live simply I am giving away my tiny house and I figure what better way to.

Use this bad boy as a tool for good than to auction it off and give 100 of the proceeds to build tiny houses for the homeless the winner of this place will simply donate the bid to a nonprofit and then this will be my gift to them So let me show you the inside This little guy is very very small infact it is even a little bit too short for me to stand in and I'm about 5foot10 it is a simple plan With a shelf for storing a.

Little bit of stuff, a futon for sleeping and reading, and an LED bulb that is powered by portable solar panel on the roof. The solar panel can also charge up your cellphone, bike lights, computer, or whatever other little things that you have. Since I am moving closer to a life of nonownership most of the little possessions can be included. If someone wanted to jump right in and live here the house is on a trailer and it is a very smooth process to take it to a new location.

Here is a couple ideas of how you could use the tiny home first of all you could do what I have done and live off the grid in the city or in the country all you would need is a composting toilet, a rainwater harvesting to collect water for drinking and a cooking stove of sorts another thing you could do is you could put it in your back yard and rent it out so that way you could reduce the cost of your rent. Or you could stay in it on the weekends and rent.

Your house out. That way you could either live rent free our at least reduce your rent drastically. You could also turn it into a little kids play house, it would be kind of an expensive kids play house, but a fun one and a good story or you could turn it into a guest bedroom for the people staying at your house and another great idea is that you could give it to somebody who doesn't have a house those are a couple of ways that you could put this thing to.

A beautiful beautiful use The auction will take place at 3 o'clock in the afternoon on January 29th that is a friday on my facebook page via a live tutorial you can go there at 3 o'clock and make your bid or if you would like to do it before then go to robgreenfield.tvcontact and send me an email through there the bid is already up to $2000 and if you want to learn more about the auction or the tiny house go to robgreenfield.tvtinyauction and all of the information will be there.

MY LOG CABINS Living offgrid for a year

Hello guys this is Billy Rioux. This cabin i built it myself, both cabins. In 2007 and I spent a whole year living here with my goats and a garden and chickens all in Canada are in this cabin without electricity just a river behind just Offthegrid I cut those trees by hands, like the old way guys using saw, using axes. this is so nice eh I like it this way because there is many good things about doing it this way there is some of the reason I did it.

After the walls were up I put cement and lime mixed together I will say threepart of cement and one part of lime mix together and I put it between the logs but I used. i'll show you. chicken fence, between them so the cement could stick it there. so I made the roof with shingles and after that I cut the door I cut the windows, just this right here so this is the cabin I built. This one in 2007. This cabin i'm pretty happy about it. This cabin took me about three weeks to build.

I always wanted to make a Trapper's cabin. I really wanted to do with my biceps and my hand tools and with the trees just around. so if I got stock somewhere in the bush guys that I know I can make cabin like this way so this is pretty neat! I got the boards, got to tell you guys. The window, just right here, it's made of deer hide. And the light get in it pretty nice. Finally the roof. I put one. it's called tar paper. So one layer of tar paper.

And about half a foot of dirt. So this is the homes I built a and I was living in it in 2012. There was always a dream when i was a kid to built it and to live for several months and even a year. I was very happy to make it happen this childhood dream. any it brought me. a lot of love of the nature just to be outside all the time so this is Billy Rioux, sharing his cabins in BasSaintLaurent, Quebec, Canada. Thanks for watching very much.

How to make a Pallet Planter

Here's how you can make a pallet planter quickly and inexpensively. Find a pallet that's in good condition. You could use a full pallet for this, but to keep the weight manageable, we cut it down to a smaller size. Mark a line just outside the center over the pallet so that after the cut, you'll have a board running along each side. Measure the width and length of the pallet then cut a piece of landscape fabric about 4 inches longer and wider. With the pallet topside down, staple the fabric to the inside face of the top of the pallet.

Use plenty of staples and be sure to staple the sides as well as the inside face. Pallet wood can be very hard so tap the staples in with a hammer if needed. Repeat this for the bottom side of the pallet. But this time, staple the fabric to the outer face, leaving extra 4 to 5 inches to fold over each end, but at this time only staple 1 inch shut. Leave the other open. Tip the planter so the open end is up and begin filling with potting mix. After every 6 or so inches, take a broom handle gently tamp it firm to prevent settling.

Later. Keep adding soil and tamping until the planter is full. Now you can staple the end shut. Lay the planter flat and cut an X pattern with a razor blade in the spots you want to plant. With your fingers, hollow out a planting space, remove a little soil if necessary, then insert the root ball into the hole. The step is easier if you start with small plants. Pallet planters are heavy so if you mount one on a wall, be sure you have a solid structure to fasten it to. A good way to support the weight is with a mounting.

Image Transfers Class Preview Michaels Creativebug

Hi, welcome to Image Transfers and today I'm going to teach you four different methods to transfer found images or text out of a magazine, a photocopy onto another surface. So I wanted to start off with showing you some examples of image transfers. This is a little altered book that I made and this guy is a packing tape transfer and that's one of the first methods I'm going to teach you today. This is an altered accordion and this has a few different image transfer techniques, including packing tape and solvent transfer.

Packing Sofa

Welcome to Movers, the last stop for all your moving needs! Movers has created a series of tutorials full of insider tips and instructions teaching you how to pack just like the professional movers do So if you're not sure about the best way to pack your sofa, we'll show you how Before you know it, you'll be packing your sofa like a pro When packing your sofa, you'll need a few materials some shrinkwrap, some microfoam, packing blankets, and packing tape Now that you know what you need let's jump right in!.

The key to packing your sofa is protecting the legs and upholstery, as well as the walls of your home A properly protected sofa will be safe from both receiving and causing damage Check out our packing guide on this subject to see a few different ways to protect your sofa For now we'll just focus on the most traditional way Packing blankets are generally used to protect sofas but since you can't be sure there isn't some grease or grime on them that will stain your couch most upholstered sofas should be wrapped in shrinkwrap prior to being wrapped in packing blankets.

Shrinkwrap also keeps outside moisture from damaging the couch in transit and keeps it clean during longterm storage However, it's worth noting that shrinkwrap should not be used directly on leather furniture as it can cause the leather to sweat and ruin itself Leather furniture can be wrapped in microfoam first and then padded with blankets After the couch is completely covered in shrink wrap you can start wrapping it in packing blankets Pay extra attention to cover the legs and any other exposed wood This will keep the wood from getting damaged.

And also keep the couch from scratching any walls on its way out of your home Cover the couch in sections with the packing blankets, taping around each one to keep it snug and secure Once you have the couch covered, you'll be ready to take it to the truck! By now, you should be an expert in packing sofas Check out Packingmaterials where you can find professionalquality moving supplies at consumer friendly prices! After making your selection you can expect a quick delivery of these items right to your doorstep!.

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