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Final Cut German Solar Container House Casa Alemana From Uruguay To The Usa

La Casa Uruguaya

Utopia is on the horizon. I walk two steps, it moves two steps away and the horizon runs ten steps further. So what is utopia for That, to keep walking. The spirit of La Casa Uruguaya is to move towards a more sustainable future, knowing that there are many barriers that we need to raise, never losing sight that our project must be thought for people. We seek throughout this competition to put in practice the technological innovations for social housing and the devolpment of technology in order to reach all social classes.

We dream of a utopia that make us walk in order to reach it, and imagine an austere but technological and economic house, which can help generate energy efficiency habits, with active participation of the user interacting with the systems of the house. Less is more or, more for less We strongly believe that we can make with this project more efficient houses with less energy consumption, more comfortable houses with less resources and reach sustainability with less effort. With little but smart actions, organized together around an integral design, will drive us to a new concept.

That can change the way we make houses. Achieving integration of the various areas of engineering with the architecture of the house is one of our main challenges. We propose to use techonolgy and wit to help residents use resources more efficiently. Through architecture we aim to generate a flexible house with wide and comfortable spaces, as far as possible. Adapting it also to Calis orientation for maximum use of the incidence of the sun. We intend to build a small house as a prototype that can be stackable both in Cali and Montetutorial,.

That has a possibility of expansion and form blocks that can help to solve the problem of social housing. We seek to create furnitures that adapt to the users, allowing free movement and transformations according to the needs of each space. Since the conception of the house until its construction, passive strategies prevail active ones, in order to reduce energy consumption to the minimum. We will use simple components and lowcost technological systems, reinventing the concept of domotics. The communication of La Casa Uruguaya has two key objectives, on one hand we aim to educate, sensitize and raise.

The awareness of the importance of use of renewable energies in social housing. We want to generate a cultural change on the incorporation of these tencnolgies to social housing and in this way make them more sustainable. On the other hand we intend to disseminate the project through major media and through all media informatics to report the project to the various audiences of the house and position ourselves as diffusers in the area of sustainable housing. La Casa Uruguaya is. Vision Skill Inclusion Efficiency Tencological Experience Future Innovation Comfort Solidarity.

Primer bed breakfast construido en barro del Uruguay, La Casa del Hornero

Hi, my name is Natalia I started the La Casa del Horneroproject two years ago. I presented it to the Economics University in a contest for innovative ideas. I believe that La Casa del Hornerois very inspiring for everyone who participates in this project. As a communications student, it was a grate challenge to show this project to the world. La Casa delHornero is going to be the first mud hostel of Uruguay and will be located in Piripolis. La Casa delHornero is an innovative project in Piripolis. Something Piripolis needed.

Ive lived all my life there, and I believe that it will bring a lot of good to society because it will be a selfsustaienable hostel, working old year and providinges knowledge to society. Knowledge, practice and experience that's all very important. It will promote different trades, the idea is to involve students but also every person, who is interestedinn bioconstruction. We are talking about a sustainable and healthy hostel. Sustainable because we promote it from three aspects socially, economically and green enviromentally. I hope that La Casa del Hornero can promote social integration and give back to our community.

It woudl be a great practical opportunity every bioconstruction student in ours country, thanks to the materials provided by the nature of that area. Our intention with Natalia is to combine a lot of bioconstruction, construction itsself, structures, recycled water, green roofs and vertical gardens. Its will have and organic greenhouse, mad oven and bicycles for anyone to use. It will also it provideecotouristic tours to disconverPiripolis from a healthy and natural point of view. Lets make La Casa del Hornerobe for everyone with your help. Choose your reward and tell your friends.

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