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How To Build External Walls For A Container House

Easy DIY Home Projects How to Inspect the Exterior of Your House

It's important for every home owner to familiarize themselves with the exterior of their house. A lot of times people don't check on what's going on outside their house. Especially on the side that they rarely see until there's a problem. You can prevent a lot of problems by walking around and taking a look at your foundation and finding out if there are weeds or debris building up because that's very damaging to the side of your house, especially if you have a woodsided house. Whether or not you have wood or not, you don't want.

The vines growing up the side it's very damaging for the mortar as well as for the wood. So you'll want to make sure all those are cut back. A lot of people will excavate a small area around the foundation around there house and fill it with gravel so this provides a barrier for weeds and vines and the like. ltPgt Also you want to check your mortar and you do have a brick house, and make sure that it's intact, if you have large gaps, that will allow the water to penetrate the wall, which is obviously not good, and.

Also check around the windows. You want to make sure that you don't have rotted window frames or large gaps. And if you do have gaps you want to make caulk that or fill it with foam so that you can reduce the air drafts in your house. Also you want to check along your roof line and make sure the branches and trees aren't growing up onto your roof, because not only will this damage your roof, but it also provides a means for animals to get onto your roof, but possibly into your attic. So the further away the branches are.

How to Plant a Living Wall At Home With P. Allen Smith

No, I'm not walking on the walls. This garden is actually done on the vertical. Let me show you how they did it. You know, I love to go to places and find new ideas. I'm here at the Garfield Park Conservancy. Lots of people here today enjoying this beautiful place in Chicago. But you know what's so interesting about this now I wanna share this with you because it's a great problem solver is that this is a wall of plants. Why a wall of plants Well, in this case, they're hiding a building that is sort of a visual, well,.

This is what I would call a retina irritant or an eye sore. You see what you have here is a beautiful representation of Monet's Garden at Giverny. Now what I wanna do is not only give you a glimpse of this garden but show you how they've clearly hidden this building. It doesn't really fit the design, so they've done this wall of plants that you can actually do in your own home. Now let's talk about the mechanics and the fundamentals of it before we get to the plants, which, that's the part I really love. If you look closely you'll.

See there's a series of these units and each unit has 16 pockets for planting. These extend about 10 inches out from the wall, and there's drip line that runs across the top here and here and here and here. And there's a slow drip of water and fertilizer that feed these plants. They're packed in with a potting soil, one blending for container gardening. And then there's a filter fabric or landscape fabric that helps holds those into place. This is a south facing wall, so they get plenty of light, which will dictate the types of.

Plants that you chose to plant here. It's a living wall. And what they've used here to enliven this wall are these beautiful Pink Dragon Wing Begonias and this Carex called Silver Curls. And then over here is this lovely Gaura with its ethereal pink blooms. And then even vegetables growing here. And one of the benefits of having a living wall like this against a building is it help cut down on the amount radiation and heat buildup in the building. If you do this, you're gonna wanna make sure that you mount this wall on.

How to Make Spider Repellent At Home With P. Allen Smith

You know, I think there's a universal dislike of spiders. You know, there's a condition where people just hate spiders it's called arachnephobia. But, you know, spiders get a bad rap. Spiders are actually good to have around. Now don't get me wrong I'm not going there, but I just wanna say a few words for the spiders They eat insects, they're great outside. Like you, I don't like them inside my house. So here is a natural way to repel spiders. I'm telling ya, this recipe is simple, it doesn't take any time to create,.

It's effective, and, like I said, it's allnatural. Now, what you're gonna use is the essential oil of a certain kind of plant or fruit. You can use orange extract. You can use citronella. Lavender oil is perfect. In this case, I'm using mint oil. And specifically, peppermint, in this case. Of course, there are all kinds of mints you can use. You can use peppermint, spearmint and contentment but we won't go there. Okay, the way you put this together is you just wanna take 3 cups of water in a spray bottle like this, and you wanna take,.

As a surfactant big word, but the effect is fantastic. And very simple, just take some dishwashing liquid, about a teaspoon of it, and 3 cups is all you need. What the surfactant does is it breaks down the beading of water. So if you spray something and you get all these little beads everywhere, and it just sort of sits, if you put a surfactant like this dishwashing liquid in there, it'll cause the water to spread out and be even and sort of soak in. Now, the active ingredient here is the peppermint. And I'm using 1 tablespoon.

Of peppermint in here. Ooh, it smells so good. But the spiders don't like it. And then all I do is add this to the top, shake it, and I'm ready to start moving the spiders out. Now, why do spiders start gathering up in the house There are couple of things you should know. There's certain times of year when they're more active you probably noticed this. For instance, if it's been dry outside for a long time, and we get a rain, the spiders start moving inside. In late summer, early fall, when night time temperatures begin to.

Drop, the spiders start looking for a warmer place to live your house. And the other thing to keep in mind is you don't want any rotting fruit around. Why Not because of the spiders, but rotting fruit attracts flies like fruit flies. And guess what Fruit flies are food for spiders. So it's important to understand the food chain. Now, the thing you wanna realize is this is actually a repellent. It doesn't kill the spiders. It just makes the environment uncomfortable for them and moves them on out. Most spiders are not gonna.

Hurt ya. I know, they may freak you out, but they're not gonna hurt ya. But there are some you need to be aware of. Like a Black Widow or a Brown Recluse. You wanna make sure that you do away with those or escort them out of the house. And hey, if Spiderman shows up, don't spray him with this he's a good guy. If you're enjoying these tips on how to improve your life, make sure you check in with us regularly. And give this spider repellent a try. Let me know. And subscribe to eHow Home. Alright, watch out, spiders.

The Centre For Urban Ecology Building Features Glass Walls

Hey guys, it's Grizzly! I'm back! Doing the first tutorial of one of the features for the Centre for Urban Ecology. The Glass Walls Well, we're on the first floor in the Centre for Urban Ecology In what we like to call The Sunroom as you can probably see these walls are made primarily of glass and it is primarily lit by natural sunlight Sometimes for the evening programs that we do like owl prowls or our guides and scout groups We do turn on the lights but for the most part the lights hardly go on here during the day.

These glass walls provide an amazing opportunity to see a variety of different wildlife I, myself, saw my first fox looking outside these walls. So, it's pretty cool! These glass windows, or as we like to call them glass walls make up the entire first floor for the centre for urban ecology Now, these walls aren't your everyday type of walls that you may find in your homes These are actually triple paned as well as they are filled with argon gas The argon gas helps keep the heat out during the summertime.

As well as keep the heat in the building during the wintertime for those of you that have been here before and for those of you that will be coming you will have probably noticed that we have a black mesh hanging out on the outside of the building The mesh is not to stop the misquitoes but actually to stop the birds from hitting the building To give you a little background as to what was happening before the mesh is that during migratory season, we have thirty to fourty deaths as a result from bird strikes on the building.

Now, with the mesh, we only have two to three So, what's happening with the birds, is that because we're surrounded by trees the glass, reflects the trees and the birds see that as a real live tree and what happens is, unfortunately, they fly into the building and they die so the mesh breaks up the outline of the trees just enough so the birds know Hey! this ain't no tree! and they fly away resulting in, basically, no bird strikes and most importantly, bird deaths due to the centre for urban ecology.

How to Build a Walkout Basement How to Stucco the Exterior Basement Walls

This is Ben Ingham with Expert Village talking about a walk out basement. What I would do with this exterior is stucco. I have stucco before which is just a mixture of water and cement pour in cement and sand and you just put it on there. I understand there is a new product that I'm anxious to try a plastic or latex stucco I have never worked with it before but I have heard several people say it has really good results and it is very very long lasting. That would be a way to finish that wall out so you won't see the.

Choosing Exterior Paint Day 71 The Garden Home Challenge With P. Allen Smith

It's time to start thinking about painting the house, and there are so many choices. They say an ecofriendly house can't be built in 150 days for a $150,000, and I say it can. I'm Allen Smith, join me as I push the limits with time, budget and creativity with the Garden Home Challenge, exclusively on eHow Home. I can't believe that it's already time to start thinking about paint for the exterior, but the day has arrived. And we got some beautiful weather ahead of us, so Paige and the gang our pushing me to make decisions on color,.

Which is actually pretty easy. Because I want the house, this house, this little cottage to feel like the big farm house on the hill. So, that is not paint of the brick on the farm house. That's actually a lime wash, which was a very old way of coloring masonry or brick. And we applied it to the house soon after the brick was up, and then we painted the trim because all the trim around the house was wood. And the trim here will also be painted white. So what I'm doing is I'm looking at this sort of buttery yellow to match the farm.

House. Really liking this color a lot. And also, just trying to pick just the right white, a white that will actually work with these windows. Since the windows are already prepainted, you know, they come with a warranty. I would really rather not paint this finish. So I'm trying to come up with a white that'll work really well with this, and I think I'm getting pretty close. Now, what you want to do when you paint is you want to make sure that there's not much moisture in the air, if you can. If you're painting in the fall and the early.

Spring, you know, you can have extreme changes in temperature. So, you want to make sure you're painting when it's above at least 40 degrees. Otherwise, you're going to end up with a really bad paint job, and you may have to redo it. What I like to do whenever I'm choosing paint and I'm having to make a big decision, and this is a big decision, because once I choose a color that's going to be it. Because they're gonna custom blend it. So, what I will do is have a quart of this color made and I will take and apply to a big board.

Out here, maybe one of these pieces of OSD board, so I can get a sense of the color. And I want to move it around the house at different times of day because the light will play on it. And I'll actually take a couple of other samples and put them side by side, so I can see the subtle differences, and then I'll make my decision. As far as applying the paint, you know, I'd like for it to put brushed on rather than it being sprayed. So we're working on that. In the interim, while we work out the colors, the guys have already.

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