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Insulation Down Under Day 143 The Garden Home Challenge With P. Allen Smith

I know this looks like water behind me, but it's not. It's plastic. Let me tell you all about it. They say an ecofriendly house can't be built in 150 days for $150,000, and I say it can. I'm Allen Smith, join me as I push the limits with time, budget and creativity with the Garden Home Challenge, exclusively on eHow Home. It's lookin' good. Well, Dustin and Joe are wrapping up the getting the compressor set up for our minisplit system to cool this house down because it's gotten really hot. We're just about there in terms of cooling.

This house down. But, you know, the thing that you have to do is you gotta make sure that the house is completely sealed so once you do cool it, this time of year, you keep the cool inside. And there's some ways you can do that. Come on in here. Now I know that we've talked about insulation and the importance of it throughout the construction of this house, and you're probably sick and tired of hearing me say it, but it is so, so important. This is a little different down here because we're talking about the underside of the house.

Itself. We've already put the insulation in the walls. Remember, we used the cellulose, and built out the walls they're 6 inches thick, and then on all the slopes upstairs, the roof, etc. We used the soybean foam insulation. But in here, we're using two other products that will help finish off the entire envelope around the house from top, down along the sides, now, underneath. We're using some of this fiberglass batting, you can see here, between floor joists of the house. And the way these are held in place, you just take.

A wire like this, the batting goes up and the wire goes in like that and holds it pretty cool, huh And then in here, which is actually underneath the footprint of the house, what we've done is we've come in and we've covered the entire floor with a black plastic. Now, this serves as a vapor barrier under here, and it does a lot to help maintain the longevity of this house. For instance, by keeping the moisture under here at bay, it's going to keep the floors from buckling, it protects the structure from rotting, as well as keeps.

The occurrence of mold way down. Now I wish you could feel it in here because it's a lot cooler than it is outside. It's so hot today that in here, I bet it's 20 to 30 degrees cooler. Now let's talk about air quality for just a moment You see, the beauty of putting this batting up here, this insulation in the floor joists, is that it keeps air from going up through the house from down here below, and it keeps you from losing air from in the house, cool air, or in the winter, warm air, through the floor, into this space. So it's.

Stairway to Completion Day 109 The Garden Home Challenge With P. Allen Smith

They say an ecofriendly house can't be built in 150 days for $150,000, and I say it can. I'm Allen Smith. Join me as I push the limits with time, budget and creativity with the Garden Home Challenge, exclusively on eHow Home. Today, the big thing is we're gonna work on these stairs. We're gonna trim them out and finish them. So these 1x8s, we'll do we'll rip them down for the risers. And then we're gonna use our flooring, existing flooring that we already have here. So we're gonna use it on the treads for our stairs.

And we'll just put it together, and then we'll round the nosing on it for our nosing on the treads. We just sawed this on the table saw, and it's square right now. So we're gonna take this router and make the round nosing for our treads with it. Now all we need to do is just sand off any irregularities or imperfections in it, and smooth it up. Now we got it smoothed up really good, and we're ready to put it in. This is a riser, or the face of one of the stairs we just slide that right in there. Then we're ready for.

How to make an Epic Green Jungle Juice Tipsy Bartender

Upbeat surf music OK, Destorm, I want you to start, OK. It's your party. Destorm Yeah, yeah, I'm cool with that. Skyy Pour the Bacardi 151. Start with that because you start with the babies. Destorm Alright. loud party crowd background chatter Skyy Nice, nice, nice! The life of the party, baby. girl with bangs Yeah, we're making jungle juice. man with beard Real quick, tell everybody in Washington drowned out by background noises. Skyy It's a different mix. man with beard It's a different mix.

Skyy It's a different mix. man with beard Alright. Is this one gonna be better, or what I have no idea what it can taste like because I just walk in the store and I just pick random shit that I thought would blend. It should work. It should work. man with beard You heard the secret here. My years of drinking, it should work. loud party crowd background chatter man in background We have some alcoholics in the building. We got some drinking to do.

Loud party crowd background chatter Skyy Try not to get your hands wet. loud party crowd background chatter Watch. Someone's got the first one. woman in glasses It's good shit. Skyy laughing man with beard All the way from Germany! Skyy John, hooking it up. Skyy drowned out by background noise man with beard Oh, that's delicious. loud party crowd background chatter Skyy It's all gone. It's all gone. Tipsy Bartender. It's all gone. Voiceover Check out these other jungle juice episodes and remember to subscribe.

Painting Light Fixtures At Home With P. Allen Smith

Hey, let me show you how to do a makeover on a light fixture you have that may need a little sparkle or lift. You know, I'm always looking for ways to, well, improve things. Say, for instance, light fixtures. They're expensive. I found this one for about 25 bucks, but I didn't like the color. But that didn't get into my way of turning it into something that I can really use. So what I'm doing here is I'm applying a primer onto this metal fixture. You see, it was a really dark bronze color it was okay, but it doesn't really fit.

The color scheme I want. I think it can have a little more pizzazz. My ultimate goal is to do this at a nice red. This is just the primer color. What I did in the beginning was just wipe this down with a damp cloth, just to make sure that any extra dust and so forth was gone. The other thing that I did to prepare this was to remove the candle sleeves, and then take some masking tape and tape off the light sockets. You don't wanna spray those you don't wanna mess up the function of this thing. And then I brought.

It out here and suspended it in an openair place where I could spray it. You know, safety first that's why you need to wear googles, you gotta wear gloves, and make sure you wear a mask. It's hard for me to talk to you with mask on that's why I have it off. But notice, I'm not spraying. You see, with the primer coat, you just wanna make sure you cover all the surface evenly the chain too. Make sure that you paint the chain and put the.

Primer coat on it. Now, I like to do this in sessions where it can sort of dry. Now look at this So for this fixture, I want it all white. So what you wanna do is you wanna start with a primer white. And then now it's time to shake this up, and you gotta really shake up your spray paint. And then you wanna cover it evenly take your time. You want equal distribution. I might just spin it lightly like that. You wanna make sure you don't get any drip. So, again, a light spray, take your time, let it dry, and.

Master Bedroom Shades That Garden Home Challenge With P. Allen Smith

You watched us design and build this house in 150 days, but the work is far from over. We're about to jump into my favorite part of the process of bringing all this together. Join me for an exclusive look right here on eHow Home. It's very exciting in that we are putting the finishing details on the windows in this room. You know, windows are so important when it comes to an ecofriendly house. You can lose a lot of energy through windows. That's why we wanted to make sure that these windows were double paned. It increases the.

Energy efficiency. And this is a line of windows from Marvin that were more affordable for us, but they also give us a really high energy rating, because it's really impressive how much heat come into a room in the summer by not having adequate windows. Now we're ready to decorate, and you can actually help increase the energy efficiency by using drapery or window treatments. And in this case, what I'm using is this beautiful colored linen in the form of a Roman shade which will fold out. I'll show that in just a moment. But.

It's fitted for this window by the shade store, and they're very easy to install. You see, just by looking at these premarked points here, here and here, it's attached just up inside the window casing up here. You see, what's marvelous about these Roman shades is that even in winter, when the wind is howling outside, you can drop the shades and it helps keep the room warmer. In the summer, by pulling the shades, you don't have all that hot bright light coming in. This is a south facing window and so you can imagine the light that would.

Pour in here in the heat of summer. And let's go over here and look at this one that's already installed. What I love about these Roman shades, once they're installed, you can see how tailored the fit is and the ease of use. You see, all you have to do is do this to lower and raise them. So, very nice. And I love this little safety feature here. You know, so often children can get caught up in strings or ropes or beads like this, and so, this keeps that form happening.

you just attach it to the inside of the window like that. Very nice. And let's talk about color for just a moment. If you look here, these are some big pillows that I wanna use on the bed, and I took this color of brown, sort of a gray brown you see, it's very close to this linen color, so I get this color echo going. I wanted those deepest tones in the windows. And you can see this wall color is very similar to this taupe or brown you.

How to Make Herb Infused Oils and Vinegar At Home With P. Allen Smith

How about an easy gift idea from your garden or even decoration for your kitchen You know, recently, I received this herb vinegar as a gift. And it reminded me of, well, you could actually make these herb vinegars and also flavored oils very easily in your own kitchen. They're great for giving as gifts. They're also wonderful for using in the kitchen for cooking all sorts of things. And, well, there also beautiful as a decorative element in the kitchen. Let me show just how easy it is. For a marinade, what I like to do is just.

Take some rosemaryand you can see, I just got some stems of rosemary that I've cut out of the garden here. If you really want the aroma to come through, gently bruising the rosemary by just taking a spoon and just stroking the leaves like this will release some of those essential oils. Then I just drop the rosemary down in the bottle. And then over here, I just have some ordinary white vinegar, and it's just coming to a boil, and that's what you want, you can just see the bubbles coming up around the edge. So what I'm gonna.

Do now is just take this warmed vinegar, if not hot vinegar I'm gonna be careful here and just pour it into this bottle. You'll notice, I made sure that the stems were well below or just below the neck of the bottle. Now, all I have to do is take a cork and put it in the top of the bottle, but I'll wait for this to completely cool. And you're probably asking How long is this gonna last Well, you wanna keep these vinegars in an out of direct light place. And if you do that, they'll last up to, say, four months. But.

In the refrigerator, about six months. Now, let's talk about oils for just a moment, while this cools. You can create these flavored oils using just about any type of oil you wanna cook with. In this case, I'm gonna use some oil olive. So, I'm just gonna take another bottle. And I like to use this in a salad dressing. And this is where I take just a bundle of welldried, fresh thyme leaves, and I'm just going to bruise them gently with a spoon here. And then, I'm gonna drop these down into the bottle, okay. Now, with this,.

I'm gonna actually add some peppercornsthis will be really good in saladabout 2 teaspoons. And about 2 teaspoons of dried lemon rind. And then, I'm just gonna take a really nice olive oil, and I'm gonna fill this up with olive oil. See, look at thatisn't that beautiful Now, what you want to do is you want, whether it's the vinegar or the oil, you want this to sit for about two weeks before you use it. Again, it's all about distribution of flavor in there. You're gettin' the idea here. What you wanna do is come up with your.

The Carpenter Speaks Day 80 The Garden Home Challenge With P. Allen Smith

They say an ecofriendly house can't be built in 150 for $150,000, and I say it can. I'm Allen Smith join me as I push the limits with time, budget and creativity with the Garden Home Challenge, exclusively on eHow Home. The last few days, we've been putting up our 1 by 6 and 1 by 8 pine, which is the walls and the ceilings. And some rooms, you know, theas far as the rooms with a lumber look on them for walls. And then we'll put down a 1by pine floor and then it will be a whole unit. Well, we put the walls up in.

The kitchen. And we'll put the craft paper on the walls, just to separate the insulation from the lumber, in case there's any drying or anything and having cracks. You don't want a bunch insulation coming through on the kitchen. So we're putting the craft paper on the walls. And we did the stairwell. We got up in it and did it Saturday. So, and the main reason for doingI'm trying to get all my long areas done while I've got straight material. The straighter the whole stack of material. And then when I get into the shorter areas,.

Then I can use shorter pieces and it'll be easier to work with. Well, we got soundproofing we put up first. And then, since we got 2 foot spans on our ceiling joists, we add a 2by in here. That way when you run your lumber, it will be a foot or less on center. That way you don't have any bad joints. It doesn't separate. That way you can fasten it and it will still up there and look really uniform. We'll have sound batts, like between the bedroom and the living areas and the bathrooms and the living area. But in this closet, I don't.

Know if there'd be a need for them there, But if they request it, then we'll put it in there. But in some instances, we don't have to have it. Want to save a few dollars here and there. Seemed like it was 60 cents a foot, a square foot. And that's the biggest challenge, will beprobably installing all the flooring throughout the house. And the kitchen area, whatever cabinets we can come up and whatever we have to infill out of open shelves or however the layouts gonna be. We're working on the ceilings and walls kind of.

Folding Container House

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