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Modern Shipping Container House In Germany

The Container Diaries Episode 1 Trailer Pilot

Feels great! hahaha. Excited! it's going to be the first time seeing the container i haven't seen it yet let's check it out the point of this documentary, is to give everybody the first hand view of what it's like to start this project from beginning to end she's on a time limit i've been researching tiny home projects for the last couple of years and realized there are a very limited amount of DIYs available online there's always tutorials the finished product what they used, what they got but i was the only one ready.

Experience a 220 sq ft tiny home OffBeat Spaces tutorial

Good morning. Welcome to our tiny house. Our tiny barn on our tiny farm here in New England was built last year by a group of students from Yestermorrow Design Build School up in Warren, Vermont. We love it. MUSIC PLAYING The students that designed it and built it, they didn't go crazy trying to pack a million little things in. It's open, it's airy. So when you're living in a very small house, you don't feel constricted. So this is the kitchen and the dining room and the living room.

One of the things that the students were trying to achieve was, even though this is a somewhat small house 227 square feet it still feels pretty big. I've been in here with 15 or 20 people, and believe it or not, it's not that crowded. You can see the light fixtures are pretty interesting salvaged plumbing parts. I don't think that water comes out of those. I hope not. It's got a full oven setup, salvaged steel backsplash. There's a nice set of drawers. There's cabinets above. Routed directly into the shelves above the sink are.

Drainage holes, so we can put our clean dishes here, and they drain right into the sink a nice way to save space. Here's the bathroom. We've got a little sink, shower. The floor and bench where the toilet are are all made of rotresistant wood, and there's a floor drain. So the whole room is actually the shower. The bedroom I think it's just a classic small house bedroom. The bed is up a little bit higher, so you've got plenty of storage underneath drawers and a big hatch in the back.

But it's not up so high that you have to climb up to get it. Again, this is one of those choices that they made that I think is so wonderful. It's a generous space. There's plenty of headroom, and you feel comfortable in there. So this is an old Japanese technique for finishing the exterior of the building. They took cedar boards and, using a blow torch, they charred them until they were black. And then, they scraped off the residue. And then, they put a light coat of a natural oil on that.

It gives it an amazing, rich brown color. And also, that charring seals the wood in, and it makes it essentially weatherproof. We've been really curious about creative ways to heat small spaces. Inside these hay bales is wood chips and sawdust and a little bit of manure. We've got a pipe going in. It loops around and around and around. There's about 600 feet of pipe in there. And then, it comes back out again. We haven't hooked up the pump yet, but we hooked it up temporarily the other day, and the water that.

Came out burned me. It's 150degree water coming out of this thing. So we think a pile like this could easily heat a tiny house. We were looking to make an investment in energy. What we've bought, in a lot of ways, is people power. And that means having family and friends come, people come to help out on the farm and visit. For us, it's this energy of being able to host people, to have people come and participate in our little experiment here. Love home and design Make sure to subscribe to SpacesTV on YouTube.

ELB Superlight Transport Container from SSI SCHAEFER

Clinton McDade, Senior Designer at Schaefer Systems International Today we'll introduce you to the ELB Superlight Transport Container. The ELB Container line is a super light construction and is very cost effective. It may seem similar to those you find in retail outlets, but the ELB is of high enough quality and is strong enough to actually be used in conveying applications as well as automated storage and retreival systems. The ELB Container is used for transport and storage applications. It's best benefit is the fact that it's so light the lighter the box, the more product you can get in.

OSHA has a 40 pound recommended load weight for hand held totes. Some automotive applications are even going down to 33 pounds. The less tote weight, the more product you get, and more efficient operations. The ELB Container with its innovative design is super light weight and can hold 40 pounds and 500 pounds in stack. The polypropelene it's made of resists most chemicals and the operating temperature is 4F to 140F. The ELB Conainer comes in two footprints, three heights, and has multiple bottom and lid options depending on your application. The new ultra light ELB Container is a very.

COMET the tiny house on wheels OffBeat Spaces tutorial

MARIAH Hi. My name is Mariah, and this is my tiny house on wheels, the CEMET. Come on in. MUSIC PLAYING MARIAH So here we are in the CEMET, a costefficient offgrid mobile eco trailer. This is my tiny house on wheels. I live in it fulltime. And I travel with it quite often from place to place that I'm going to be living for a couple weeks, doing info sessions, teaching workshops, just showing people that they can live in a different way. This is how one person is doing it.

So a lot of the stuff you see in the CEMET is either recycled materials original to the trailer itself. Where I couldn't find recycled stuff, I used sustainably produced products and building materials. All of the framing had been destroyed by carpenter ants. And even though the interior and exterior skins looked OK from the outside, it was pretty much destroyed underneath the first layer or so. My kitchen is fully functional. In order to keep my electric load down for the PV system, I opted for a hand pump faucet.

It's also traditional to the 1960s trailers. It's called a rocket pump. So over here, we have the dining area. We have this table. It actually folds down, and then this whole area becomes a bed, you know, if you need a guest bed or something. So what I'm sitting on right now looks like a couch, but it is also my bed at night. During the day, it functions as couch. I can sit down, read books, watch movies. When I'm not using it, or I just want more space for.

Relaxing, I can have it out as a bed, and two people can sleep here. And then during the day, it's my little office. I have my mirror here. I have storage for clothes. All of these shelves move around up and down. They can be out of the way, and I can hang a fullsize dress. Otherwise, it's usually folded clothing storage and hooks everywhere for hanging jackets and sweaters up. This is my bathroom, just a composting toilet. You can use the liquids to fertilize plants without composting, and then the solids can be composted and.

Then used as soil. You don't have to live in a trailer to do that. You can do that in your house or your apartment. In addition to all that, I'll have 555 watts of solar power powering this thing. It really does become this really intense expression of yourself. And I think that that's what's so interesting about small spaces, tiny houses, custombuilt houses and spaces that people live in, is it's this expression of the person's personality in an architectural and design form. ERIKA STORM WASSER Love home and design.

Container Storage Unit

Hi, my name is Darryl Chafe from Ocean Trailer I like to introduce you to our new Container Storage Divsion Containers available for 10, 20, 40 53 feet All these units are available to rent, buy and lease Container is great for storing materials excess inventory. For your household goods. for your home renovations. They are secured. As we can see we have a lock box unit They are very clean As you can see, it is a very nice and clean container unit The container is vented. We have circulation here.

The Search for Vernacular Architecture of Asia, Part 1 HKUx on edX Course About Tutorial

I am David Lung, Professor of Architecture at the University of Hong Kong. I wish to extend a very warm welcome to all of you. Thank you for joining us on this exciting journey to search for vernacular architecture of Asia. How observant are you in the built environment you live in Have you ever come across a building that looks rather mundane but then you were fascinated or inspired by the story behind it Or have you ever wondered why people build the way they do What is the material they use.

Why is the building facing a certain direction We are not talking about masterpieces from renowned design professionals, we are talking about the everyday building in our midst or what we refer to as the vernacular. Vernacular implies a distinct local expression of building or language, and raises questions of our identity, our own culture and building tradition, and the transmission of the culture. This course presents a broad understanding of the vernacular environment with emphasis on the built heritage of Asia, including topics such as the indigenous building materials,.

How climates affect the living environment, the ways culture shapes the buildings, the process which we call unselfconscious building process and the different building methods and traditions and the vernacular landscape. Much of Asia's vernacular built heritage emerges from assimilation of different cultures with immigration and trading patterns circulating throughout the region, providing both explicit and subtle references to the countries of their origin. This comprehensive, dialoguebased course provides an indepth exploration of the vernacular concept and its application to the built environment of the past, present, and the future. Joining me in presenting the course are Howard Davis from the University of Oregon my colleagues.

From the University of Hong Kong including Professor Lui Tai Lok in Sociology, Lynne DiStefano and Lee Ho Yin in Conservation Studies, and many others. The diversity of culture represented allows for students from any background to find common ground and familiarize themselves with the topics covered, increasing their understanding of vernacular architecture in their own surroundings. Students taking this course will be challenged by the exploration of their cultural traditions and stimulating a deeper analysis of their own local environment they live in. Those who wish to pursue and extend their journey of exploration further can join our.

Subsequent 5week course The Search for Vernacular Architecture of Asia Part II in the Spring of 2015. This course will explore the concept of vernacular with specific focus on rural and urban vernacular architecture, patterns of life in the vernacular, the conservation of the vernacular and its future within the Asian context. If you wish to learn more about the vernacular architecture of Asia, through which you will be able to better understand your own living environment too, enroll now and join us on this journey. My team and I look forward to seeing you in the fall of 2014.

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Modern Shipping Container Homes

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