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Shipping Container Homes And Urban Green Survival

How to Grow a MicroGreens Vegetable Garden Year Round Inside Your Home

Alright, this is John Kohler with GrowingYourGreens . Today I have another exciting episode for you. I’m glad to be sharing this with you. I’m actually on a field trip; I’m here in a business park in front of a warehouse building, and what we’re going to do today is were going to go into this place right here. It’s actually called ‘Urban Hydro Greens, your local hydroponic farm.’ So what they’re doing here inside this warehouse building is growing the most nutrient dense food in all of Las Vegas. They’re growing little microgreens, and if they can grow microgreens in a warehouse, you can surely do it in your home, but just think about the application of microgreens. They can grow microgreens in skyscrapers! I mean, wherever there’s some.

Light, you can grow some microgreens, and today we’re going to show you exactly how they do it here and actually share with you guys how you can grow it at home as well. So, let’s head in to Urban Hydro Greens and show you guys how they’re growin’. So, now we’re inside the Urban Hydro Greens and we’re going to check out their warehouse, which is where they’re growing all the microgreens. I mean, this is a production facility. They produce a thousand trays a month. That’s a lot of microgreens out to the local Las Vegas area, farmers markets, you know, they go to the fresh 52 farmers markets. They also sell directly to some restaurants in town. So, they grow a lot of nutrient dense food here.

In this warehouse and we’re going to check it out in a second. So, now is the moment you guys have been waiting for, let’s check out this warehouse and see how they’re growing inside. If they can do it in a warehouse, you can do it in your own kitchen. Alright, so now this is the warehouse and as you can see they just have a whole bunch of lights, and I might be blinded form the camera for a second but they have a light cycle of 19 hours on and, you know, 5 hours off, so these guys get a lot of light so that they can grow really fast. As you can see, there’s just racks and racks and racks of different microgreens growing. Now, this warehouse is only about 1000 square feet, so this is like the perfect.

Size to keep the temperature ideal without even using air conditioning here in Las Vegas. They have a cooler they use in the summer time to keep it cool and in the wintertime it’s pretty much an unheated warehouse except for small amounts of heat put out by the lights. Let’s talk about the lighting for a second. They’re actually using the full spectrum of lights. This is the 6500K lights, or T8 in standard fixtures. So, you know you don’t have to get any special kind of lights. Just go down to your local home depot and get some standards shop lights and, you know, get some really good lights there and save some money instead of trying to buy some expensive lights that, you know, may grow a little bit better.

And faster but, you know, its definitely good to save some money too. So, any old light will work. As you can see they just got the 4 foot lights and they just got the wooden shelves made out of 2×4’s and plywood here, which are available at any home depot or Lowes, so you could literally build a setup like this anywhere you live, and they’re just deep enough to have these flats and one section here, and each 8 foot section of light can hold about 8 flats, and this will produce a lot of microgreens. Right here we’re looking at some beautiful amaranth microgreens. So, yes, you can grow that in you garden to eat, but when growing the microgreens one of the cool things is, when you grow ’em in the microgreen.

Seed, they’re even more nutritious than eating the regular vegetables. Now, you know that I always promote you guys eat your greens, after all my channel is growyourgreens, but how about growing some microgreens? These guys can be four times, minimum four times, more nutritious, but up to 40 times more nutritious than the big ones. That being said, you eat a lot more to get even a sufficient amount of calories in you, but they are great to spice up your salad, add to soups and add to other recipes in your kitchen to ramp up the nutrition in them. Next, I want to show you guys how they’re growing here. This is the secondary stage where they’re actually growing them to fruition, or to microsproutition,.

And it actually only takes 1014 days, and this is the second half. The first half is actually when they’re sprouting the seeds, and let’s show you the area where they’re sprouting the seeds in compete darkness. Alright, so now we’re going to look at stage number one for how these microgreens turn in to microgreens. Before they’re microgreens they’re actually sprouts, and I know what you guys might be thinking, ‘hey, John aren’t sprouts good for us?’ Well, that’s as long as they’re safe to eat, there have been recently recalls with sprouts, and I don’t know exactly why that happens, but it’s probably because the seed stock is infested, but here with the microgreens you’re not going to have the same problems.

Off the grid tiny house living in the city

Welcome to my off the grid in the city teeny tiny house life My name is Rob Greenfield and I live here in San Diego California without a single debt or bill to my name. It wasn’t always this simple though. I used to have a halfdozen credit cards, a fair amount of debt,.

And wanted to be a millionaire. But now my life is all about happiness, health, and living for the benefit of the earth, my community, and myself. I’m largely able to do this through simple living and today I’m going to give you a tour of my simple place. So how do I not have a bill to my name.

Yet have a sweet spot like this? In exchange for using someone’s unused backyard, I am building him a fence, rainwater harvesting system, a garden, doing yard work, and improving the place. Plus he’s just into what I’m doing and wanted to be a part of it. So come on inside!.

This is it. All 50 square feet of it. It’s real simple but it gets the job done. I don’t spend most my time in here, but what I do in here is sleep, read, and cuddle. Most my time I spend outside, either out my community or out in the great outdoors. So this is it.

I’ve got my possessions down to pretty much what you see here but that’s it So let me show you the outside. How about off the grid. What does that mean? It simply means not dependent on public utilities. Here I’m energy and water independent These are the solar panels which I use to.

Charge up a couple the batteries. I also harvest rainwater. Right here you can see the gutters that I built on my neighbor’s house. That just channels the water down into the downspout, then through the diverter, into these blue barrels.

And since I’m a couple feet higher up than my neighbor I actually have to pump it out of those barrels using this pump into these 5 gallon jugs just like this and dump these 5 gallon jugs into these barrels which can store 165 gallons of rainwater.

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