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Part One How to make a fairy house from cardboard and a recycled container

Hello it’s diane.This is part one of two tutorials, where i show you how i transformed this hot chocolate container into a fairy house.I use this stick it glue in the tutorial, but unfortunately i was very disappointed with the result.I recommend you use a glue gun instead.I drew around the top onto corrugated cardboard.I cut it out and glued the circle of card inside the top.I repeated with another circle of card to form a base to stick on the roof.I drew around an old cd to create a larger circle and cut it out.

I glued the top of the container to this larger circle to form a base for the fairy house roof.I cut out a large circle from the corrugated card with a diameter of about 36 cm or about 14 inches.I cut into the centre of the circle before folding it to form a cone.I then decided to make another cut into the centre and take out more of the card to make it easier to fold the cone.I then glued it together.I glued the base of the roof to the cone top.

As the glue wasn’t working very well, i decided to add a layer of tissue paper.I glued the tissue paper with watered down craft glue.When the tissue paper was dry, i added a layer of white gesso.For the bottom part of the house, i cut out a door and two windows from the corrugated card and glued them in place.I used the silicone glue to add texture to the windows and doors, but as i said earlier to took forever to dry and i would recommend using a glue gun instead.

I added beads, gemstones and brads to the glue around the door and windows.I used a glue gun to add texture to the base of the house.I added a layer of textured tissue paper to the base of the house, using watered down craft glue.When the tissue paper was dry, i added a layer of white gesso.This is the end of part one.Part two shows how i decorated the fairy house.See the links in the description area for more information.If you’ve enjoyed the tutorial, please don’t forget to like, subscribe, comment or visit.

DIY tinted EOS lip balm EASY

Hi guys! so recently i’ve been watching eos lip balms everywhere on youtube, on blogs so i decided to get one! they aren’t sold in stores where i live so i went on ebay and purchased one.I was super excited when it came with my mail but when i opened it and smelled.Uff it smelled so bad! so yeah it was fake so i took the container and some simple ingredients and i made my own! for your diy lip balm you will need the container, some beeswax, some olive oil,.

Any old lipstick if you want it tinted, some flavoring, and tape.Start off by scratching any residue of the lip balm from the container until it’s mostly clean.You can use a toothpick or warm water for this.Then start placing some tape on the inside of the lid part forming two crosses this way you will cover the whole surface of the lid.And also i just cut little pieces of the beeswax so it’s easier to measure it later.Now put some water in a pot and a heat proof container.

And heat the water until is hot but not boiling.Add two teaspoons of beeswax and 5 teaspoons of olive oil and let it melt.Did you know that i film this tutorial three times until i got the perfect recipe the first time i mixed equal parts of the beeswax and vaseline but it was super dry and waxy so the second time i switch the vaseline for the oil but it was still really dry finally i added a lot more oil and i got the perfect recipe so don’t worry if your lip balm doesn’t come out perfectly the first time.

Just keep adjusting the recipe until you get what you want.Once that’s melted go ahead and add some lipstick if you want it to have some color and as i don’t really like how beeswax smells i also added some lemon flavoring.Then carefully pour the mixture into the lid and put that in the freezer you will still have some remaining in you glass so wait until it has a creamy consistency and with the help of a knife spread it on the other half of the container as you were icing a cupcake until the grid is completely covered.

And also keep that in the freezer.5 minutes later take them out of the freezer and carefully unstick the tape from the lid to get the top part of the lip balm it will take a little bit of time but it will eventually come off then slightly heat one of the parts with a candle or a lighter and when it gets shiny stick it to the other part probably at this point the lid won’t close so shape it with your finger to make it smoother and smaller.

If you have any holes take a little bit of the leftovers and use them to cover those holes until the surface is smooth finally put the lid back on and that’s it! i’m really in love this lip balm its super smooth and moisturizing and it gives a slight color if you have lots of empty eos containers i recommend doing this to use them again and make sure to personalize them with any color or flavor you want subscribe so you don’t miss my diy tutorials every week and thanks for watching!.


Hi guys! in today’s tutorial i’m going to show you a quickly diy on how to make your own eos refill but this time using crayons! please subscribe for more tutorials like this and i hope you like it! in my last tutorial a lot of you were asking me how i removed the divider i used a pointy knife and its super simple.You are going to stick the knife into this little wedge that is around the lip balm and eventually it will pop right out now that you have the divider clean you just going got screw in the divider to the top or the cap of you eos.

I always see this on pinterest and i wanted to try to make my own crayon lipsticks for this i used 1 12 pink crayon, coconut oil and some chapstick the reason why i used chapstick is that if you only use coconut oil it will melt and the solution for that is too add wax to your mix.Take your eos and fill it up pass the divider.Place this in the freezer for half an hour and now as you can see it’s perfect, it looks like a real eos!.

How to Make a Soda Cap Container

If you’re on a hike, or caught in a survival situation, it’s really helpful to have containers that are lightweight and weather resistant.So in this project let’s turn a couple of empty soda bottles, into compact, lightweight, and waterproof, soda cap containers.Let’s start this project with a hotel key, and a couple of plastic soda bottles.The first thing we need to do is cut the tops off, and if we turn them upside down and clamp them in a bench vise, it should be incredibly easy.Now if we use something like a hacksaw,.

We can use the bottom side of the flange as a cutting guide, and the goal here is to make the cut as clean as possible.When we’re through to the other side, let’s double check the flange to make sure it’s completely flat, and if there are any ridges, we can easily shave them down with the saw blade.Now we’re gonna need a second cap, and this time i’m using a bottle with a black lid just for a little variety.This should allow us to color code the two ends of our container.Now depending on your purpose, it could be.

Extremely important that the lids sit perfectly together.And to make sure that happens, let’s go ahead and sand the bottoms with something like 150 grit sandpaper, until they’re perfectly flat.They don’t have to be smooth though.Infact, the rougher they are, they better they’re gonna bond with an epoxy.While we’re here it’s a good idea to roughen both sides of our hotel key as well, so let’s go ahead and do that, then carefully trace around one of the caps with a marker.As we cut it out, you can see we’ll end up with a plastic.

Disc the exact same size as the caps, and this will become the divider that splits our container into two separate compartments.Now to make this as strong and lightweight as possible, let’s try bonding it with a 2 part epoxy.This will need to be blended thoroughly for about a minute to make sure it sets up properly.Now, without wasting too much time, let’s apply a liberal amount of epoxy to the base of the caps, then carefully set the round divider on top, and press it into place.If you already have epoxy on the other cap, just.

Join it to the other side of the divider, and simply leave it to harden.In about 2 hours, your container will be firm enough to handle, and a few hours after that, it should be fully ready to use.Now for an even stronger bond, try clamping both caps so they set together under pressure.If you don’t have a bench vise or a set of bar clamps, try using a rubber band to keep things tight until the epoxy hardens.You can see here how the epoxy at the bottom has completely sealed everything off.That means this container.

Will hold two different items, and keep them completely separate.Now i added some special ingredients to mine and tucked it away in one of our firstaid kits to help out in emergency situations.This will give us the power to ignite a survival fire, without ever having to strike a match.Look for how this works in the matchless survival fire project.I also tried another variation and found the simplest container could be made with 2 caps and some hot glue.It won’t be as strong, but you can make them start to finish in under.

3 minutes.This version is still super lightweight, water resistant, and will work really well for storing things like pills or small candies.You can see it’s hollow all the way through, so the contents can be accessed from either end.This works well to protect your matches from the elements, or even make improvised hide and seek containers for geocaching.If the container ever does get wet, everything inside will be kept safe and dry.Now both variations weigh only half an ounce, or about 14 grams, but they can they still hold up.

To 10 ml of fluid, which is the same amount as both of these glass bottles put together.By the way, if you epoxy the two bottles end to end, you’ll have another variation that still looks really cool, and will last for a really long time.Well now you know how to turn two empty soda bottles, into lightweight, multipurpose containers, that don’t really cost anything to make, but will do a great job protecting your stuff.Well that’s it for now.If you liked this project, perhaps you’ll like some of my others.Check them.

Spray foam insulation nightmare What can happen if its not installed correctly CBC Marketplace

gtgt tom this week on marketplace.Gtgt i’m afraid for the children and, you know, what they’ve been exposed to.Gtgt tom insulation nightmares.Gtgt i think we’ve got what we need for the lab.Gtgt tom it’s a popular energy saver.Gtgt when it’s installed properly, it’s really it’s a bullet proof product.Gtgt it’s gotta come out, the foam’s gotta come out.Gtgt tom that could put you out of house and home.Gtgt you’re playing kind of a game of russian roulette with this.Gtgt tom and transform your.

Life into a renovation horror story.Gtgt tom it’s a scorching june day.We’re driving into the caledon hills, north of toronto, and into a nightmare.The house of their dreams, now haunted.The owners living in a camper steps from the front door.This is a refuge for robert and sonia franceschini and their two kids.I guess it won’t be a long tour.Gtgt no probably not.So this is where we’ve been living.Gtgt tom wow, yeah.Gtgt this is the trailer.The kitchenette area.Gtgt tom right.

So you’ve got two young children.Are they asking lots of questions about why are we in here gtgt we try not to talk too much in front of them so they don’t get worried or frightened.Gtgt tom what could be so frightening wow, big house.Nice.It’s just 14 years old he says.3000 square feet.Mortgage free.But right now, he couldn’t sell it if he tried.The reason there’s something in the air.Ok the bedroom.Oh yeah, i can smell that.Gtgt oh, yeah.Gtgt tom geez.

Gtgt it’s pretty bad.Gtgt tom pretty strong, yeah.Foul.Like bad fish smell.Gtgt the hotter it gets the more, the more it smells.Gtgt tom right.Gtgt the more it smells.Gtgt tom and if you stay in here long, what happens gtgt well, you’ll see within the first five minutes you’ll probably start getting a headache.Gtgt tom actually i’m getting a headache now, honest to god.I’m feeling something here.Yeah, it’s quite, uh, it’s insidious.It’s not just the bad smell that’s made their home unliveable.

Gtgt well i started feeling like excruciating pain, joint pain, in the knees and i had swelling in my legs and my feet.And, uh, i just looked at robert and i said, robert, i think i need to go to the .Gtgt tom they feel as if their house is attacking them.The trouble started this spring they say.Just days after their attic was treated with spray foam insulation.Did you call the company and explain you were having problems what did they do gtgt i brought them up to the.

Bedroom where the main problem was and they said they really couldn’t smell anything.And i was flabbergasted.Gtgt tom so what did you think when the company said we don’t smell anything gtgt well, i knew exactly where this was gonna go.And this is why were still here two months later.Gtgt tom you heard right.On our visit, they’d been out of their home for two months.When she has to go inside, sonia wears a mask.Gtgt we thought we were doing something to improve our home.

And instead they basically destroyed my home.They ruined it.We can’t live in it anymore.Gt tom not the kind of testimonial the spray foam industry wants to hear.Over the past decade, it’s become the hottest trend in canadian home insulation.The industry is growing by 30 every year.Why the boom high heating costs, government tax credits.Gtgt they introduced spray foam which i absolutely love.Gtgt tom and those home reno shows.Gtgt tom the spray foamer those stars rely on gtgt sorry i can’t remember all.

The shows, there’s so many.Gtgt tom alex schuts, who started his own business while in high school.Gtgt i’ve been doing it 22 years.I live and breathe insulation.It’s good for the environment because we save on burning of fossil fuels.It doesn’t let drafts through.When it’s installed properly it’s really a bullet proof product, right.Gtgt tom hmm, when it’s installed properly gtgt it’s not simple, and you don’t just pick up the gun and start spraying.Gtgt tom nope, it’s more like a science project right in your.

Home.The sprayer is mixing two sets of serious chemicals he’s specially trained to handle.The conditions have to be just right.And the foam has to be sprayed in thin layers, so it can cure allowing the chemicals to stabilize.It’s sophisticated stuff that promises an energy efficient home.And alex schuts says it works that way almost every time.Gtgt there’s a lot of foam being sprayed, there’s a lot of happy customers.Gtgt tom in fact, the franceschini’s were happy when they had a family property spray foamed this past spring.

But after their attic job at home, sonia says not only did she feel ill, she says her daughter broke out in rashes.Gtgt i’m afraid for the children and, you know, what they’ve been exposed to and, um, you know, is there going to be any long term effects to what they’ve been exposed to and it’s just really upsetting.Gtgt tom fear, stress, uncertainty for two months.Time to find out if this foam has taken possession of their home.We call in frank haverkate.Frank, how are you doing.

Gtgt hi tom, how are you, nice to see you.Gtgt tom he’s a certified indoor air quality specialist.He’s trying to figure out what chemicals might be floating around.Gtgt let’s take a reading in the bedroom where we smell odours.Gtgt tom he pulls out his computerized air detector.And the small tins gather air samples for later.Gtgt all these samples are going to be here for 48 hours.Gtgt tom then we enter the belly of the beast.If an attic can be a belly.Gtgt so we just want to get a.

Cutaway of the inside of the core closest to the bottom.Gtgt tom frank also wants to test a foam sample.Gtgt i’m not wearing any nitral gloves or any gloves because i don’t want the chemicals from the nitral affecting the sample that i’m cutting.Gtgt tom could this be what’s giving off bad fumes gtgt i don’t know if you want to take a sniff of that but it has a pretty good odour to it.Gtgt tom mmm, it’s that fishy odour again, right same smell from the bedroom.

We’re right above the bedroom, right here.Gtgt i think we’ve got what we need for the lab.Gtgt tom excellent.Gtgt great.Let’s get out of this sauna.Gtgt tom i agree with you.There is no graceful way to do this.Foam samples in hand, frank heads out, and offers a few last minute instructions to the family.Gtgt stay out of the bedroom.Just leave everything the way it is i’ll be back in a couple of days to pick it up.Gtgt tom the franceschini’s may feel alone in this horror show.

Gtgt we all felt burning like ammonia.Gtgt tom turns out they’re not.Gtgt we live with a nightmare still.Gtgt tom tales from the deep south.Reveal more foam invasions.Gtgt you’re playing kind of a game of russian roulette with this.Gtgt tom we’re investigating a renovation horror story, and our journey into the dark side of spray foam has taken us south to the sunshine state.Gtgt tonight action 9 exposes a growing threat to local home owners.Gtgt tom where we heard more reports of foam invasions.

Gtgt my heart just started racing and racing, and i was hyperventilating and i fell to the ground.Gtgt tom i’m in kissimi, florida, an orlando suburb.On the way to meet joan and mike roth.Driven from their house by spray foam three years ago.So your trailer was over here gtgt yes, it was over on thisre side.That was a nightmare.That’s how we list everything that happened to us, just the overall category, we call it a nightmare.Gtgt we all felt burning like ammonia, it was an awful.

Experience.Gtgt this just gives you a sense of how deep this is.Gtgt tom their home tutorial is now the rothi’s personal horror flick.It started when they spray foamed the attic.They wanted to cut their energy costs.It was the cost of their health and home that blindsided them.Gtgt we say before the foam and after the foam.I mean, it’s changed our lives.Gtgt tom first the installer and manufacturer claimed there were no problems.Then tried some repairs.Nothing worked.Gtgt so i actually got on the.

Phone and called remediation companies,companies that take out asbestos, and that type of thing, deal with mould problems none of them had a protocol for spray foam.Nobody was going to touch it.Gtgt tom what the roths were learning is that north american spray foam industry has no official guidelines for taking out a bad job.Gtgt so we said we’re going to have to pull the sheeting off the roof, pull the whole thing off, and have someone mechanically go in and scrape every piece of wood and every.

Piece of drywall and take it and throw it away.Gtgt tom and how did that go gtgt what was it, 16 days gtgt sixteen days it took.Gtgt finally they got 90some per cent of it out.Gtgt tom safely locked away in the garage, mike is keeping some relics from their ordeal.Looks like candy.Gtgt it does not smell like candy.Gtgt tom oh, yeah, yeah, sort of a fishy smell.There are other reminders that are far more upsetting.Their son julian has suffered from asthma and joint pain.

Ever since, reacts to the chlorine in the pool.But the roths say he was fine until the morning the spraying started, when he was sleeping.Gtgt this is julian’s bedroom.This is where they sprayed first.I’m still upset when i think about that crucial time when he was in the room when they were spraying right over his bedroom.Makes me sick.Makes me sick to think about.Gtgt tom in fact, the whole family was inside that day.Gtgt they didn’t say anything about leaving the house and.

Here they are spraying these chemicals up there and we’re still in the house.Gtgt tom health issues.Smelly foam.Living in a trailer.The roth’s story is eerily similar to our canadian case.As spray foam’s popularity has spread, so have more troubling stories.Gtgt you’re playing kind of a game of russian roulette with this.Gtgt tom bernie bloom is a kind of foam buster.Gtgt it doesn’t matter if you did it right twenty times in a row, the twenty first home might be different.Gtgt tom people such as bernie.

Are in demand across the u.S.They’re expert advisors for a number of class action lawsuits currently underway.A leading indoor air scientist for 40 years, he’s involved with dozens of bad spray foam issues, six of them here in florida.Gtgt we have more and more houses being sprayed.I expect there’s going to be more, not fewer, problems.Gtgt tom the man who helped design ventilation systems for the international space station believes spray foam is a formula for trouble.Gtgt the foam itself is manufactured in the house, not.

In a factory.If you spray it too thick and it gets too hot, then the reactions that happen are not what was designed in the factory or in the laboratory.You got a runaway reaction.Gtgt tom so that fishy smell bernie says it means the chemicals in the foam weren’t mixed right and didn’t stabilize.Gtgt when it works, it does fine.When it doesn’t work, and if you’re in the house, you can become chemically sensitized which is a dreadful condition.Gtgt tom bernie’s not a .But experience tells him.

That’s what happened to the roths.Why would they be there or why wouldn’t they be told to leave gtgt if you tell somebody, um, we’re going to spray the stuff, it’s great stuff, but we want you not to be in the house for a day or two.Which is conventional industry internal guidance, some people are going to ask, why is there something wrong is it toxic gtgt tom the day their attic was sprayed in caledon, the franceschinis weren’t worried about the foam because they say, they didn’t know about.

Staying out of the house.Gtgt most of the time we were out here while they were spraying.If we needed something we’d run in the house and get it.When the salesman was here he may have mentioned it, but i don’t recall.But out of all pamphlets, paperwork i got, or all my quotes, nothing in there that says i should have stayed out of the house, cause that would have stuck in my head.Gtgt tom and here’s their job quote.Nothing about staying out of the house.

Nothing in the company brochures either.Meantime, it’s been more than three months since they’ve had a family meal in their dining room or kitchen.Gtgt what took you so long gtgt oh, please.Gtgt tom can it really be that bad in the house so long after the job was done gtgt tom oh, yeah.It’s still there.There’s still that fishy smell.Gtgt it’s still off gassing.Gtgt tom yeah, you can still smell it.Gtgt we’ll turn that fan on, ventilate the whole house, open up all the windows, shut.

It down and it’s right back.Gtgt tom remember we tested the bad air in the master bedroom and the foam above it.Now frank haverkate is back with some unsettling results.The air samples reveal a laundry list of chemicals.Gtgt in a nutshell you’ve got some toluene issues, you’ve got mek issues.Gtgt tom some of those things can be linked to cancer.Gtgt ethylbenzene.Gtgttom frank believes the spray foam job’s to blame but can’t conclusively prove it.Now for the foam results.Gtgt one of the surprising things.

Is we found formaldehyde.Now, it’s gtgt tom formaldehyde.We’re surprised.The manufacturer of the franceschini’s foam says their insulation doesn’t contain formaldehyde or similar compounds.Gtgt again, they’re low levels but, uh, it really shouldn’t be there.Gtgt tom frank thinks it’s the installation job gone wrong, creating new, dangerous chemicals.What do you think about what you’re hearing.Gtgt needless to say it’s scary.Gtgt tom you scared gtgt yes, very much so.Gtgt tom so what’s your advice to them gtgt you’re gonna have to get the product removed.

Gtgt tom desperate times, desperate measures.Gtgt well, you can only stay in a trailer for so long.Gtgt tom you’re about to see one extreme makeover.Gtgt tom the franchini’s are tired of trailer living.Gtgt go into our room, go.Gtgt tom tired of being spooked by the spray foam in their attic.Gtgt i’m still in disbelief.I can’t believe that somebody would do this to a family and not want to take ownership for what they did.Gtgt i need to get back into my.

House.Gtgt tom and they’re tired of searching for answers.The foam manufacturer had the air and the foam tested and said its product wasn’t causing problems.Then, an independent group determined a section of foam was too thick and emitting chemicals.The manufacturer eventually agreed.The family has heard enough.Gtgt it’s gotta come out, the foam’s gotta come out.Gtgt it’s gotta come right out.Yep.Gtgt tom removing bad foam is what alex schuts is up to today.Gtgt mainly on this side.This side too.It’s the middle section that’s.

The worst.Gtgt tom the stuff his man sprayed isn’t making anyone sick and it doesn’t stink but it’s cracking and peeling.Gtgt never seen it this thick.This is the worst i’ve ever.Seen, tom.It’s terrible.Gtgt tom yes.Tv’s most famous foam sprayer doesn’t always get it right and the industry agrees not every job is perfect.Gtgt i hate the fact that it’s happening, but we’re here, we’re here to fix it.And it doesn’t cost the customer any money.Gtgt tom how common is it for.

Installers to have to take out foam gtgt it’s rare.It’s happening more now than probably in the past because there’s a lot more newer contractors out there.Gtgt tom in your view, then, if an installer gets it wrong, are they obliged to fix it do you think gtgt damn right.Yeah, yeah.If you’re not doing what you’re supposed to be doing, fix it.Gtgt tom so we’re hitting the road to huntsville, ontario, to talk to the company that spray foamed the franceschini’s attic.A family business called.

Thermoseal insulation.Richard clement is the owner.So what do we have here gtgt so this is the chemical, the two chemicals go together.If it’s not sprayed correctly it certainly could be a problem.Gtgt tom he’s been in the business for decades.He figures the company’s done about 15,000 spray foam jobs, and says it’s their first case like this.Gtgt i was in the bedroom, like the master bedroom upstairs.Gtgt yes.Gtgt tom that’s where i got that smell.Did your folks go up there when they first visited the.

House gtgt when they went there and couldn’t, they couldn’t detect it i should qualify that,ct that they did smell, but it’s the smell they are accustomed to with a fresh application of polyurethane foam.They didn’t detect a fishy smell as the homeowner did.Gtgt tom richard says consultants told him only about 1 of the foam was bad.Gtgt tom so why didn’t your company take out that foam gtgt we offered to take out that foam.The homeowner decided that he wanted to have the entire attic area, 13 or 1400 square.

Feet removed and that, in our opinion, and every other professional’s opinion was unrealistic and unwarranted.Gtgt tom given that um, the wife got sick, days after it happened, can you understand why they’d probably want to get rid of it, get it out of their house gtgt we’re sorry that the folks got sick but we don’t feel that it’s necessarily anything to do with the foam.Gtgt tom he also disagrees with the family’s claim they weren’t warned about staying out of the house.There are guidelines that say.

In a residence the family shouldn’t be in the house for 24 hours.Gtgt he was told that.He was told that by three different people from our company.Gtgt tom is there a reason it’s not on like the quote or the contract or anything like that written down gtgt since that incident we have put it in writing.Gtgt tom here’s thermoseal’s new contract.By signing, the homeowner acknowledges i have been informed of the health hazards and.I am not to occupy my residence for a period of.

One day 24 hours after spray foam is installed.Spray foam is popular but clements suggests it’s not always the best insulation choice.Gtgt tom you try to talk people out of it.Gtgt yes, we do.So maybe people are using it too much in their houses gtgt in some of the places we’re working it’s become the standard and there are, i think there are better applications out there.Gtgt tom so if you’re thinking of insulating, learn the risks, and benefits, of all kinds of insulation.If you pick spray foam, make.

Sure the installer is certified and experienced.Get a guarantee of foam removal in writing, in case things go wrong.And stay away for at least a day.Gtgt tom as for the franceschinis, the disturbing tale of the house in the caledon hills has reached the end of the road.Are they still in the trailer they got some relief problem solved trying to find out.Gtgt well, a you can come in and have a look.As far as you can see, if you look up there, the whole roof.

Was removed.Gtgt tom they’ve actually blown the lid off their home gtgt the only way to remove the foam for safety reasons was to remove the whole roof.Gtgt tom this renovation horror story ends with a domestic decapitation.Did they take it off in one piece gtgt yeah, the ceiling is still underneath.Well, we can see from the front.Gtgt tom it’s almost like a skeleton in a way, right its finally stopped haunting you.Gtgt thank god that it’s outta my house and we don’t have to.

The incredible unfolding home a film about illys Push Button House tutorial

Music playing adam kalkin at the end, i want to close this thing.So you guys can maybe i’ll trap some of you guys in it.Because it’s pretty cool this has room for people adam kalkin yeah, you can definitely get some people in it.Really adam kalkin yeah.The basic shell is like a container, like a recycled container.We were originally going to bring the first push button house into the building, but they were having a lot of trouble andrea illy because of the size.

Adam kalkin because of the size.When did you debut the push button house for illy is this the debut adam kalkin i took the one from art basel, and redid it.And shipped it to the venice biennale.Then we were going to bring it back here and we realized that there’s a huge elevator, but the door coming out of the elevator is like so we couldn’t actually get it in the building.Adam kalkin we designed it specifically for this space.So it does open and close.I’m adam.

James rosenquist adam what adam kalkin kalkin.James rosenquist hi, adam.Adam kalkin adam kalkin.Hi.Francis ford coppola i’ve been long interested in shipping containers as alternate dwellings.But this is amazing.Adam kalkin thank you.Drew nieporent so you actually press a button adam kalkin you do press drew nieporent and the whole thing opens adam kalkin you do press a button.The button is well hidden due to the public nature of this.And the potential people running around with a push button could be a little volatile.

Adam kalkin how high is that shit off the ground 34 34 inches.That’s like an additional actuator inside or something.Adam kalkin you know.I know, i know, i know.Adam kalkin you can build up the floor like three inches and then that’s it for the build out.Here’s a project in salt lake city, that’s kind of vertical, apartment buildings.And here are some other of these push button house concepts, which some of them are really good.This one’s really good.This one’s really good.These are three variants on the idea, all.

Of which are good.Yeah, here’s some good shit.This is the house that we’re building in bedford, new york, which is like three quick houses put together.That’s pretty good.Inaudible said that they’re going to fax back the engagement.Rita ok.Adam kalkin so.Rita.Rita.Rita.Rita.Rita.Rita.Rita.Rita yes.He’s too strange.But you gotta love him, you know.Adam kalkin ultimately architecture has to capture life.So i think it needs to be open to all the processes of life, which goes back to the choreography that’s implied in.

The push button houses.Because they’re literally in movable pieces.Not are they only mobile themselves, but the pieces themselves move.It’s really nice if architecture can incorporate some of that impulsiveness and some of the temporality and impromptu quality of being alive.Hammering metal falling sawing and hammering there is no metal in there.No metal not in there.Fuck, yeah, there is.I saw the last one in 2005 in miami during the december art basel.And that was the beginning of our beautiful relationship.Adam kalkin hey, dudes.

morning.How you doing, sir adam kalkin hey, how’s it going, man good to see you, bro.That’s the old school way.This is the new school way.Adam kalkin all right, how’s it going here this is looking good.It’s coming.Adam kalkin yeah.’cause i’d like to use these potentially for lighting.That’s expensive.Adam kalkin hey, you know what might be good like those chemical lights.They’ve got like a limited lifespan.You crack them open.Kids use them sometimes.Oh like the.

Yeah.Adam kalkin yeah.Certainly low tech.Adam kalkin well it’s high tech, low tech.Never say low tech, please.Oh.Laughs sorry.Adam kalkin i don’t worry too much, or if i do worry, then i just make some shit.And then i don’t worry anymore.You have some anxiety or worry or whatever about something, and then you transfer that into some kind of constructive or productive kind of output.It’s a repurposing of a neurosis you could call art making.Ok.You’re at 25, 50, 105, 130, 140.

4,000 ish.Quill hyde that is 8,000 pounds.So we’re good.That’s all we needed to know.Yeah.Fuck, yeah, motherfucker.All right.I didn’t really know about adam until i but once i heard his name, i looked him up and obviously was intrigued.Adam has much more of a designasyougo sort of philosophy, whereas before i could do anything, i like to have everything completely thought out.Adam kalkin you don’t want to have the feeling like you’re staring at some kind of thing that someone’s worked over with a pencil and eraser for seven hours.

Before i did architecture, i was a painter.I was like a painter, but i couldn’t get whatever.I just couldn’t to get it to work for me.When you’re a painter, you’re like in a studio.The whole thing is like totally isolated, and you want to be in the world and doing shit.This is much harder because you got to whatever.You just deal with a lot of people, money.It’s just like making painting times 1,000.And plus you can also make much more scary shit.All right.

So is that it background chatter yeah, yeah.Just go back to the parking garage.And you’ll see this giant loading dock entrance right there.What are you guys doing over here adam kalkin push button house.Huh what’s that adam kalkin you press a button and a house opens.Myra fiori it’s a shipping container ok.Myra fiori made into a house.And you push the button, and the shipping container opens and you have a fully furnished adam kalkin six room house myra fiorigorgeous house.

so you can ship this house anywhere adam kalkin that’s right.Myra fiori yes.I’ll take that house.Adam kalkin jesus christ.Laughing straight out.Bring it out.Hold on boys.Man on a ladder.Man on a ladder.Adam kalkin i don’t know that much about brands, and corporate think is total anathema to me.But i do think, in certain cases where corporations or companies are driven by an individual’s vision, that there are possible parallels between the way an artist works and the way a business can work.

Myra fiori because it has to be fully functioning tomorrow.Adam kalkin oh, it does myra fiori in the morning, at 10 o’clock, this house has to fully functional.Adam kalkin ok.Myra fiori with the machines in it.People able absolutely.1000 am.Adam kalkin oh, i thought we had ’til tuesday.Myra fiori oh, absolutely not.Adam kalkin oh, good.Myra fiori does your team know that adam kalkin no.Myra fiori you want to make that announcement real quickly andrea illy i like it very much.I prefer this one to the other one because it’s bigger.

Adam kalkin yeah.Andrea illy it’s more open.Adam kalkin yeah.Andrea illy gives you more a sense of different spaces.Adam kalkin it does.Yeah.Andrea illy i like it very, very, very much.Myra fiori i have to tell you.I confess.This is so much better than the other one.Adam kalkin yeah, it is.Andrea illy it’s beginning of long journey.Adam kalkin cool.I’m ready for long journey.Andrea illy this is incredible.Aw, sick.Look at that.Look how big that one is.

Applause ok.Where did they go that’s crazy.Hydraulic motors they’re like machine toys.Adam kalkin and then what do they turn in to people like weights, boats, ships adam kalkin yeah.Yeah.Yeah.Flying parts.But they’re very industrial.They’re like robotic arms.But then they all fold out adam kalkin i should check those out.Oh, yeah.They’re really cool.Adam kalkin yeah, they’re making a documentary.Oh, great.He doesn’t know what transformers are.More than meets the eye i’m trying to explain them, but.

Container Gardening Top Tips for Success

Music container gardening is becoming more and more popular as people appreciate the flexibility and extra growing space it provides.It’s not just about flowers either you can grow your own tasty produce right outside your door and many speciallyadapted plant varieties are now available.But growing in containers does come with its own special challenges and if you want to succeed it’s important to plan ahead.Let us take you through the essentials.Where to site your containers is the first thing you need to consider.Most vegetable plants like lots of sun, so it’s important to choose a place.

Which will provide 6 hours or more of direct light south or west facing locations are the best.Placing them as close to your house as you can will mean you have easy access to your plants great for harvesting and easy for you to take care of them.Choose a sheltered spot for your pots so your plants are kept out of cold, drying winds.Walls, fences hedges are good locations, or try to screen the pots.Using your window ledges and balconies is a great way to get started if you don’t have a garden.

But make sure your pots are properly secured to prevent them from blowing off when the weather gets windy.Watering is the number one priority for containers as the plants won’t have access to moisture below ground.On a hot sunny day they can dry out within hours and plants might not recover from serious wilting.On hot days giving plants a thorough watering in the early morning and evening will be required, making sure that you don’t just wet the surface, but allow it to soak down to the roots.

For added convenience, drip irrigation can be installed particularly useful if you’ll be away from home during part of the summer.Containers come in all shapes, sizes colors and materials.Plastic and wood are tried and tested materials, but you can unleash your creativity just make sure they are clean and won’t leach harmful chemicals.Large pots can also be used to grow plants that aren’t native to your area for example they can be filled with an ericaceous soil for blueberries, which like acidic conditions.And for heat loving plants such as dwarf citrus trees,.

Containers enable the plans to be moved to a warm conservatory or greenhouse during winter months, protecting them from the worst of the winter weather.There are plenty of options available for using vertical space too, and if you have a warm sunny wall which absorbs heat during the day this will radiate the warmth during the night, protecting the plants from cold snaps.It’s essential to provide good drainage.Plants are easily killed if their roots are waterlogged.Make sure there are adequate drainage holes and that they’re free from dirt or blockages.

Adding a shallow layer of stones or broken pottery to the base of the pot often helps to improve drainage.The aim is to cover the drainage hole so the soil doesn’t leak out while still providing gaps for excess water to drain through.Fill the container with a purchased potting soil or your own homemade compost.Don’t use soil from your garden, as this is likely to be heavy and to contain weeds and soilborne pests.Using a lightweight and moistureretentive mix is the best for containers, and it will need topping up each season to replenish nutrients which have been used up.

Which container is best to use will depend on what sort of crops you are growing, so let’s take a look at some of the best veggies to grow in containers.It doesn’t get any easier than growing salad leaves.They only need a shallow container a few inches deep.If summers are hot in your location, choose an area that gets morning sunshine and afternoon shade to avoid the plants bolting running to seed before they’re ready for harvest.Cutandcomeagain type salad leaves often come in packets with several different varieties,.

Providing an exciting mix of leaves that will only take weeks to grow.Tomatoes can be grown in several different types of containers, but they’ll need plenty of soil to supply the nutrients they need right up to harvest.Many varieties, such as tumbling tom, can be grown in hanging baskets, and look great as they trail towards the floor.Other varieties can be grown in grow bags or soil bags, or you can use large pots at least 10 inches in diameter.Make sure you use a stake and tie the plants to it to keep them upright.

Tomatoes are very thirsty so will need lots of water at least twice a day in hot weather.Potatoes can be grown in large pots, or bags and sacks designed specifically for the job.The seed potatoes are layered with potting mix and left in a sunny spot, watering as required.As they grow you can layer more soil around the stem of the shoots, gradually building it up over a few weeks until the top of the container is reached.Many other vegetables, herbs and edible flowers can be grown in pots.

Take a look at our extensive grow guides for more information.Our garden planner has a range of specially designed garden objects to make planning and managing your container gardening easy.Starting with the basic outline of your garden, balcony or patio, you can then view garden objects in the selection bar.Once to pick one up, move to where you want to place it, and click to place, rotating or resizing if required.As you add the different containers that you’ll use to your plan make sure you leave enough space so you can water and harvest.

The parts list will provide a useful summary of all the containers and other objects, such as drip irrigation, for the plan.Adding plants is as simple as clicking to place them in the relevant containers with the coloured area around each plant indicating how much soil space the roots require.For example, we can easily see how many tomatoes will fit into this grow bag and hanging baskets.Add potatoes into the potato sacks, and choose which salad leaves to include in the grow frame.The plant list then shows you a complete summary of what you were growing.

Including when to plant seeds indoors and outdoors, and when you can expect the harvest, specific to your location.Twice a month you’ll also receive email reminders so you know what jobs need doing and when.Gardening in containers is an easy way of growing your own and you can expand with more containers to fill the space you have.Whether you have one simple pot for herbs, or a mini farm full of plants, its easy to get hooked on the taste of growing your own fresh produce and the convenience of having it right outside your back door.

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