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Shipping Container Homes For Sale New Zealand

Sand Island shipping containers turned into homes

We're beginning to get a better picture of what the temporary homeless housing facility on Sand Island will look like now that the first container living units were installed today. KITV 4's Ashley Moser shows us the latest additions now on site. NAT beep beep The wait is over. the first look inside the shipping containersturned home s is here. These pastel yellow and orange shipping containers are the first living units installed at Hale Mauliola on Sand Island. Their meant to help combat Hawaii's housing epidemic. NAT 3741 click click.

Moving second one back One by one they're put in place taking up two 8 by 20 foot spaces on this one acre lot. NAT on floor 3714 plopped down City officials say both units are ADA compliant and each can house two people. Ed 2955 BY THE SURVEYS WE HAVE TO ALLOW FOR ACCESSIBILITY FOR THE HANDICAP PEOPLE AND WE KNEW I LOOKING AT THE POPULATION OF THE HOMELESS ALL OVER THE ISLAND. 3007 The project a little over a year old was put on hold until this summer.

Because of questions about the land. Ed 2747 THERE WERE SPECULATIONS BEFORE THAT THE SOIL WAS CONTAMINATED SO WE WAITED FOR THE STATE DEPARTMENT OF HEALTH TO TEST THE SOIL. 2755 The results nothing beyond the allowable limits for hazardous material. So crews cleared the overgrown brush added a fence and these light poles. Standup Ashley 5310 CREWS HAD TO ADD ABOUT 6 INCHES OF GRAVEL TO LEVEL OFF THIS AREA AND TO ADD A PROPER STORM DRAIN. THE GRAVEL USED. 5522 IS RECYCLED ASPHALT PAVING COLLECTED FROM ROADWORK.

AROUND THE CITY. 5529 The material makes for mobility so crews can move the containers if needed. By December there will be 25 of these, half offering 3 bedrooms and the other 2 bedrooms. Each one is insulated and coated with heat resistant paint to keep occupants cool. Chris 4747 IF YOU'RE OUTSIDE IN THE SUN AND IT'S 90 IF YOU GO UNDER A SHADE TREE IT'S 85 WELL WE'VE GOT SOMETHING HERE THAT'S EVEN BETTER THAN THAT. 4756 Container Storage Company of Hawaii fitted the spaces with code access.

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Moving to Australia from NZ Moving to Australia with NZ Van Lines

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John Key Action on affordable housing

Hello. A lot's been said about housing affordability, and now it's time for action. The Housing Minister, Nick Smith, and Auckland's Mayor Len Brown recently announced the first batch of 11 Special Housing Areas that will see 6000 new homes being built in Auckland. This is a significant step towards our target of consenting ',000 new homes in Auckland over three years which is far more than the current average of fewer than 4000 a year. And that's just the beginning. We all know that our housing market is not working as well as it could be. Too many families.

Are having to spend too much of their income on housing. House prices doubled in six years under the last Labour government, while floating interest rates increased to nearly 11 per cent. What did Labour do about that Nothing. I am proud that under this National Government mortgage interest rates have been at 50year lows. National values home ownership and we want to help more Kiwis into their own home. One of the biggest contributors to the housing affordability problem is actually very basic. There isn't enough land being supplied for housing.

That's why we're working with local councils to free up land. We passed a new law which will see councils enter into Housing Accords with the Government. They'll be able to create Special Housing Areas, like the ones just agreed in Auckland. Developments in these areas will be fasttracked, so new homes can be consented and built faster. It's one part of our wideranging package of measures to improve affordability. We're seeing the start of some real momentum. I feel encouraged that National is helping more people to achieve the Kiwi dream of owning their own home.

Urgent tribunal hearing over removal of Rena wreckage

An urgent Waitangi Tribunal inquiry into the Rena. There are three claimants the Motiti Island Trust, Mataatua Maori Council, and Ngai Te Hapu, a composite group from Motiti. They're saying the Crown has not honoured the Treaty. We're asking the Crown to get on board and work with us in the Environment Court to get the wreckage removed. It's said to be NZ's worst maritime disaster to date. It will be a costly and dangerous task to remove the wreck, estimated to cost in the hundreds of millions. Local iwi insist it must be removed.

One key point of dispute is the Crown allegedly agreeing to a deal in private which would see parts of the wreckage remain. Sums of $27m paid by the Rena owners, and an additional $10.4m are the figures being bandied about. But others from Motiti have a different point of view and are OK with leaving the wreck as long as they are compensated. Compensation to pay for our lands, roads and waters. Although resource consent has been granted to leave the remnants of the wreckage on the reef, claimants are hoping to take the tribunal's ruling.

Oakland Tourism Oakland Preservation Park Condos

Across the street from the historic Lafayette square and next door to the historic Pardy home museum here at the corner of eleventh and Martin Luther King Jr. Way is a new town home development. One of the many new developments thats come in to downtown Oakland since Jerry Brown became Mayor of Oakland. Thanks to Mayor Jerry Brown we have many new town home developments for new residence. His goal before he left office was for ten thousand people to come and live and work in downtown Oakland and the town home development you see behind me is one of those projects.

April Ansons Tiny House

I feel more graceful in a small space. I have to be more aware and more conscientious. And then you make decisions, you're sort of forced to make decisions that calm your daily life. Like, I have to have to keep this tidy because there's no room for mess, right The trailer is eight feet three inches wide by sixteen feet, but I think the interior is about seven feet nine inches, and about 15andahalf feet long. Interviewer And do you know the square footage I figured it at about 114, roughly.

Everything besides the studs, the shingles and the roof are reused. The interior wall is not reused but it's sustainably harvested. This particular wood would have been essentially composted or burned. But they turned it into a I think it's a travesty because it's so gorgeous. It's tar beetle pinewood from Montana. So the beetles invade the wood and the wood actually emits this toxin to rid the beetles, which changes the color of the wood. So it's not particularly attractive because it's irregular. But that's why I think it's so beautiful you have these streaks of maroon through there.

And blues and purples and you don't even need artwork because the walls do it for you. The large halfmoon window, I had found one on Craigslist, come home with it and there was some moisture locked into it, which is really a pretty hard thing to fix. And so I went to the rebuilding center later that day and literally walked through the door and that window was sitting right in front of me for thirty dollars. And it was the correct dimensions and everything. And in perfect shape. As far as what I think I'm.

Most proud of is the floor. The floor is made out of old bleachers from this gym in Wyoming and they're sold by this really beautiful reuse place in Saint John's Portland that takes old shipping containers and makes wood floors out of them and they had somehow come across a stack of these bleachers and they were really expensive, but there were eight broken ones that they sold for about an eighth of the cost and it was about four square feet more than we needed. The person I couldn't have done it without is a guy named Jason Reitz,.

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