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Shipping Container House Alberta

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A Snowboarders Unbelievable Tiny House

Mike Basich was a snowboarding pioneer. Butafter hundreds of competitions that brought money and fame, he went in search of somethingdifferent. ROCK MUSIC PLAYING Welcome. Thank you. It’s such a rush just to get uphere. MUSIC PLAYING When did you first get into snowboarding? My mom was always looking for something differentand fun for us to try out, so that’s how we

discovered it. And the sport had no rules.And that’s where that kept us in it, because no one was telling us what to do. Oh! Ouch! From 7 to about 14 years old, I had epilepsy.And so being different than everyone else, you felt at home. That’s something my parentsdrove into me every day, saying it’s OK to be different. I just tackle things that way. MUSIC PLAYING Well, welcome.

Wow. This is the inside. It’s beautiful. How long did it take for youto build this place? It took me five years two and a half yearsto do all the rock work. I think I moved about 175 ton of rock. Every piece of cement washand mixed, and gathered the water for it by hand, as well. God, it’s such a labor of love. You get to do fun things. This is actuallya shower here. And it’s a seat in the daytime.

But you get to use it’s a bit camping style.No shower curtain, just out in the open. Pouring water, sitting down. MUSIC PLAYING I’ve got a little oven, which the door’s fromthe junkyard. And bought a nice little fireplace, which is my cooking, heating water, warmingthe place. So that’s the central attention for the utilities. Yeah. This is it. Where are you getting your water?

Yeah, this is creek water, which I have twocreeks on the property. Mike, where do you sleep? I’ve got the loft as my bedroom very differentthan anywhere else I’ve lived. I go to bed with the sun, and I wake up with it. I don’tfeel like I’m trying to race time. In a city, you always feel like you’re on a rat race.And here, it feels like you’re in sync with what’s actually happening. So this was your dream. Since you were a littleboy, you’ve been wanting to do this. This is my dream and reality, 40 acres todo whatever I want with. It’s really fun.

MUSIC PLAYING Tell me when you first started getting intothat competitive circuit. Competitive circuit was right off the start.The World Cup, traveled the world a bunch I’d be in a different country almost everyweekend. Worked my body hard. I was making about $170,000 a year. Playedit pretty smart. I bought my first house, 4,000 squarefoot house huge because Iwent for the American dream. I bought the big house and had a fancy car. It didn’t doanything different for me. It just took up time.

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