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Shipping Container House Have I Got Enough Electricity Electricity Usage

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Automated Indoor Vertical Grow Wall with LED Lighting More at CES 2017

Allright! this is john kohler with growingyourgreens today with another exciting episode for you, all the way here in Las Vegas, Nevada. Can you guys see the super huge Venetian Hotel behind me and the reason why I’m here today giving you guys a gardening episode here at the trade show we’re at is actually the Consumer Electronics Show where they sell like you know gadgets and gizmos. They’ve got the latest like electric cars and all kinds of V.R. virtual reality kind of stuff. I mean you guys that are techs for like freak out actually, if.

You’re claustrophobic you’re going to freak out cause there’s like so many people here, it’s insane. But what I’m here today to do, to share with you guys the garden tech, the latest technology in gardening automation for growing food and all the latest booths that has to do with that kind of stuff. So you know I come to this show, this is the second year I’m coming to the show to share with you guys the garden tech, and I got to say that I’m actually disappointed in the garden tech. There’s a lot of tech to do all.

Kinds of crazy stuff inside but you know i think the industry as a whole is missing some of the technology in application in gardening and helping people to grow more food at home. I mean there’s so much technology that can be used but it’s just not being applied to maybe say smart watering to control you know the flow of water to the raised bed garden. My simple soil motion meters, or other ways that it can be detected. Anyways there are some definitely some cool boosts that I’m about to share with you guys. So anyways let’s.

Go ahead and get inside the convention center and share with you guys some of the cool garden tech this year. I wet my pants, I mean I wet my plants. No, not with my pee, I have been known to pee on my plants actually, its some really good fertilizer. But today we’re going to put water on your plants with actually a really cool WiFi connected sprinkler timer that’s going to basically do everything for you, so you don’t have to program your sprinkler timer. Now this set up is designed for people like my brother who doesn’t garden. He doesn’t.

Really know how to set his watering timer and there’s always these changes you’ve got to put into your watering timer, at different times of the year, based on watering restrictions, the city that you live in, or the state the you live in, and this is made for him as long as he has WiFi in his house, he could connect this up and it’s going to take care of everything for him so that he never have to lift a finger to water his lawn, or his garden or his landscape again. So anyways, let’s go ahead and show you guys this unique WiFi connected sprinkler.

Controller and how can i help you to save water, remain in compliance with your local laws on watering restrictions and allow your plants to grow even healthier. So this is Netro. And what Netro is basically just a sprinkler timer and it’s WiFi connected, so its a smart sprinkler timer. There’s no dials or buttons or anything to mess with on the unit. You basically just plug it into the wall and then you hook up the twelve different wires to it, to control the twelve different zones or the 12 different solenoids that go.

Out into your garden i think i’m using or maybe about a total of four or five channels or stations in my garden, so this would fit me perfectly. And basically once you connect it, you could just forget about it, because when it does, it basically connects to the Netro cloud and it takes in several different factors to determine the automatic watering cycles that it comes up with on its own. So it takes in gardening knowledge, news and state regulations, so it updates and will only water according to your state regulations.

Without you having to pay attention to what they are. you could actually, it also waters based on statistics, of historical watering times, and of course it takes into consideration real time local weather like if it’s raining outside it knows, and then it’s going to not water and save the water and you know just on its own, that’s pretty cool. The other reason why I thought I’d cover this for you guys today is because it’s one of the lowest priced WiFi connected smart water tower I’ve seen. Their suggested retail is ninety nine.

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