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Shipping Container House In The Philippines

Alright! this is john kohler with growingyourgreens . today i have another exciting episode for you. And I’m on a field trip. I’m all the way down in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. Gotta say half the world right now is freezing, got record cold temperatures these days. I just came from freezing temperatures. Had to cover my plants and bring some inside. And here it is nice, tropical weather. I believe we’re all meant to be living in tropical weather. Not in northern climates. And I love my topical fruits.

In any case, why we are here today is to actually show you guys a cool garden that’s happening right here in downtown Fort Lauderdale. And it’s uh Fort Lauderdale Vegetables and uh the Fort Lauderdale Vegetables actually is on Andrews off Sixth Street and you could see like right next to me here is a big, public supermarket, right. So, think, public supermarket. You could buy your produce in there, right? Why grow a garden, right? I actually had somebody say this to me the other day, Why grow a.

Garden when you could go to the supermarket? laughter well, obviously they’ve never grown and tasted homegrown food before. And you know, the uh the industrial system is just a system and it’s a it’s a system to make one thing. To make money. To make profit for the farmers or the, you know, most likely the corporations that own the farms that are growing food to be distributed on a mass market level, like a centralized system. So, why I’m here today to show you guys how you can grow in south Florida or wherever.

You live, but also using a more decentralized uh method of growing food to get it out to the people so, you know, no longer do we need super, ginormous farms that that are doing monocultures on acreage and acreage, but each and every one of us could have a small, little farm to grow a wide variety of things to distribute to the local people. And I think, you know, local food makes much more sense and especially when it’s being grown uh sustainably with compost and in things.

Like rock dust and even getting a higher quality food that’s gonna taste better and guess what. When it tastes better people are gonna eat their fruits and vegetables. So, anyways, let’s head down the street. Show you guys the farm here in Fort Lauderdale. Right, so, there’s the entrance to the publics there. People are going and shopping. But, uh little do people know that they could actually just go right next door and get Florida grown, Fort Lauderdale grown, fresh produce. And you’d never know by driving by. This looks.

Like a fence with a whole bunch of, you know, vines growing up it. which i think are some kind of uh squash vine or something like that. Kinda creeping out the front here. Here’s a nice squash flower. And that is Actually that’s nice and beautiful. Check it out. Oh, here’s a papaya tree. I love the tropics. More papaya trees they should have like a papaya tree every six feet here. But, as you guys can see, like, uh beyond this fence, which is kinda architectural is.

Uh a whole, nice garden. and check it out. this garden is not planted in the ground. South Florida is infamous for, you know, its uh sandy soil and not good soil and maybe you live somewhere where they don’t have good soil either. Whether it’s uh sand or actually clay that’s actually fairly good soil you just need to work with it. Um. Or you have a black top, cause maybe this used to be a parking lot. But check it out what they’ve done they’ve simply put down landscape fabric on the ground.

And uh they have all these little container, garden pots. and uh we’ll look at those in a minute. And I mean they just have literally containers stacked up next to each other filled with some good, hopefully organic compost and other amendments, coconut core. And they’re growing amazing amounts of stuff. I mean right next in this city. I mean, there’s a busy street. Cars driving by. And uh, check it out. Here they got some um beautiful sunflowers growing. There’s one popping it’s shiny flower out. And uh over on this side.

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