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Modular Homes NM Alternative Building Solutions

Hi, I'm Olivia with Alternative Building Solutions. If you are looking to get a modular home built in New Mexico, there are a few things I'd like to clear up. A modular home is not the same thing as a manufactured home, or what is more commonly referred to as a mobile home. The two are actually quite different. So different in fact, that the New Mexico Construction Industry Division actually has two different sets of standards that the types of homes are built to. A modular home is built to the same set of standards as a conventional stick.

Built home. Banks have also recognized this difference and they will treat a modular home the same as a regular home. Modular homes appreciate in value over time, unlike mobile homes that will depreciate. They will actually lose value as soon as you drive them off the lot. An ABS offsite home is very similar to a modular home, but it is not the same thing. A factory built modular home goes down a conveyor belt and is quickly assembled according to a specific set of plans that a customer has chosen from. Due to the factory like construction.

There is little room for customization of the floor plan. Here at ABS we build our modular homes one stick at a time according to the plans that the customer designs. Because we are not a factory, the customer has a lot of flexibility in designing their own dream home. We also build slab on grade homes for those customers who are close enough to our facility who have site conditions that will limit us from shipping a house to them, or who just prefer a site built home. Because we do build onsite homes, I can honestly say.

That we build our offsite homes in the same way using the same materials. The only difference is the floor system. On onsite house will be on a slab of concrete while the offsite house will have a floor system similar to the second level of a two story home. Because we build our offsite modular homes the same way we build our onsite homes, you will receive better quality from an ABS modular than a factory modular. Many of the materials we use exceed those used in a factory. Once done it will be hard to tell the difference between.

The two finished products. Our prices for our modular homes includes everything you will need. Something to keep in mind is that most other modular home dealers will include only the price of the home. Their price will not include your foundation, the transportation of the home, the site work, the landings at each doorway, the plumbing under the home, or your electric meter. These can easily add up to $30,000 to the final price of the home. At ABS all of our listed prices include all of these items, and since we are the general.

Commercial Steel Buildings ContractorTilt Wall Overhead CranesHouston TX

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Metal Storage Building Gold Canyon, AZ

This is Chet with Sentry Builders. We're out in Gold Canyon Arizona. We've got this preengineered steel building that we're putting up for Curtis. It's gonna be a storage building for him, He's going to put his boat in here and his horse trailer and some other toys and different things, it maybe a workshop for him eventually too. You can see our framework is all up, our walk through door is here and in. Out on the other side of the building you see the overhead door. The garage door is already in place and it's finished. We've got our.

Trim on around the doors and around the base of the building, ready for our sheeting to get started. We're just going to start putting sheeting on here this morning. Inside the building here, you can see some of our trim that we're going to put on the outside, on the walls and along the roof. It's ready to go on. Our insulation was delivered yesterday. It's sitting here in rolls, ready to be put up today and our framework is all ready. We've got some crossbrace strapping here. You can see these straps coming down from the corners.

How to Build a Straw Bale House Prepping Straw Bales for Stucco

Now we need to prep the bales which really means cleaning them up for the stucco so that they're flat or the shape that we want them to be. And the best way to do this with straw, believe it or not, one of our favorite tools is a weed wacker or a chainsaw. And with a chainsaw, you can cut into the center of the bales without cutting too far into the wires and cut beautiful things like niches and things you can plaster on the inside of your home.

Homes That Withstand Tornadoes

Rob Tornado season started early this year. A string of devastating storms ripped across the Midwest in early February, leaving more than fifty dead. Such destruction is all too common, yet it is something some homebuilders believe could be avoided with sturdier construction. As our Hannah Wright explains, concrete homes could be the wave of the future. Hannah Wright While the materials may be light as a feather, once they're put together, they're hard as a rock. Richard Oglesby is the general manager of Oklahoma Insulated Concrete Forms, a new company that is trying to change the way we build homes in the state.

Oglesby Basically, they are a onebyfour block, and they are one foot wide. You stack them up like legos, and you put rebar inside for reinforcement, and you fill them with concrete, and you have a strong, sturdy concrete outside structure, outside wall of your home. Hannah They may look like a child's toy, but there is nothing elementary about the benefits. Oglesby Homeowners just love it, especially a lot of the wives. The men of course, they love the structure. You're in a concrete fortress, almost. They love the energy bills, because their heating and cooling costs go way down.

They love their tax savings from the Energy Efficiency Act of 2005. They love their insurance savings because you have a fire resistant home it gets the same rating as a commercial building. Wives love it, or mothers love it because it's a quiet home. Hannah And builders can benefit from insulated concrete forms, as well. Duane Holloway is territory manager of Greenblock Worldwide, a company that has been manufacturing ICF for more than 40 years. Duane Holloway You can do this much faster than you can a conventional method, because you're cutting out some of the processes that.

You have to do they're just a little different. Hannah As times change, so has the building industry. Tulsa Technology Center is now teaching ICF building in their courses. Oglesby The students are being trained with the curriculum that Oklahoma ICF is providing to the technology centers. So, they're learning here then they're taken to the outside world. Now we'll have trained crews. Now we can bring down the cost. Now we have people that understand that we can whip these homes together a lot faster and move forward. And our goal is to.

Drive down the cost so everybody can afford to live in an energyefficient, safe home. Hannah Howard Smith is the carpentry instructor for Tulsa Technology Center, and says by taking his course, students get handson experience with cutting edge technology. Howard Smith Getting the students out where they are trained in this field is so important. Because if we can get some contractors to start in with this, they'll have a labor force that they can choose from by coming to Tulsa Tech and hiring our students. Because we are training them in the most innovative ways of today's building.

Hannah And student Kyle Tribble says, building with ICF blocks is much easier than with conventional wood framing. Kyle Tribble Well, it takes a lot less tools. Pretty much, all you need really is a saw, maybe a hammer and some nails. But when you got real wood framing, you've got to use screwdrivers, nails, saws, table saws, pretty much everything in the shop. Hannah Learning the latest methods, and preparing tomorrows builders for the future. Tribble This will be everywhere. And I'm going to use it in my house when I grow up.

How To Make Tent Stakes From A Wire Hanger

Hi it's AlaskaGranny I am going to show you a very simple way to make a tent stake from a wire coat hanger I take a pair of wire snippers and I put it right on the middle and then I'm not strong enough to do this so I take a hammer I am always losing them in the sand dark or dirt so I take an old bottle of red nail polish use colors you have around or get them for $1 and I just put some of the around on the edge on the top here and I find it whether.

It's in the ground or in the bag or I drop it I can find my tent stake because the red will show up against dirt and I have lost tent stakes I don't care if I lose these lay it on waxed paper to dry then you have a tent stake with a red tip that you can find get a hanger wire snippers trim the ends and you have a tent stake for free from a wire coat hanger make some of these you can put them in your bug out bag your.

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