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Shipping Container House Mojave Desert

Outdoor Nevada Desert Sol

i know, i know, it’s called outdoor nevada and we’re outdoors all the time, but here at the springs preserve just outside of las vegas, outdoors and indoors combine to make one very smart house.Come on.Let’s take a look.Ltigt sometimes preserving the outdoors starts indoors.Ltigt ltigt that’s the case with a very smart houseltigt ltigt built by very smart students.Ltigt this is aaron micallef, the curator of exhibits.Aaron, tell me about this fascinating structure.Aaron micallef sure.In 2013 unlv competed in the u.S.Department of energy.

Solar decathalon competition.It’s a competition that the federal government has every other year that invites schools from around the world to create a home that is very sustainable in this case off the grid or using solar energy, one that’s very marketable and desirable to consumers.So we’re not talking about just a few solar panels.I mean, they really thought this through.They really did everything is off the grid.For example, the home itself produces energy by solar panels on the roof.It also has a series of panels that take energy.

From the sun to warm water that could be used for the radiant floor heating for the wintertime to keep you warm, and they’re also for the washing and laundering you do.Okay, i gotta see this.Will you show me around sure.This is the coolest.Ltigt more than 60 unlv students, 20 facultyltigt ltigtand industry consultants designed this home.Ltigt ltigt students served as general contractors,ltigt ltigt framers and engineers.Ltigt let’s start with the outside tell me about that.The exterior of the home is made of reclaimed snow fence,.

So basically fence that was used on the side of the road to catch snowdrifts.Over time a rancher might need to replace that, so it was basically left over from that purpose and recut for this home and put on the exterior.How long did it take them to design and build the house at least a couple years, and after the competition, we probably looked at about six months or so to prepare it to be permanently installed at the springs preserve.Wow, this is really stylish.This wasn’t what i was expecting from the outside.

This is amazing.Yes, it’s a really contemporary home.They did a really nice job of using the kind of interiors that people prefer in their homes today.They also used a combination of other less traditional items.For example, the kitchen table is also made from the outside material, the reclaimed snow fence.It was just a little bit left over.The benches are from the snow fence as well.The kitchen almost has a jetsons feel or futuristic yet retro feel at the same time.Yeah, it’s very contemporary.

It’s the kind of home you might see maybe in a midcentury modern home that was designed in the 1950s and 60s in the desert southwest.Ltigt approximately 40 of the energy consumedltigt ltigt in the u.S.Goes to poweringltigt ltigt commercial buildings and homes.Ltigt ltigtthis 750squarefoot home serves as a displayltigt ltigtto change the way we see and utilize our resources.Ltigt what would be the purpose of owning a home if they were mass produced like this your bills are lower, less use on the environment absolutely.In fact, unlv created this home.

As a home that could be marketed towards people looking for a second home.Personally for me, it’s large enough for a primary home for my needs, but for someone who might want a second home, they basically created it in such a way with the idea that you could move it to wherever you are in the desert southwest.So to that end, the home itself is built on two chassis, so i like to think of it as an early form of a mobile home.And then right in the middle of the home by the bathroom,.

The two chassis are joined.After the home is moved, the decking is put on, the window boxes are put on and we have the home that we’re in today.Ltigt desert sol works as a prototypeltigt ltigtcompletely off the grid, which meansltigt ltigt it doesn’t depend on any public utilities.Ltigt i think we are looking at the future with massproduced homes, particularly the homes that can have a basic platform and then are customized by an individual homeowner.If you were to go to a mobile home supplier, you’d get the basic home, and of course.

You’re adding on various different options.Same idea here.This home doesn’t look like your typical mobile home.There’s also a movement to take old shipping containers and turn those into custom contemporary homes, and those are very exciting as well.Does it come with a mailbox no, but i’m sure if you were to purchase a home, you could probably talk the builder into making you a mailbox.Do they have a price if this was to be produced, what this house would go for sure.As far as i know,.

Unlv is still running the numbers on that.Last i heard they felt this home could fit in maybe the $300,000 to $350,000 price point.But this particular home is the prototype, so as you start massproducing them, the prices will start to plummet.Tell me about the windows and their design and purpose.Basically the windows are all dualpane windows, which is something i hope everybody has at home.A dualpane window is going to keep the heat inside during the cold months and the cold inside during the hot months.

Obviously if you moved the house somewhere, water will be an issue depending on where you go.The sun however is available to everyone, and that’s one of the benefits of this home.That’s correct.You could basically have this home create your own energy with certain modifications and be selfsufficient, and other ways that you can hook it up to the grid and feed into the grid and perhaps make some money back.Let’s look at the rest i want to see the bedroom.Sure.Ltigt solar energy is the only fuel source.Ltigt.

Ltigt the house also features lowflow fixturesltigt ltigtand an outdoor deck screenltigt ltigt that filters the sun in the summer.Ltigt i hope we’re looking at the future, because this has a feeling like we’re going in the right direction.This is good for the environment, and it’s certainly good for the pocketbook.Aaron, thank you for letting me peek down the road and see what things might be like in the future in housing.You’re welcome.Thanks for coming out today.Ltigt desert sol was designed to be an extensionltigt ltigt of the mojave desert, and it represents a new wayltigt.

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