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Shipping Container House More Extension

John Key Action on affordable housing

Hello. A lot's been said about housing affordability, and now it's time for action. The Housing Minister, Nick Smith, and Auckland's Mayor Len Brown recently announced the first batch of 11 Special Housing Areas that will see 6000 new homes being built in Auckland. This is a significant step towards our target of consenting ',000 new homes in Auckland over three years which is far more than the current average of fewer than 4000 a year. And that's just the beginning. We all know that our housing market is not working as well as it could be. Too many families.

Are having to spend too much of their income on housing. House prices doubled in six years under the last Labour government, while floating interest rates increased to nearly 11 per cent. What did Labour do about that Nothing. I am proud that under this National Government mortgage interest rates have been at 50year lows. National values home ownership and we want to help more Kiwis into their own home. One of the biggest contributors to the housing affordability problem is actually very basic. There isn't enough land being supplied for housing.

That's why we're working with local councils to free up land. We passed a new law which will see councils enter into Housing Accords with the Government. They'll be able to create Special Housing Areas, like the ones just agreed in Auckland. Developments in these areas will be fasttracked, so new homes can be consented and built faster. It's one part of our wideranging package of measures to improve affordability. We're seeing the start of some real momentum. I feel encouraged that National is helping more people to achieve the Kiwi dream of owning their own home.

Before You Buy a Home Home Foundation

When you're thinking about buying a new home, a critical thing to look at is its foundation. It's the core of the structure and holds everything together, so it's smart to watch out for any potential issues there. This one's been sprayed with a sealant to give it an extra level of waterproofing. Let's start outside. Look for any large trees growing close to the house. Those encroaching roots could cause problems down the road. Once inside, be sure to look at the walls and ceilings in each room. Are there any obvious.

Home Offices The Hartford

Believe it or not, today 52 of all businesses operate from home. So whether you're running your business from a spare bedroom, a corner of the family room, a garage, or some other space in your home, you may be eligible for a home office deduction, which allows you to treat some of your personal expenses as a business write off. There are two ways to figure your home office deduction. You can take your actual expenses, which is the allocable portion of the personal expenses that relate to the business space that you use, or you.

Can rely on an IRS set standard rate, which is five dollars per square foot up to 300 square feet of space. That eliminates the time and energy it takes to track all of the personal expenses that you have for your home. Whichever method you use, you have to qualify makes sound as a, for a home office deduction. Which means that your home must be your principal place of business, or a place to meet or deal with customers and clients in the normal course of your business, or a separate structure. So for example, let's say you have an office.

Downtown, and you live in the suburbs and take some of your work home at night, because you don't want to stay downtown late into the night. That's not gonna qualify as a home office, because that's not your principal place of business. Once you pass the first hurdle, you also have to use the space regularly and exclusively for business, which means the kitchen table is never going to qualify as a home office. One of the big myths, the, is if I claim a home office deduction, is this an IRS red flag Is this gonna get me.

Shipping Container House Starting The Extension

Shipping Container House Starting The Extension,Finally its happening. Mat explains the first bits bobs of the steel extension which will transform the experience from living in a hallway to lounging in a..

Shipping Container House - Steel Extension.We are going to extend the width of our containers by approx. 1 meter. Heres how much steel youll need for two extensions. Good fun .

Building Idea Extension For A Shipping Container Home.mov.Containerhomes presents an idea of creating an extension part for the stairwell in a shipping container home. As seen in the following tutorial. Our website..

G-Pod Modern Transforming Shipping Container Tiny House.GPod Modern Transforming Shipping Container Tiny House The GPod is a modern transforming shipping container tiny house that expands when delivered..

Tiny House Tour Part 2.Mira and Jeremy Thompson school bus tiny house tour. For more visit our website at vonthompsoncreative This is a tour of the house on wheels Mira and..

Shipping Container House - More Steel Cutting.Mat explains his rope system again and how hes cutting out the panels..

Shipping Container Greenhouse Urban Farm Unit By Damien Chivialle

Shipping Container Greenhouse Urban Farm Unit By Damien Chivialle,shipping container greenhouse urban farm unit by damien chivialle the limited space and pollution generated within our cities do not pose ideal environments..

Tiny House Bus Tour Part 1.Mira and Jeremy Thompson school bus tiny house tour. For more visit our website at vonthompsoncreative This is a tour of the house on wheels Mira and..

Shipping Container House Modular Homes | Vantaztic Incorporated Philippines (02)710-9606.Vantaztic Incorporated The premiere name in the container industry in the Philippines. 5117 Mindanao Ave. Ext., Barangay Ugong, Valenzuela City, Metro..

Shipping Container House - Popping The Floor Out.Finally, Mats ready to pop out some floor. Its been a lot of work but its all worth it in the end. Check it out!.

My 40 Foot Container Home Www.containerhomes.net.au.chdd.au Shipping container architecture is a form of architecture using steel intermodal containers shipping containers as structural element,..

Shipping Container House - Foundation.Our container was blown off its initial foundation during a heavy storm. So Mat had to build a new and stronger base..

Aadbuild Shipping Container Conversion.Check out a software we love to use.plusspec We built this for our customers so they could stay onsite while we build their homes. We now have more..

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